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Are you a solemn...or solewoman? Full-time Podiatrist opportunity

Discussion in 'Employment in New Zealand' started by simplyfeet, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. simplyfeet

    simplyfeet Member

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    Are you a Soleman...or Solewoman?

    Do you love putting the spring in someone's step?
    Would you like to be part of a team of quality people
    that are genuinely interested in adding value to your career?

    We’re looking for an exceptional podiatrist to join our team!

    This is more than a job! Here’s why:
    We will mentor you closely to ensure you grow, learn and become a perfect fit for our clinic.

    • Join a Family! You become part of a very strong and connected team. We are a group that supports and looks out for one another because we are committed to our people and vision.
    • Your Opinion Matters! You will become a key advisor in how we can deliver better client care experiences.
    • Work Life Balance! You get excellent work conditions and you don’t work on your birthday!
    • You will enjoy a permanent, salaried position with the opportunity to earn bonuses
    • You will expand your talents and enjoy weekly mentoring, regular in-house continuing education and opportunities to attend seminars, workshops and conferences.

    Simply Feet Podiatry Clinic in Oamaru is looking for a confident Podiatrist with great people skills to join our expanding team. The successful applicant will be employed in a full-time role engaging with clients and ensuring their experience is first class. We focus on bringing out the best in our team members, because we know this will result in the best experience for our clients.

    So what are we looking for in our newest team member?

    1. You are passionate about podiatry and feel you would like to make a difference.
    2. You must love people and enjoy adding value to their lives.
    3. You have experience in all aspects of podiatry, and a thirst for learning, growth and diversity.
    4. You are somebody who shows initiative, and you are always looking to productively contribute in your role.
    5. You must be flexible and able to adapt to a changing environment, we love to innovate!.
    6. You thrive on a fast paced work environment with a remarkable ability to be efficient.
    7. You can work independently with confidence.
    8. You smile and are confident, driven and motivated.
    9. You are a quick learner and eager to learn more about nurturing clients through their journey with us.
    10. You are always willing to contribute and actively participate in the growth and success of the clinic.
    11. You are willing to do the right thing for the clients every time, you will put their needs first.
    12. You will openly discuss the challenges, daily actions and opportunities in your role because you value improvement.
    13. You can follow systems and structure in your role.
    14. You are happy to be part of regular reviews, to improve your abilities in the role and improve the roles capacities as we grow.
    15. You can effectively prioritise your time.
    16. You have a great sense of humour, and you are a passionate and motivated person.
    17. You are proficient with the use of English language and you are somebody who communicates well.

    Our team members are mentored regularly, trained thoroughly, highly supported and rewarded well.
    This is an exciting opportunity for the right podiatrist to join our team and be part of the action. Please forward your application with resume and referee contacts by 15th April 2017.

    Apply now by sending your resume to:
    Michelle Hansen
    Simply Feet Podiatry Clinic
    316 Thames Highway
    Oamaru 9400

    Send us a message!

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