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Discussion in 'Employment in Australia' started by Laura Carra - Medibank, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. Laura Carra - Medibank

    Laura Carra - Medibank Welcome New Poster

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    The Opportunity
    Broaden your career horizons by choosing HealthStrong as your partner for clinical opportunities in aged care. Taking this step will allow you to experience a different clinical environment, outside of the hospital and private practice settings. This is a challenging and rewarding career choice for any clinician, regardless of background and level of experience. No matter where you are in your career, HealthStrong is here to support you each step of the way.

    We are currently on the lookout for Podiatrists to join our team within Canberra, ACT. Your role will be to provide podiatric care to residents across a range of nursing home facilities with regular treatments, building relationships to maximise foot care and overall enhancing foot health by working as part of team all whilst providing exceptional customer care and best practice. Your responsibilities will include:
    • Assess, diagnose, treat and evaluate abnormalities and diseases related to the foot and lower limb
    • Diabetic foot health assessments
    • Partake in the chronic disease management plan
    • Provide treatment for high-risk patient groups such as the elderly and those with increased risk of diabetic foot complications
    • Give foot wear advice, foot care advice and education to staff and carers
    • Make referrals to other healthcare professionals as appropriate
    • Produce other aids and appliances for pedal comfort
    • Undertake a range of administrative tasks such as ensuring stock levels are maintained, and that equipment is kept in good working order, daily reports and handovers to all staff
    • Regional travel may be a part of this position
    About You
    An experienced or new graduate clinician, you love to make a difference in the lives of elderly Australians by providing pain management and working with them to improve their mobility. With the ability to work autonomously, you also thrive building relationships and enjoy contributing professionally to a multidisciplinary environment. You will also have a relevant tertiary degree and full registration with AHPRA.

    What We Offer
    As an employee you’re entitled to an array of both HealthStrong and Medibank benefits, including:
    • Full set of utensils and autoclave machine
    • Excellent remuneration based on experience (including motor vehicle allowance).
    • Regional allowances totalling $10,000 for some locations and relocation assistance where applicable.
    • $1000 CPD annual allowance.
    • Health insurance subsidy up to 5 months free per year.
    • 14weeks paid parental leave for all eligible employees, regardless of whether you are the primary or secondary carer – in fact, we’re the proud winners of the number one workplace for dads
    • Flexible part time, flexible hours and job share opportunities available.
    • Sponsorship opportunities for overseas trained clinicians.
    To find out more about how you can be the difference, head to Medibank Careers

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