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New Profile Posts

  1. Monika Prinsloo
    Monika Prinsloo
    Hi, looking for a Podiatrist to work at our Day Therapy Centre in Brisbane South. Please contact me on 07 3710 2317
  2. Monika Prinsloo
    Monika Prinsloo
    Monika Prinsloo from Prescare
  3. Erin Fitzpatrick
    Erin Fitzpatrick
    Looking for those with a diabetic foot ulcer to participate in my exciting new clinical trial!
  4. lisafeet
    lisafeet springyfeet
    Where are you from ?? Where is your clinic
  5. Orthotics Warrnambool
    Orthotics Warrnambool
    I'm a podiatrist from Australia. I have foot clinic Podiatrist south west Victoria
  6. Heidi26
    Hi. I would greatly appreciate any info on the Haad Oral Podiatry exam in UAE/ Abu Dhabi. What conditions came up? Taking it soon. Cheers
  7. hkpod
    hkpod mobilerehab
    Good morning,
    I am an experienced Australian (& AHPRA registered) podiatrist who has returned to Brisbane after living and working abroad for the last 8 years. I am currently seeking employment.
    I see you advertised last month on Podiatry Arena and would like to know more about the possibility of work with your organisation.
    Many thanks for your help,
    Lisa Milliner
  8. Hareem Hasan
    Hareem Hasan
    I am a physical therapist working in a Diabetes Center in Dubai, U.A.E.
  9. Left foot
    Left foot Nat Smith
    Are you still looking for work in Melbourne's Eastern suburbs?.
  10. Andrea Hernández
    Andrea Hernández
    Learner Podiatrist
  11. melody
  12. Mohammed Alrawahi
    Mohammed Alrawahi Nardeen Fahd
    Actually I did not apply by myself.
    The clinic which I will be working for applied for me
    1. Nardeen Fahd likes this.
    2. Nardeen Fahd
      Nardeen Fahd
      Lucky you! That makes things easier. I wish you the best.
      Oct 14, 2018
      Mohammed Alrawahi likes this.
  13. Mohammed Alrawahi
    Mohammed Alrawahi Nardeen Fahd
    The documents they required from me are;
    Degree certificates, good standing certificate, experience certificate, ID, passport, photos, registration certificate, some papers to fill out from them
    1. Nardeen Fahd likes this.
  14. Mohammed Alrawahi
    Mohammed Alrawahi Nardeen Fahd
    If u are accepted in any health practice then they can apply for you easily... if not then you have to do everything by yourself...

    Use the (ABU Dhabi health authority) webpage for more details as I can’t post links here.
    1. Nardeen Fahd likes this.
    2. Nardeen Fahd
      Nardeen Fahd
      I did use it. Thank you for the advice.
      Oct 14, 2018
    3. Nardeen Fahd
      Nardeen Fahd
      So you directly applied to UAE (MoH)?
      Oct 14, 2018
  15. Mev22x
    Looking for summer 2019 Podiatry Assistant work
  16. Mev22x
    1st Year Podiatry Student
  17. Mohammed Alrawahi
    Mohammed Alrawahi Nardeen Fahd
    What do you know so far about it ?!!

    Is data flow process done ?!
    1. Nardeen Fahd
      Nardeen Fahd
      Not yet. I am stuck in the phase of trying to find someone to help me with it.
      Oct 10, 2018
  18. Mohammed Alrawahi
    Mohammed Alrawahi Nardeen Fahd
    Hi Nardeen
    I also applied for the HAAD EXAM and mine in 2 weeks.. did u do yours?!

    We can help each other if you want
    1. Nardeen Fahd likes this.
    2. Nardeen Fahd
      Nardeen Fahd
      Hi Mohammed,
      Not yet but I welcome any information about it.
      Oct 8, 2018
  19. Lab Guy
    Lab Guy Craig Payne
    Why do you not ban /dropatoeor2? Do you want negative energy in your site? Why u want PA to go downhill?
  20. Chasingpatients
  21. Chasingpatients
  22. jimmymc50
    jimmymc50 RobinP
    Hi Robin. I noticed you mentioned someone had given you a copy of their Associates Contract previously and I was wondering if you would mind sharing a copy with me as I am looking to tke an Associate on at my private practice. Many thanks, Jim.
  23. Yejeong Kim
    Yejeong Kim
    Special interest in Regenerative medicine therapy, Australian DPM
  24. Jayne jones
    Jayne jones
    Looking for work in and around Melbourne. ANZPAC registered.
  25. Tess Bowen
    Tess Bowen perrypod
    Hi Phil
    mike said he caught up with you at the conference.
    Can't believe how many years we have been in the foot game.
    email add is powerfulowls@gmail.com if you come down south.
    best regards
  26. Nichola226
    A fashion blogger
  27. podopeterniessink
    I am currently working in Spain:
  28. Lab Guy
  29. Kaleidoscope
    Kaleidoscope akibs
    Hello fellow Podiatrist!
    Im wondering whether (all those years ago!) you actually DID work in France? Im asking because Im due to move my house there shortly (South of France, nr Beziers) and wonder whether the process of working there was as onerous as it sounds.....?

    I would be very grateful to hear from you with good or bad news?

  30. Tina Pilna
    Tina Pilna podonthego
    Hi there, I am not too sure what you mean? You don't have to use an umbrella company for this post. You can use your own Ltd Co or Sole Trader if needs be? Please let me know.
  31. priorityhealthsupplies
  32. beverleyanne
  33. Chasingpatients
  34. Chasingpatients
  35. Paulius
    Paulius footdoctor

    i've seen you have disliked my comment. Can I ask you why?
    Maybe you have some questions about iQube mini scanner, you mentioned in previous comment?

  36. Chasingpatients
  37. Dr Christos
    Dr Christos fabio.alberzoni
    Hello Fabio, when he stands on the tip of the toes what is the reaction at the heels? Also is it fixed, I mean do you have any motion at the midtarsal joint?
  38. Arnold Blake
    Arnold Blake
    Love and Drugs
  39. Den
    Coming up for some fresh air before exams start proper
  40. Marinus van Aarle
    Marinus van Aarle
    Balanced Life Osteopathy - Manual Osteopath Ottawa