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New Profile Posts

  1. Yejeong Kim
    Yejeong Kim
    Special interest in Regenerative medicine therapy, Australian DPM
  2. Jayne jones
    Jayne jones
    Looking for work in and around Melbourne. ANZPAC registered.
  3. Tess Bowen
    Tess Bowen perrypod
    Hi Phil
    mike said he caught up with you at the conference.
    Can't believe how many years we have been in the foot game.
    email add is powerfulowls@gmail.com if you come down south.
    best regards
  4. Nichola226
    A fashion blogger
  5. podopeterniessink
    I am currently working in Spain:
  6. Lab Guy
  7. Kaleidoscope
    Kaleidoscope akibs
    Hello fellow Podiatrist!
    Im wondering whether (all those years ago!) you actually DID work in France? Im asking because Im due to move my house there shortly (South of France, nr Beziers) and wonder whether the process of working there was as onerous as it sounds.....?

    I would be very grateful to hear from you with good or bad news?

  8. Tina Pilna
    Tina Pilna podonthego
    Hi there, I am not too sure what you mean? You don't have to use an umbrella company for this post. You can use your own Ltd Co or Sole Trader if needs be? Please let me know.
  9. priorityhealthsupplies
  10. beverleyanne
  11. Chasingpatients
  12. Chasingpatients
  13. Paulius
    Paulius footdoctor

    i've seen you have disliked my comment. Can I ask you why?
    Maybe you have some questions about iQube mini scanner, you mentioned in previous comment?

  14. Chasingpatients
  15. Dr Christos
    Dr Christos fabio.alberzoni
    Hello Fabio, when he stands on the tip of the toes what is the reaction at the heels? Also is it fixed, I mean do you have any motion at the midtarsal joint?
  16. Arnold Blake
    Arnold Blake
    Love and Drugs
  17. Den
    Coming up for some fresh air before exams start proper
  18. Marinus van Aarle
    Marinus van Aarle
    Balanced Life Osteopathy - Manual Osteopath Ottawa
  19. Chasingpatients
  20. Paulius
    Paulius Brajaboy
    Hi there. Since there is no Delcam anymore, we (scanner manufacturer) are taking care of all questions regarding scanners and software.
    if you have some questions, feel free to write to support@elinvision. com or just call +370 672 97621
  21. Paulius
    #Delcam #Autodesk #3DfootScanners #Footin3D #iQube #Elinvision #FootScanner #OrthoModel
  22. rdp1210
    rdp1210 mazzopod

    If you email me at Robert.Phillips9@va.gov, I'll send you some of things I've written. Those were good comments you made. Thanks again,
    Daryl Phillips
  23. Jayne jones
    Jayne jones
    HI, I am looking to work in Australia or New Zealand. NHS & Private practice experience
  24. Stanley
    Stanley drhunt1
    I am really enjoying your posts. Be prepared for a long war. I got exhausted years ago fighting the good fight. If you are interested in what I do, I can send you an unfinished power point. It has a lot to do with Biotensegrity and the effects of minor neurologic dysfunctions on the foot.
  25. David Smith
    David Smith efuller
    Eric, I wonder if you would have a look at a mechanics problem for me? I'm making a blog website and I'm doing a diagram to show how moments and forces sum to zero and in one particular problem I cannot make the equations balance -could you take a look at the diagram model and see if there is something wrong that I have not seen or missed out? TIA D - I could send a link to, or attach the PPTx file to an email
  26. Chasingpatients
  27. Boots n all
    Boots n all
    Hi Mark, a Veldschoen/Stitchdown construction has two short comings, l am restricted by a number count here, email me bilbyshoes@live.com.au
    1. markjohconley likes this.
  28. Chasingpatients
  29. markjohconley
    markjohconley Boots n all
    David why does, " ... veldtschoen construction ..." " ... offer(s) little support"
    thanks, mark
  30. Paul Rose
    Paul Rose
    Autoclave Engineer, offering free advise should you need it, servicing etc. Specialising in the Eschmann range of Autoclaves.Thanks.
  31. David Zuckerman DPM
    David Zuckerman DPM
    Anyone having issues with clearanaildrill
  32. Chasingpatients
    The superbowl was cool. I enjoyed watching the commercials and watching the puppy bowl when the game was playing :p
  33. Chasingpatients
    Podiatry websites
  34. SoleAmbition
    Please don't be a hater...I'm a FHP.
  35. Chasingpatients
    Super Blue Blood Moon was crazy to see!
  36. Chasingpatients
    Podiatry stands for everyone!
  37. mike weber
    mike weber Petcu Daniel
    Hi Daniel wondering if you can help me be a member at research gate. I can't seem to be able to reg
  38. Todd Weinfield
    Todd Weinfield
    ToeMate Onychomycosis Treatment - Water Soluble Antimycotics for a Hydrophilic Nail
  39. Marie Hegarty
    Marie Hegarty
    Irish Podiatrist
  40. AFHGGer
    AFHGGer Alasd4ir
    Hi Alasdair,
    Please forward your application to me at annak @ afhg.com.au (please remove spaces) I am unable to post my email address on the original post for some reason......
    Kind regards
    1. Alasd4ir
      Hi Anna,
      Thank you for your response. I have sent my application to the above email address.
      Kind regards,
      Jan 2, 2018