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'Bin 'em' button Request

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by Phil Wells, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. Phil Wells

    Phil Wells Active Member

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    Dear Admin

    I might just be having a bad day but as we have a thank you button to hit, is there any chance we can have a 'Bin'em' or 'Burn 'em' button.
    If enough people hit the button, could we suspend, gag, neuter, shoot etc the person in question?
    It would help my stress levels and could try and bring a little more order to the world.
    (I will now get off my soap box and meditate some where - actually a large glass of Ardbeg Uigedahl)

  2. Graham

    Graham RIP

    Good Idea!
  3. Nah. Contravenes Dr Spooner's "rule one".

    But perhaps something which was the opposite of "thanks". Like a "slap" button of some type...

    Freedom of speech is a fine thing. We must respect people's inalienable right to talk drivel if we wish to retain our rights to call them plonkers.

  4. Phil Wells

    Phil Wells Active Member


    I do agree - a bit - but you are missing the obvious as stated by Doc Spooner - Rules are meant to be broken!
    I do agree about freedom of speech and I would set the bar VERY high before people got binned but I am fed up of people hijacking conversations with the same drivel.
    I still think a small annual subscription to this site that goes towards hiring a hitman/woman may be needed - and that suggestion is with my reasonable hat on!!

  5. Paradox alert! (divide by zero);)
    I feel your pain. Really I do. Perhaps some kind of "not this s**t again" medal?
    LMAO!!! Remind me not to come work for YOU! I'd hate to see how you reduce headcount :butcher:

    The bit I love about that is that you are talking about clubbing together to hire a cold blooded contract killer to delete people we don't like... but you still said hit man / woman lest you be non PC:D. Cos if you'd just said hit MAN then THAT would be inappropriate. :D

    Got to laugh.
  6. footsiegirl

    footsiegirl Active Member

    Is that legal? :dizzy:
  7. Course it is!

    LOTS of sites charge a small subscription ;)
  8. Phil Wells

    Phil Wells Active Member

    Quite like the Freudian slip about 'clubbing' together - more satisfying maybe?
    Regarding legality, I do know of a local FHP who is diversifying into absolutely everything so maybe he can do it and take the legal fall out (bit of politics for you and not a shameful attempt to stir things up)

  9. footsiegirl

    footsiegirl Active Member

    pushing the button niow...
  10. RobinP

    RobinP Well-Known Member

    I thought you were talking about a virtual and figurative podiatry arena hitman/woman, not the Jackal!
  11. RobinP

    RobinP Well-Known Member

    Yes, but none are as offensive(to my better half at least) than Podiatry Arena!

    As per this demotivational poster


    Attached Files:

  12. Phil Wells

    Phil Wells Active Member

    Virtual 'smirtually'
    I was brought up in South Yorkshire, where we hard to wind up but when we do......!!!!!!

    Come on Admin, give me a button, any button will do!
  13. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    If you click on a members name, then 'View Profile', there is a link near the middle of this page "Add xxxxxx to Your Ignore List". At the moment that is the best we have.

    I do share yoru concerns. There are a recent number of threads that are serving no purpose. I get emails about deleting them or closing them. I get get abused of I do and I get abused if I don't. May soon be taking a 'hard arsed' attitude towards some of those threads very soon.
  14. RobinP

    RobinP Well-Known Member

  15. footsiegirl

    footsiegirl Active Member

    does the ignore button just prevent that person from contacting you via personal messenger?
  16. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Their posts get hidden from you as well....
  17. footsiegirl

    footsiegirl Active Member

    does it hide my posts from them
  18. Agreed. Death or the threat of death is a very underrated tool in the armament of negotiation , conciliation or professional discourse (as opposed to intercourse where death can be rather obstructive or self-defeating). Personally, I would happily volunteer as site executioner and would relish the challenge of suitably appointing an apposite end to miscreants. What suggestions could you make for those who populate the Hall of Shame, I wonder??? Pain for Prof Rhubarb no doubt or hung by the toes for Dennis from the underside of some of the vaults under Upper 121st Street.....
  19. David Wedemeyer

