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New Profile Posts

  1. Christie R
    Christie R
    Accessory Navicular Syndrome with PTTD!!! Pain! Pain! Pain!
  2. Lesley Faux
    Lesley Faux
    Hi All. Just joined you from Staffordshire, UK. Look forward to supporting each other and developing our good podiatry practise. Lesley
  3. Florence Southan
  4. Kate Caetano
    Kate Caetano
    Looking for a new Podiatrist :)
  5. Aby
    Hi everyone, I am Aby from Brisbane, QLD, Australia
  6. Rob Z
    Rob Z
    Rob Zeijen
  7. LizW
    Multiple sclerosis past history of broken metatarsils
  8. ClintonAbel
    ClintonAbel Zach2019
    Hi Zach, If you are still looking for a podiatry role, send me an email clinton.abel00@gmail.com . Thanks mate I look forward to speaking with you. Regards Clinton
  9. Mark Newell
    Mark Newell
    Wanted: UK Associate Position with a view to buy your practice.
  10. Mark Newell
    Mark Newell
    UK Associate Position Wanted with a view to Purchase Practice:
  11. stephen bennett
    stephen bennett
    New York Podiatrist seeking information on getting a job in UK
  12. BillyAlexander
    BillyAlexander Evy Cailliau
    Here is what I know which may help. You may find locum rural work in both private and public sectors. Some private clinics hiring overseas clinicians can pay low and you may get burnt out.
    Public sector is good but it's all HRF and routine care.
    Rural is good for clinical and more pay but you'd be maybe 5hrs from a major city.
    What city are you contemplating on travelling to?
  13. Dr Rich Blake
    Dr Rich Blake Petcu Daniel
    Petcu, I would love to mail you my book on the Inverted Technique. Can you send me your full address? Rich
    Hope you are well my friend.
  14. Walton
    2nd year BSc medical podiatrist student with interest in pharmacology.
  15. Dr Rich Blake
    Dr Rich Blake David Smith
    David, what is your facebook account? Can not seem to find it. Want to communicate about the DC Wedge. Rich
  16. Claire Dixon
  17. Michael Moharan
    Michael Moharan Abulkhair

    what's your email address?
  18. Yvonne Adams
    Yvonne Adams
    Hi All, I am Yvonne new here
  19. keiandra
    Keiandra Foote ! I am a fhp and call myself foote4feet I work in teignbridge area live in dawlish Devon UK
  20. Jan s
    Jan s
    Dealing with Achilles tendonitia
  21. JanPS
    North East Derbyshire one chair clinic established 15 years for sale pending retirement. Prime convenient location.
  22. Bloke28
    Bloke28 pscotne
    Hey Peter, its Adam Bale from CQU, wondered how your book went? And how you've been going? Thinking of making a text book for publication (in computers) and wondered how you get in touch with publishers or if you would recommend one. Living in SA now too. Contact me at sirrell at hotmail dot com
  23. Paul Gabriel Scullion
    Paul Gabriel Scullion admin
    Hi could someone please respond to my email. I have been trying several pathways to get a response but have not heard from anyone.

    I have an advertisement for job opportunity in Dublin I would like to post.

    Kind regards
    Paul Gabriel Scullion
    Podiatric Surgeon
  24. R.S.Steinberg
    Chief, Department of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, Norweigsn Americn Hospiital, Chicago, Illinois USA
  25. RAFAEL
    RAFAEL Peter
    Hi Peter!!
    my name is Rafael from Spain,,,,i am studing about skin reaction and complicated burns in phenol in last cases in Spain of other coleagues
    i Am trying to get this file of UQ but i cant
    i saw you show this link...about glycerol for neutrylize phenol
    its posible you send me please??

    Thanks a lot
    patients with a structual Hallux Limitus have decreased pain when walking in a light athletic shoe that bends at the midfoot.
  27. evolveny
  28. dottiekat
    Toe Business (not in Australia although photo is upside down)
  29. Elinvision support team
    Elinvision support team
    Official Elinvision support team
  30. Pepethedug
    Pepethedug fishpod
    Hi fishpod,
    I was reading a thread and saw your post on start up costs for a podiatry clinic. I was wondering if you would mind giving me some advice? I am a UK based Osteopath, and have the opportunity to run a new clinic abroad. I have identified the need for a podiatrist in the area and would really appreciate if you could answer a few questions for me.
    Thank you in advance
  31. Anik paul
    Anik paul
    What is woody leg?
  32. Ken Bains
    Ken Bains
    The transdermal topical cream is made specifically for our patients in our laboratory pursuant to a Rx from a Medical Doctor.
  33. Ken Bains
    Ken Bains
    My name is Ken Bains and I’m a licensed Compounding Pharmacist. I have the cure for Morton’s Nueroma. I have had 100 percent success rate
  34. LuxeMED
    LuxeMED Podiatry supplies is a Melbourne based company that specialises in supplying Podiatry instruments to Melbourne and Australia.
  35. Art likoff
    Art likoff
    I know it works. how do I determime how many degrees the Valgus post should be.
  36. Art likoff
    Art likoff
    I am a nuts and bolts type of guy. I want to know what works for my patients . I can leave the how many angels can fit on a pin to you guys.
  37. Art likoff
    Art likoff
    my name is Lukoff not likoff
  38. playerhot
    Buy Prom Dresses, Wedding/Bridesmaid Dresses - Promfast
  39. Boardermomma
    diagnosed in Feb bone marrow edema in toes after trauma In Oct In a foot cast Hoping to get a better insight into best options for treatment
  40. Monika Prinsloo
    Monika Prinsloo
    Hi, looking for a Podiatrist to work at our Day Therapy Centre in Brisbane South. Please contact me on 07 3710 2317