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Appointment Booking System/App

Discussion in 'Practice Management' started by Wioletta87, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. Wioletta87

    Wioletta87 Welcome New Poster

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    Hi All,

    I am a qualified Podiatrist with over 6 years experience. I have recently started my own podiatry clinic. I was wondering if any of you could suggest an efficient appointment booking system/app that would help me organize patients' visits etc. Thank you for your help!! Cheers!!
  2. Henagulph

    Henagulph Member

    Not knowing what neck of the World you are in perhaps Customer/Patient Appointment Manager from Atlas Business Solutions USA would do you. It has served our practice well for many years.
    Robin Henagulph
    B N Henagulph & Associates Ltd
  3. Mediclinic Software

    Mediclinic Software Active Member

    Please look at Mediclinic Software www.mediclinic.com.au. Eventhough it is based in Australia it works via the CLOUD and you can use it anywhere with a 3 month free trial and USA phone support too using a local number
  4. LindaG

    LindaG Member


    I have just started using Cliniko which has made my life so much easier! It's very easy to use and comes with a 30 day no obligation free trial. You can also download the app for mobiles and tablets for making appointments on the go. I'm not sure of the price as the owner of my practice pays for it. https://www.cliniko.com

    Hope this helps!

  5. Elizabeth Humble-Thomas

    Elizabeth Humble-Thomas Active Member

    Nothing beats a diary, pencil and eraser
  6. Henagulph

    Henagulph Member

    OK Elizabeth so how do you sanitize them?
  7. AlanCawthorne

    AlanCawthorne Member

    I also use cliniko, through a clinic I rent a room from. It does the job. :)
  8. Elizabeth Humble-Thomas

    Elizabeth Humble-Thomas Active Member

    How do I sanitize the diary, pencil,eraser? Are you mad?
  9. kemplr

    kemplr Member

    Another vote for Cliniko (cloud based software) - works very well for me and I can integrate with Xero (Accounting software)! You can sign up for a free trial period too.

    Cheers, Lauren
  10. Elizabeth Humble-Thomas

    Elizabeth Humble-Thomas Active Member

    The diary and accoutrements are in the waiting room, at the appointment desk.
    I do very little open heart surgery on premature babies at my clinic. Patients even wear shoes!!
  11. Zac

    Zac Active Member

    I'd recommend Gensolve - cloud based system, very extensive & one of very few that integrate with Medicare/HICAPS/DVA (as far as I know).
  12. phil

    phil Active Member

    Cliniko is great. Been using it for 3 years. Highly recommend it.
  13. toughspiders

    toughspiders Active Member

    Zac, does Gensolve allow online EPC and DVA billing as well? How much is it?
  14. Zac

    Zac Active Member

    Gensolve does allow Medicare/DVA online. I looked at Cliniko - which I thought looked very good, but for my practices that see a reasonable number of Medicare patient, it would create more work. My current PMS does Medicare online but I want to swap to a cloud system & that system needed to have online claiming or it wasn't worth changing. Cost wise comparable to Cliniko.
  15. Mediclinic Software

    Mediclinic Software Active Member

    Whilst I would agree that there are solutions for every need I would also dispute that HICAPS links to CLOUD based software. HICAPS themselves state this is NOT POSSIBLE.

    We also offer CLOUD based software with Medicare and DVA online included.

    We would be happy to answer questions and offer our 3 month free trial with NO FEE data import.

    - John -
  16. JaneyS

    JaneyS Welcome New Poster

    [Check4SPAM] RE: URL Attempt

    Hi Wioletta87,

    I just finished trialling Mystro and now use it for my business. I run a small wellness clinic with a contacted naturopath, part time podiatrist, massage therapists and herbalist. I liked the software because i can add them all as individual businesses in the one account, which is unheard of with clinic/practice software.

    I am on the vine plan which gives me 10 service providers providers + 2 bonus providers with unlimited users and i also received a 30% discount for 6 months so i'll pay $63 p/m approx including discount for the first 6 months. I really like the featured that this software is going to release. There is a few features that are missing because they are new to the industry but they have told me that they will be release soon such as booking widget.

    I found that i needed to try a few different software until you find the software that best suits your business.

    To check out Mystro here is the link: www.mystro.co

    Hope this helps.
  17. joelfriedlaender

    joelfriedlaender Active Member

    Thanks for the recommendations for Cliniko, it's very much appreciated. If anyone has any questions, please email us at support@cliniko.com and we'll respond very quickly.

    I'm happy to answer any questions here too.

    Last edited: Mar 12, 2015
  18. AUStudent

    AUStudent Member

    Nookal cloud based software does everything you need and more! Ive been using it for 3 years very happy
  19. SubmitKit

    SubmitKit Member

    Another vote for Cliniko

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