    David Wedemeyer Well-Known Member

    Amen. I have been purposely spending less time here because an unusually large concentration of knowledge and intelligence is being wasted on one megalomaniac personality. I like a healthy debate, even the occasional skirmish but when it ceases being productive or just turns ugly I lose interest rapidly. Apparently others do too. Time to vote the troglodyte off the island with a click....
  20. Sounds like a good idea....I'll provide the Tiki Torches and the Mai Tais!:drinks
  21. How about some kind of "restaining order". As in "this has been done elsewhere..."

    although the idea of specific sanction still raises my hackles somewhat. I see the benefit but it smells a little of censorship. If we don't like what people say that's one thing....

    I'd hate to justify anyones paranoia.

    I feel sorry for admin. Moderating something like this is well nigh impossible without pissing someone off!!

    Perhaps an agreement that threads must be held strictly "on topic" and tight moderation of deviation is a compromise? And perhaps a limit on threads started?
  22. cornmerchant

    cornmerchant Well-Known Member


    Why dont you just come out and name them instead of beating around the bush?

    The trouble with the site is that there are double standards- its ok for a thread to get diverted for a lot of silly banter and innuendo, but when someone has a gripe about matters that do impact on their practise/patients, then people get up in arms and asked for it to be pulled.

    Sorry for your bad day Phil, maybe something other than a pod forum would help you calm down?

  23. Catfoot

    Catfoot Well-Known Member


    Excellent idea.

  24. Phil Wells

    Phil Wells Active Member

    Dear all

    Please understand this has all been done partially 'tongue in cheek' to try and highlight the non-productive dialogue and rhetoric that seems to becoming more prevalent.

    I agree with Roberts approach that a restraining order as a type of wake up call may be more manageable - may be a 7 day ban from posting?

    Mr Corny Merchant (strange name but everyone to his own), I wasn't thinking of anyone specific - were you? Don't worry too much about me calming down - I am now at one with the universe and just wanted to get a point across. Sounds like you need to get something of your chest with comments about double standards - maybe a large glass of Laguvulin may help.


  25. Sounds like a Klan rally.
  26. Well done on the at one with the universe thing!

    Is there facility to have someone banned from a specific thread if they drive it off topic? That way there is no real censorship (they can always start their OWN thread) but it stops people hijacking an interesting topic and turning it into a row.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2010
  27. Catfoot

    Catfoot Well-Known Member

    You said
    A good idea, but, as it takes 2 people to have a row does that mean that they will both be given the red card ?

    Also, if the topic was that rivetting, it is unlikely that anyone would want to hijack it.

    Last edited: Sep 1, 2010
  28. cornmerchant

    cornmerchant Well-Known Member


    I too am glad you are at one with the universe.

    Cornmerchant -the name- a little tongue in cheek -maybe just not your humour.

    I have no idea what Laguvulin is- does it compare to Collis Brown?

    Serious threads rarely get highjacked.


  29. Phil Wells

    Phil Wells Active Member


    Lagavulin is a whisky - whats Collis Brown?

  30. footsiegirl

    footsiegirl Active Member

    ...keeping quiet though...
  31. cornmerchant

    cornmerchant Well-Known Member


    Dont like whiskey. Collis Brown was the stuff to stop diarrhea when I was younger- it contained morphine which was why it was withdrawn! Shame, it was yummy!

  32. footsiegirl

    footsiegirl Active Member

    was it Kaolin and morphine ?
  33. Catfoot

    Catfoot Well-Known Member

  34. cornmerchant

    cornmerchant Well-Known Member

    Hey catfoot

    You are a treasure- will get my self down there asap! Bring it on!

    I wonder if it stops verbal diarrhea as well???


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