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Hi,everyone,I am Haibo zou, come from China.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by lewiszhou, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. lewiszhou

    lewiszhou Member

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    Hi,everyone.I am very happy to visit here.
    My name is Haibo Zou.I come from China ,Beijing. From Google,I come here.It seems very good site for foot surgery. I am an orthopaedist. But I am interesting in foot and ankle surgery.In China, no separate podiatrist .Most work about foot or ankle done by orthopaedist.So , I want to do the work and become podiatrist.
    At here ,I want to exchange my opinions with you.
  2. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

  3. lewiszhou

    lewiszhou Member


    :) Thanks to Admin.
  4. Stephen Moore

    Stephen Moore Member



    It would be really helpful to understand more about health care in China. How is it structured?

    How does it work with both traditional and modern medicine?

    What type of training programmes exist? How do these compare with those in the rest of the world?

    Is there an opportunity to develop a new profession in China? Podiatry?

    Relationships between Podiatry and Orthopaedics here in the UK have not always been good, but things are improving, more team work and now the Podiatric Surgery training programme is approved by both the Royal Colleges here in Scotland, Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh and the Royal College of physicians and Surgeons Glasgow. We can hopefully work together as professions trying to collaboratively provide the best outcomes for patients.


    Stephen Moore
    Western Isles
  5. lewiszhou

    lewiszhou Member

    to :Stephen Moore


    In China, the health care structure is very complex.It is difficult to explain it in one word.Generally,the system is divided into own expenses,national expenses and social expenses.

    Now,the traditional medicine has special hospital and in some integrated hospital ,there are some department for traditional medicine. We get bachelor's degree of medicine for about 5~8 years.Then we must use 5~6 years to get doctor's degree.In my hospital, we have many foreign students,for example, Australia,Canada,Japan and so on.

    Many new professions have been developed in China.But for podiatry,Just have a few hospital to do it. And many foot operations was done by orthopaedist,just like me:).And in university,no courses and specialty is set up for podiatry.So,in China ,there are many opprtunities for podiatrist.
  6. Herdy

    Herdy Welcome New Poster

    Hi there Haibo,

    not sure if you will get this. But Im an Australian podiatrist currently living and working in Jakarta. I was wondering if you know of any opportunities for me to work as a podiatrist in China?

    Do you have any contacts at all?


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