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  1. hauckpod
    hauckpod Craig Payne
    When will I hear from you regarding this ongoing issue of paying you $390.00 for Boot Camp which I was unable to attend and had cancelled prior to the event. A credit towards the online course would suffice as would an acknowledgment of receipt!!!!! This is the 6th time I have sent you correspondence.
    I await a response.
    Edward Hauck
  2. JaneyT
    working for the weekend
  3. Gaynor
  4. Gaynor
  5. erinweco
  6. ashlemon
  7. gary.mcgill85
    gary.mcgill85 beckringrose
    Hi there,

    I am keen to have a conversation with you about the idea of moving out to Oz to work. I hope you do not mind me contacting you via this website but your name just popped up while I was having a search. I am also a fellow QMU'er!!

    Kind regards,

  8. Petcu Daniel
    Petcu Daniel Dananberg
    Dear Mr. Dananberg,

    Knowing your research regarding functional hallux limitus I would like to ask your opinion about the usefulness of the sensor pressure system from http://www.medicapteurs.fr/fr/produits/7/Winshoe . Unfortunatelly I can't attach an image of that system but it is similar with the Electrodynogram system
    Thank you very much,
    Daniel Petcu
  9. Adam Mcilwaine
    Adam Mcilwaine Brajaboy
    Hi there,

    Saw your post re Delcam Iqube, I have one surplus, It''s the Iqube not the Mini, I'm Uk based. 07809712821

    Give me a text

  10. adaasen
  11. Yatricia Bbarra
  12. Stanley
    Stanley Han
    Hi Han,
    Did you see my post on Fibromyalgia?
  13. earciany
  14. BAntonacci
    Loving Father, guide with wisdom and skill the minds and hands of the medical people who minister in your Name...Morton n. surgery
  15. tonyai dowd
  16. Dieter Fellner
    Dieter Fellner Kevin Kirby
    Hi Kevin,

    Now that I am an ABPM Diplomate I am invited to be a Fellow of ACFAOM (reduced from $449 to $199 for the first three years!) Can you recommend that I should do this?
  17. jackclark1
  18. Podiatrist San Antonio
    Podiatrist San Antonio
    Dr. Ed Davis is a Podiatrist in San Antonio, Texas with more than 25 years of experience.
  19. Ando
    Ando MBrooksbank
    Hi there. I just saw your post from last year about recommended shoe brands/styles for hallux rigidus. Do you still have that list, and do you think you could share it? Thanks! Andrew tenrecandrew - at - hotmail.com
  20. Dieter Fellner
    Dieter Fellner Kevin Kirby
    Hi Kevin,

    I have a patient that might benefit from Falknor's needling for VP. How do you code this procedure?
    1. Kevin Kirby
      Kevin Kirby

      I just bill for an anesthetic injection since I don't think there is a valid code for it.

      Hope this helps.


      Nov 16, 2016
      Dieter Fellner likes this.
  21. Baby Feet
    Baby Feet
    Hi has anyone heard of calcium supplements being a cause of foot pain
  22. rosei brown
  23. susani epp
  24. Redman
    Redman Kevin Kirby
    Hi, I'm trying to buy the 4 newsletters vol 1-4 but cant get my address to go through properly. I Live 14 Ngatira Rd, RD 1 Waimauku, Auckland , New Zealand. The contact form also doesn't seem to work...something about PHP server not validated. I have tried on a few different computers and still the same problem???? my email is sheldonredman@gmail.com
  25. Lorcan
    Lorcan ajs604
    Pm me and I will send you some info on how to value a practice if you want it.
  26. South London Podiatry
    South London Podiatry
    The treatments: regular home visits, diabetics foot assessment, cryotherapy, biomechanics assessment, orthotics, pedicure
  27. South London Podiatry
    South London Podiatry
    South London Podiatry has just started providing excellent feet care to patients in South London.
  28. Podomerum
    Podomerum Kevin Kirby
    Hi kevin, where can I buy all of your books in spanish?? I´m Spanish. Thanks.
    WKDRPAI joejared
    Dear Mr. Joe Jared:

    I am interested in your products. Which way is the best way I can reach you to understand more about your products.

    Dr. Pai
  30. Redman
    Redman Kevin Kirby
    Hi Kevin, Where can I buy your full series of precision intricast newsletters? I live in NZ. Thanks
    1. Kevin Kirby
  31. Naji
    Pod student from AU
  32. John Danof
    John Danof
    A Podiatry student who wants to learn from the masters
  33. Zeinab
    full time base, do you think is doable
  34. Zeinab
    Hello everyone, I am a 36 years old working 4 days a week and have a little son, and decided to study Podiatry on a
  35. fishpod
    fishpod sadgrove
    please pm me i would be interested in training fc assistants have trained them for private practice and nhs work