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Discussion in 'Australia' started by Craig Payne, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator


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    I have come across three Podiatrists in the last week getting audited! Anyone want to share their experiences?
  2. mr2pod

    mr2pod Active Member

    I know of another. What is you would like to share Craig?
  3. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    I am just curious about the process, etc.
    It could be helpful to others.
  4. terminal boy

    terminal boy Welcome New Poster

    I've just completed what amounts to my second audit in 3 years. The process is pretty simple. AHPRA do a criminal records check, you provide evidence of adequate & appropriate insurance & also a log of CPD activity, but this is where some mis-understanding can occur. There are 5 catagories of CPD activities, each has an allocated maximum of hours one can claim & you cannot claim more than that allocation even if you've done ten times that (as one could with say student supervision). So your encouraged to have activity in a number of the catagories in order to make up your required amount of hours. This amount is reduced pro-data for part-time Pods & increased for surgical & pharmaceutical practitioners. Documentary evidence in support of your claim is required & must be witnessed & endorsed copies.
    The form guides you through it quite well.
    When I hear back from AHPRA I may have more to say.
  5. Left foot

    Left foot Member

    Have just completed auditing and pretty simple process. Have to prove CPD points from at least 2 categories, have up to date CPR, anaphylaxis and defib certificate (bit of a grey area if you did the full course that included all 3 components as it is valid for 3 years so strictly speaking do not need to do updated CPR cert yearly) and have appropriate and paid up to date indemnity insurance. CPD points came from online conference attendance, of which one receives a certificate of attendance of sorts, self directed learning with simple case reports and mentor supervision.
  6. yvonnespod

    yvonnespod Member

    Just been audited- no problem .You must remember you are dealing with public servants not pods - so state categories for each Certificate or area of study you claim .Sent copies for both financial year indemnity insurance and copies of CPR and first Aid .They do criminal check so you do not need to pay for one . .Once completed you will be sent an ok and told they have found no criminal record you have no stated .-Now I feel like a Criminal - probably why I have always been in private practice and believe govt servants are !!!
  7. Paul Bowles

    Paul Bowles Well-Known Member

    AHPRA guidelines clearly state you need to do full first aid every 3 yrs as well as CPR/defib/Anaphylaxis yearly.
  8. Left foot

    Left foot Member

    For general pods it is certainly not a yearly requirement for a new debif and anaphylaxis certification. It is however, a requirement that every year you need to have a vaild and up to date certificate which you would have for 3 years if completing one of the recommended courses on the pod board website.
  9. kc

    kc Member

    I was also "chosen" for an AHPRA audit- we are allowed about 1 month to complete the forms and send back copies of all our insurance , Cpd points paperwork etc.
    I knew everything was in order , but was nervous about part of my 'self directed learning' category points. I had read JFAR articles that interested me and made notes about what I had learnt and could put into practice , but of course it looks amateur next to certificates of attendance gained for other catergories! If I had completed the reading online via the APodC website it would have given me something to print and include with my collection of Cpd points. I included more Cpd hours than were asked for . I sent the forms back via registered post just in case they became lost ! And I was very happy to hear back from AHPRA about 1 month later that all was in order and I had satisfied their requirements to continue practising. I was also audited by Medicare 2years ago . I expect I will have the trifecta when the tax department asks to audit me too...
  10. Paul Bowles

    Paul Bowles Well-Known Member

    CPR standards almost always include anaphylaxis and defib as part of the yearly course. By definition of the Boards regulation I think its clear they state CPR, Anaphylaxis and defib are one in the same - the terminology is "THAT INCLUDES". So taking it as it reads all general Podiatrists MUST complete CPR with included Anaphylaxis management and Defib YEARLY.

    The Board regulations are linked below if anyone needs them.


    States on page 1 of 9 under REQUIREMENTS:

    "The CPD standard requires all practising podiatrists to complete the following:
    1. 20 hours of CPD per year [Part 1 provides details], AND
    2. Hold a current cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certificate that includes the management of anaphylaxis and the use of an Automated External Defibrillator [Part 2 provides details]"

    When you go down to PART 2 on page 3 of 9 it states:

    "PART 2: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation [CPR]
    These requirements are additional to that described in Part 1 and cannot contribute to the podiatrist’s CPD portfolio (i.e. 20 hours requirement). These requirements are required each year."
  11. surfboy

    surfboy Active Member

    Not entirely correct..

