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Excellent job opportunities Brisbane and Gold Coast

Discussion in 'Employment in Australia' started by fmpod, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. fmpod

    fmpod Welcome New Poster

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    Full-Time Podiatrists (Brisbane and Gold Coast)

    • Fast-growing, award-winning company.
    • Plan your own work week – flexible scheduling.
    • Innovate as part of our shoe design team and turn your orthotics into custom sandals.
    Come and work for us. We change the way Australians think about footwear and improve their quality of life. We offer:

    • Salary and generous incentive scheme ranging from 60K-100K+, based on experience.
    • Flexible scheduling – choose whether you do 4 ten hour days or 5 eight hour days.
    • We promote 99.9% from within, so provide good career opportunities
    • Generous conference allowance for continuing education.
    • Be in the running for one of our monthly and annual awards.
    • Fantastic discounts on shoes
    • Work with a podiatry team with over 20 years’ experience

    Footmaster is the*fastest growing,*retail health footwear and podiatry*company*in Australia and has doubled in size in the last 5 years. We consult and design orthotics for world champion athletes and are the only true retail chain that has podiatrists’ in-store over 2 states. We are constantly innovating with recent achievements including designing our own footwear brand and introducing 3D IPAD scanners to custom-design footwear that solves individual customers’ needs.

    Footmaster are seeking experienced, high-achieving podiatrists for their Brisbane and Gold coast stores. You will be responsible for solving client foot problems and using our innovative systems to deliver an exceptional service experience. This position is a unique opportunity to achieve a permanent position in an iconic, merit-based organisation that rewards and recognizes achievements and excellence.

    This is a fantastic opportunity for those who have excelled in the past and are looking for an organization that can provide long-term, exciting career opportunities.

    Essential to your success with us is:
    • A podiatrist degree with demonstrated workplace success.
    • Demonstrated achievement in any field.
    • Experience in building a strong customer base.
    • Skilled, empathic communicator with a genuine interest in people.
    • Excellent relationship-building skills.
    • A demonstrated commitment to continual improvement, innovation and learning.
    We care and have a vested interest in making you successful. If you thrive in a fast-paced environment and are looking for a long-term career then apply now.
    Please send your resume, cover letter and references to footcareleaders@gmail.com

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