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c'est trop bon (Rugby World Cup)

Discussion in 'Break Room' started by fred, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. fred

    fred Member

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    what a match

    the two teams were very impressionant but at the end :morning:

    le meilleur a gagné :empathy:

    when Chabal begin to play, the NZ players are afraid :bang:

    good night for everybody :drinks
  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    Re: c'est trop bon

    The All Blacks choke again :bash: .... the only thing that eases the pain, is knowing Australia lost as well :drinks
  3. markjohconley

    markjohconley Well-Known Member

    Re: c'est trop bon

    craig, was thinking the same thing but vica versa, what happened at half-time, someone slip the ab's some sedatives? Aus got beat fair and square in the forwards, but the french revival, the nz brainspas attacks and some harsh ref decisions and voila, see you in 4 years, all the best, mark c
  4. Admin2

    Admin2 Administrator Staff Member

    Re: c'est trop bon

    = it is too good
    = the best gained
    ...at least that is what Babelfish is telling me
  5. Cameron

    Cameron Well-Known Member

    Re: c'est trop bon

    Personally I am looking forward to a Scotland, Fiji semi, and Scotland pipping England in the finals.:pigs:

    But here comes my medication.:morning:

    Now the boot seems to be here to stay in the game of rugby, a team of scientists from the University of Bath and the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, have analysed the kicking techniques of professional and semi-professional rugby players to see which technique is most successful.


  6. Rugby World cup

    Hands up all those whose home nation is still in?

    Who'd have thought England would beat Australia and then France would beat New Zealand? Never mind, there's always 2011 :empathy::D:D:D:D:D
  7. fred

    fred Member

    Re: Rugby World cup

    I think that the only pressure of england and france was in the beer that they drink:dizzy:

    they didn't be favorite;)

    my only question before france vs nz was :
    how many points we will take in the bag :D
  8. Admin2

    Admin2 Administrator Staff Member

    Re: Rugby World cup

    We have a couple of threads going on this, I am going to merge them
  9. markjohconley

    markjohconley Well-Known Member

    Re: c'est trop bon

    Good on you Admin2, the power you guys(gals) wield, gives me the adrenaline rush thinking about it, mark c
  10. Tragic loss

    I would like to be the first to offer my sincere condolances to our antipidean friends.

    It must be hard to see your national team get chucked out of the world cup by the English.

    Please know that you have my sympathy and respect. You played a good game and it's a great shame we won't meet in the final.

  11. markjohconley

    markjohconley Well-Known Member

    Re: Tragic loss

    cheers bro, i'm moved by your compassion. I'm now hoping the english get through to the final so the ...

    BOKS CAN KNOCK THE ...... .... OUT OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, cheers mark c
  12. We so seldom get to gloat. I'm milking it for all it's worth. :p

    The cricket is a wound which is still too fresh. Although i maintain that we won a moral victory.

    The English do it best with funny shaped balls.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2007
  13. What's the difference between an All Black and an arsonist?

    An arsonist never wastes five matches. ;)
  14. markjohconley

    markjohconley Well-Known Member

    talking nz rugby, how's it going craig, and how are those two beautiful little aussies of yours (and mrs p's)
  15. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    Home alone while I in adelaide at SMA....

    Attached Files:

  16. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    Les Francais tres brave, mais les champions are toujours les champions until they are pas les champions. Put Le Cheval out to grass.

    Les (Anglais) trop bon maintenant.

  17. Johnpod

    Johnpod Active Member

    What's the difference between an All Black, an arsonist and the French?
    We've put them all out!!
    England are in the Rugby World Cup Final!:

    Pigs do fly :pigs::pigs::pigs:
  18. fred

    fred Member

    if I am honest with myself, I recognize that the more realist team has win :morning:

    I hope that england play the final against SA for the revenge :butcher:

    good night everybody :drinks
  19. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    C'est la vie.

    Un autre jou, un autre ans.

    Bouvez le vin Francais avec moi.


  20. markjohconley

    markjohconley Well-Known Member

    Not bad sofar, I thought messrs. isaacs, russell and co. would be bombarding this thread with painfully anglocentric gloatings. What's the chance of another wet rwc final. I'm going off forum now till after the final now and maybe, heaven forbid, a lot longer. Go boks!
  21. !

