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How to steer the ship through Covid-19

Discussion in 'Practice Management' started by Steve5572, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. Steve5572

    Steve5572 Active Member

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    Hi Owners and Practice Managers

    Until recently i was only worried about the long term implications of Covid-19, it's impact on the economy and subsequent downturn in patient numbers.

    However, now I am concerned about a potential shutdown of podiatry if it is classified as a non-essential service and the govt increases the restriction on business.

    The Australian Massage Therapy Association has just advised their members to cease treating immediately. It seems crazy to me to do that to your members' many of whom are small business owners before the govt has suggested to do so. See the link for full recommendation by the AMT.
    https://www.facebook.com/amtaustralia/posts/2512991592251202I personally think they have jumped the

    How would your business survive if your clinicians were forced to stop working for an extended period? 2 weeks i can handle, my neck and hands could do with a break but any longer i would be feeling the financial squeeze very soon.

    What are some other measures a clinic could use to combat a short term closure? Other than selling my stash of face masks and hand sanitizer I don't know what else I could do! :)

    Look forward to hearing other people's thoughts.

  2. Mark_M

    Mark_M Active Member

    I have wondered if my income protection or business insurance would cover an event like this. Probably not.
    I'm sure many massage therapists will continue to operate against AMT recommendations, as we all need the $$$.
    As for Podiatry, business as usual for the moment, maintaining our high standards of infection control.
  3. Podiatry is a medical service and is essential for some patients, particularly those in the high risk category. At a minimum, podiatry is allied health. Thankfully it seems like Australia is opening up, with elective surgery now possible.
  4. Bonnie

    Bonnie Active Member

    Any one had success with claiming for business interrruption from their insurance company?
  5. Mark_M

    Mark_M Active Member

    I would think this would be highly unlikely. Australian podiatrist were considered to be an essential service and remained open during the entire crisis.
    A camping business had no luck claiming through his insurance (Chubb), He was interrupted by bushfire, road closures and CV19.

    If you can prove your earnings are 30% down you are entitled to Govt assistance.
  6. Bonnie

    Bonnie Active Member

  7. Bonnie

    Bonnie Active Member

    Thank you

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