    The CPR and defibrillation component lasts for twelve months. However, the St John Anaphylaxis Awareness course has an expiration of three (3) years. I just telephoned St John Ambulance and was informed that whilst CPR and defibrillation requires yearly renewal, the anaphylaxis course lasts for three years.
  12. Paul Bowles

    Paul Bowles Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately its not St Johns that make the rules its AHPRA - see the document I posted above. I'm pretty sure it spells it out clearly.
  13. tracyd123

    tracyd123 Member

    I have just been given the all clear from being audited. I used the table in the cpd regulations on the podiatry boards website. They were pretty good just emailed me to clarify some things regarding my pi insurance. The only annoying thing was that I am on maternity leave and had to go into work to get a few documents.
  14. surfboy

    surfboy Active Member

    The registration standard states that the CPR requirements are required each year. -Fair enough, CPR certification specifically lasts 12 months.

    However, my separate anaphylaxis management certification from St John Ambulance lasts for several years. Therefore, whilst the CPR requirement does require annual renewal, it would be pointless renewing my anaphylaxis certification specifcally every twelve months, when the St John Ambulance says this certificate lasts for several years.

    I would be curious to see the auditor's approaches to this? Could someone please kindly enlighten us? Many thanks
  15. mr2pod

    mr2pod Active Member

    I am interested to know more of the "reduced for part-time Pods" as I am unaware of this clause on the requirements. Can you please add reference to this?
  16. Paul Bowles

    Paul Bowles Well-Known Member

    All outlined clearly in the document I have linked to above:

    "Where a podiatrist works part-time, all CPD requirements apply as outlined in the registration Standard. Where a podiatrist registers part-way through a registration period, pro rata CPD requirements will apply as outlined in the registration Standard. Pro rata CPD requirements will apply to Part 1, 3 and 4 as detailed in this guideline.
    There is no pro rata provision for CPR (for general registration and endorsements) or advanced life support (for podiatric surgeons)."

    Why should the requirements be "reduced" for part time Podiatrists? That doesn't make any sense - do "part time" Podiatrists require less education to keep up to date than the rest of us? No. There is a difference for Podiatrists who are approved to prescribe S4 medications and Podiatric Surgeons (for obvious reasons) as they have to do more CPD to stay up to date.

    Seemingly lots of misinformation going around - simply go to the AHPRA Podiatry site and all the documentation is clearly outlined and freely available.
  17. lukeS

    lukeS Welcome New Poster

    I read it as that each year you need to hold a current CPR certificate not that you need to re-do it each year....
  18. Paul Bowles

    Paul Bowles Well-Known Member

    Good luck with that......:rolleyes:
  19. mr2pod

    mr2pod Active Member

    Thanks Paul - as I thought, there is no reduction in requirements for part-time Podiatrists (different for registering part way through a year), and I agree with you that there should not be. I was asking "terminal boy" to explain what he had said.
  20. Deka08

    Deka08 Active Member

    Wow, I thought the guidelines were reasonably clear. However, people seem to have a lot of different interpretations. Someone will get jammed up because they fallen short of requirements sooner or later.
  21. Heather J Bassett

    Heather J Bassett Well-Known Member

    Help! Some time since I tried to add my CPD to e portfolio. How does one do this? Spent way too much time looking at website :( Not purchasing via cart? " Men in black keeping me company during the time wasting! :)

  22. Daniel Bagnall

    Daniel Bagnall Active Member

    I have just completed an audit and these are the requirements directly from the Podiatry Board:

    The training must be current. The CPR component must be renewed annually and the other requirements (management of anaphylaxis; and the use of an AED) must be renewed at least every three years.

    Seems pretty clear to me and is in line with ApodC guidelines. So I would say your interpretation is correct.
  23. april

    april Welcome New Poster

    Hi everyone, i need some urgent advise, i've muddled up my CPR dates somehow and i've completed my CPR this year one month later than last year. so technically 13 months instead of 12. I'm really concerned. what should i do?
  24. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    I would not loose any sleep over it. Technically its a breech but I pretty sure that AHPRA are not a*holes and should not take any action. They have more important things to be concerned about.

    Do not do anything. If you get audited, just simply point out that you screwed up and did it a month late.

    At least at once you realised you missed it, you took steps to do it (that's important). If you did not act until you were notified that you were chosen to be audited, then that could be a bit more problematic.

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