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Discussion in 'Employment in Australia' started by Rainer Maier, May 31, 2010.

  1. Rainer Maier

    Rainer Maier Active Member

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    Do you long for a different clinical role that has more than just Primary care? Our established total foot care centres perform the standard, as well as interesting treatments such as fracture management, sports injury rehabilitation, biomechanics and footwear prescription. Our own fully-equipped Orthotic laboratory provides the best Orthotic treatment and the opportunity for hands on Orthotic and biomechanics training.

    You are able to provide Orthotics, Podiatry, lower-limb orthoses, technical sports footwear, comfort depth / width & custom footwear, as well as items such as support stockings, creams and foot-care products…

    As a Podiatrist with a minimum of 2 years clinical experience, you will be operating with cutting edge technology including Tek-Step gait and plantar pressure equipment and Dartfish video gait analysis equipment to help diagnose and prescribe to your patients.

    Complete Feet is a fast growing and vibrant company that will be expanding Nation-wide over the next 10 years through a franchise network. We are the ideal place for clinical team members with ‘go get it!’ attitude and who wish to pursue an ideal career path, be trained and challenged and have the opportunity to own their own clinic.

    Complete Feet now seeks positive-minded clinicians who enjoy working with well thought out and structured clinical systems that can be sucessfully followed.

    If you:

    1. Are a positive and enthusiastic person
    2. Have an urge to develop your own career or clinic
    3. Give attention to giving the best practice to your patients.
    4. Enjoy developing caseload referrals with other practitioners
    5. Thrive in an energetic environment
    6. Are neat, well presented and organised,
    7. Love talking with and meeting new people.

    In this role you will take on:
    Expert Podiatry service and Orthotic therapy, fracture and injury treatment to patients
    Complement Orthotic therapy with rehabilitation, / mobilisation techniques, stretch and strength programs
    Building and maintenance of referrer and client base relationships
    Maintain ongoing continuing education
    Funding applications and referrer reports
    Maintenance of appropriate professional membership requirements
    Prescription of appropriate footwear and foot care to clients
    Initial limb / pathology / Orthosis / footwear / clinical history / biomechanical / gait assessments
    Explanation of patient’s pathology and suggested diagnosis with language, diagrams and samples that the client can comprehend and make informed decisions about
    Gaining patient understanding to treatment plans
    Primary care Podiatry including: dermatological care, wound and ulcer management, dressings, nail and skin care
    Foot / ankle Injury and fracture immobilisation and rehabilitation
    Provide partial treatment solutions for patient’s with financial or other concerns
    Explanation of Complete Feet solution(s) and internal / external on-referrals
    Ensure completion of Patient records, Orthosis Work Order and Quality assurance
    Funding applications, referrer and ongoing responsibilities reports
    Casting / Moulding and modifications to all types of Orthoses
    Orthosis fitting, reviewing, modifying and adjusting to obtain optimal comfort and treatment results
    On and cross referral to practitioners for assessments, diagnosis, opinions and treatment
    Relationship building with current and new referrers / clients through telephone / written / personal contact
    Support Complete Feet referrals through Orthotic Therapy initiatives and area of specialization.
    Implement all patient systems before their departure (e.g. Complete Rewards, follow up and review process).
    Some visitation to external clinic satellite locations and visitations

    Remuneration in line with experience and responsibilities.
    $56,000 - $85,000 plus incentives
    HR Manager
    Complete Feet
    535 Boronia Rd, Melbourne, Australia 3152
    Ph. 1300 668 117 or (+613) 9720 7676

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