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Full time private practice position

Discussion in 'Employment in Australia' started by paul.totalcare, Feb 19, 2020.

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  1. paul.totalcare

    paul.totalcare Moderator

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    A genuine opportunity exists for a Podiatrist interested in developing skills in musculoskeletal
    diagnosis and treatment strategies with equipment , treatment options and mentoring
    at the highest level in our profession.

    Are you passionate about podiatry and wish you had more opportunity
    to develop your professional skills?

    Total Care Podiatry is the team for you. With 33 years in the Geelong community we have a well-earned reputation for genuine care with every patient feeling that their main concern is our priority.
    At Total Care Podiatry we use research based procedures focused on the underlying cause, not just the symptoms. This holistic approach is focused on improving patients’ mobility and quality of life.
    What makes this full time position so exciting?
    - a wide range of patient needs
    - Contribute to new ways to help our patients
    - Amazing mentoring in biomechanics and regular in-house continuing education
    - Part of our strong and committed team
    - Your contribution is really appreciated
    - Excellent and rewarding work conditions
    Our team members use some of the latest technology to deliver patient care
    - Our 6 metre Plantar Pressure Mats and FScan In-shoe analysis,
    - 3D scanning & CadCam prescription orthotics
    - Our computerised In-house orthotic mill
    - Nordic Walking for health, rehabilitation and fitness
    - Chung Shi AuBioMo footwear® for improved mobility
    - Computer analysis of Balance and Posture
    - Therapeutic ultrasound
    Total Care Podiatry is looking for a person who is –
    - A Lifelong Learner
    - Patient focused with very good communication skills
    - Confident
    - A team player who can work with support staff, colleagues and other health professionals
    Total Care Podiatry is a family run practice in the city of Geelong with off street staff parking. A short stroll takes you to our beautiful waterfront or into the city shopping complex. Lifestyle in the Geelong region is absolutely fantastic. Forget long traffic jams and enjoy a place where beaches, great food and wine, theatres and country living are all close by.
    Apply today and, if you join us, you will experience professional growth like you have never experienced. Over many years we have become known for developing podiatrist’s understanding, skill set and confidence. We want to help you be the best podiatrist you can be through our mentoring program, practitioner workshops and ongoing support.
    While this position is being offered full time, hours are negotiable. The position is available for immediate start to replace a current podiatrist going interstate. The salary package includes a retainer of Level 2 Podiatrist under the Health Professionals and Support Services Award 2010 and a percentage of consultation fees bonus with potential to earn $65,000 - $80,000+ pa.
    Please forward your 1 page cover letter telling us about you and what you will bring to our team. Also, your curriculum vitae and both personal and professional referee contacts to The Practice Manager to admin@totalcarepodiatry.com.au.
    - Closing date: 20th March 2020
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