    Give us a chance buddy, its only just 8 am!!!!

    Anyway, on with the anglocentric gloating

    England = Brilliant

    France = Lost :D


    Gloat gloat gloat
  22. fred

    fred Member

    oh yes
    today, it's my father's bithday and we will drink ;)
    riesling ;
    bergerac ;
    and of course Champagne

    and you in England only tea and beer :dizzy:

    the great difference is here :empathy:

    have a nice day
  23. markjohconley

    markjohconley Well-Known Member

    Just one more thing (before I turn it off so I don't subject myself to the ravings of the english, can you imagine the editing wikipedia's copping) ............................ Craig wants it known that if, heaven forbid, the english somehow miraculously pinch it off the boks next week, that should any comedian walk into the boot camp #4 wearing anything that resembles the english rugby jersey Craig is going to personally eject them (Craig, i'll man the dias and hold the laser pointer for you bro) and if any cretin tries wearing the Les Bleus top, well, I haven't personally witnessed it but from ex latrobeites they tell me it's a sight, eyes rolling back, frothing, limbs flailing, STJ's supinating and pronating (KK, unheardof force magnitudes mate) ... talk about favourite Youtube , get your camera phones ready

    Admin2, for the sake of goodwill to fellow podiatrists, make an exception and add this post onto the 'Boot Camp #4' thread, they'll be no excuses then

    and by the way, does anyone know the collective noun for a group of podiatrists?, mark c
  24. Yes beer. Its like lager but better. :drinks

    I though bergerac was a tv program.

    Mark you crack me up!

    Oh PLEASE would somebody film that and you tube it!!! The idea of craig doing the incredible hulk transformation when someone walks in wearing a shirt is just fantastic!!

    A clutch of podiatrists? A gaggle, a posse perhaps? Or if in oz and we win the final possibly a torch bearing angry mob!

    Can i take just one more opertunity to say

    WE WON!!!!
  25. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    Yes Fred

    English beer is excellent (you should try Old Peculier) and it makes you play rugby better too. We also enjoy Australian whine!

    Mark, I can't understand your logic. You should be supporting England because if you have to lose it is better to lose to the eventual winners. If the Boks win, you will have effectively lost to England, S.A., France, Argentinia and possibly the ABs. If England win you have only lost to the champions.

    Not gloating, hoping!


    P.S. Fred

  26. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member


    A group of podiatrists - how about a pod?

  27. markjohconley

    markjohconley Well-Known Member

    I am not here .... remember! ............ la de da de da ................ hmmm la de dah .................. what a beautiful day ............................... skippity skip
  28. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]


    Oh and how. You guys do make some of the best whine in the world. Although this years vintage is slightly bitter and vinegary!

    Mark you know what happens to people in denial

  29. Get a grip man....I come from the best side of Hadrian's wall! Busy making preparations for next Saturday....

    Attached Files:

  30. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    Well, Mark (Russell), England may lose in the final but if they do, the champions will have lost to a great team. If they win, they are the only team to be back to back champions.

    Scotland (who?) just lost.... Hence some Scots sycophancy towards the Boks. At least the Argies - who must be the most improved team in the competition - retained some pride, but then, as Dr Johnson said, the finest thing about Scotland is the high road to England.

    Enjoy the game but remember, it's just a game.

  31. Ah, now Bill....don't be like that. I was just kidding - honest! You can rest assured that I'll be cheering the wee boys on this Saturday, just like our Dear Leader Comrade Broon and his little Darling.... I have the John Smith's and the flags all ready! :pigs:

    Poor Fred though - he must be gutted and coming so soon after this....

    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 22, 2016
  32. markjohconley

    markjohconley Well-Known Member

    Most sincere apologies, half of my ancestors were scottish, a shame they didn't start the rwc like they finished

  33. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    Ah well, Mark (R), I suppose we should remember that the victors at Aginincourt were (possibly) the first united British army.

    Mark (C). If you allow the possibility of defeat and state that it's only a game beforehand, then you can afford to wax philosophical if you get creamed!

    All the best

  34. Sure the following should reside in the 'Joke' thread but as they're on topic...

    Four surgeons are taking a coffee break. The first one says,
    "Accountants are the best to operate on because when you open them up
    everything inside them is numbered."
    The second surgeon says, "Nah, librarians are the best; everything inside
    them is in alphabetical order."
    The third surgeon says, "Try electricians. Everything inside them is
    The fourth one says, "I prefer New Zealand Rugby players. They're
    heartless, spineless, gutless and their heads and bums are


    A man meets a friend and sees that his friend's car is total write-off and
    covered with leaves, grass, branches, dirt and blood.
    He asks his friend "What's happened to your car ?"
    "Well," the friend responds, "I ran over Richie McCaw".
    "OK," says the man, "that explains the blood... But what about the leaves,
    the grass, the branches and the dirt ?"
    "Well, he tried to escape through the park."


    Q. What do you have when the All Blacks are buried up to their necks in
    A. Not enough sand.


    Q. What's the difference between a dead dog on the road and a dead All
    Black player on the road?
    A. There are skid marks in front of the dog.
  35. markjohconley

    markjohconley Well-Known Member

    ............... not saying a word .............................................................. (as he trails off into distance, a slight limp but overall quite a stud!!! .... on the breeze, listen, voice, really nice baritone(on the bass end, you know manly like) .........

    "Nkosi sikelel' iAfrika
    Maluphakanyisw' uphondo lwayo,
    Yizwa imithandazo yethu,
    Nkosi sikelela, thina lusapho lwayo.
    Morena boloka setjhaba sa heso,
    O fedise dintwa la matshwenyeho,
    O se boloke, O se boloke setjhaba sa heso,
    Setjhaba sa South Afrika - South Afrika.

    Uit die blou van onse hemel,
    Uit die diepte van ons see,
    Oor ons ewige gebergtes,
    Waar die kranse antwoord gee,

    Sounds the call to come together,
    And united we shall stand,
    Let us live and strive for freedom,
    In South Africa our land.
  36. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    Given that we are becoming - very properly - international:

    "Que sera sera"

    Tonight Fred, my son is coming home and we'll be celebrating with good, honest English beer........... or maybe crying into it.

    Good luck to both teams, let's have a great game.

    All the best


  37. Cameron

    Cameron Well-Known Member


    A little bit of Scotland will be at the finals

    Middlemiss Embroidery in Jedburgh has rushed to the aid of England's Rugby World Cup final team when earlier this week seven of the squad wanted their footwear emblazoned to mark the occasion in Paris. Working frantically since Wednesday mid afternoon, the customised boots with RWC 2007 on the tongue along with players' nicknames or initials on the side are now ready for action. Jason Robinson, Olly Barkley and Nick Easter chose to have their initials embroidered; and Mathew Tait (Taity), Lee Mears (Mearsy), Simon Shaw (Shawsy) and Mark Cueto (Cuets) opted for their nicknames. No word on Johnny the Boot Wilkinson, but I guess he will try to mark on the game.

    I still fancy the Boks to do it.

    Hot off the Press
    Australian Rugby fans were delighted to read today that after their early departure from the World Cup, couch John Connolly went to the local tobacconist to buy 20 Players. :p

  38. fred

    fred Member

    not at all, just the pleasure to talk with you :drinks

    what I can say when the French team has been beaten by Argentina ?

    nothing, just it's "une branlée maison bien sentie dans les gencives" :hammer::hammer:

    that I can translate it's deserved

    have a good game an a good day (with a glass of beer), now for me it will be just herbal tea :bash:
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2007
  39. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    Fair do's the Boks. The best team in the competition won, even though the ref. had little concept of the laws on obstruction.

    However, for our antipodean brotherhood who are basking in reflective glory (since they have none of their own);

    We few, we unhappy few
    We band of brothers
    For he who shed his sweat with us tonight, shall be my brother
    Be he never so base, this day shall gentle his condition
    And there are gentlemen now abed in Australia
    Who will feel themselves accursed they were not here
    And hold their manhoods cheap, when Bok and Pommie speak
    that sweat with us
    on Webb Ellis day

    With sincere apologies to the Bard



    P.S. It WAS a try!
  40. markjohconley

    markjohconley Well-Known Member

    bill ......... shoosshhh ......................... I'M BASKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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