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If I gave you my Practice would you Help me?

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by PowerPodiatry, Dec 10, 2009.

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  1. PowerPodiatry

    PowerPodiatry Active Member

    Members do not see these Ads. Sign Up.
    First things this is deadly serious and if you are a tire kicker by nature please just go read something else.

    I am sick and tired of trying to find a special Podiatrist to take over my Practice and I am also sick and tired of the atrocious Marketing that Podiatrists (and other Health professions) use to build their business.

    I have developed a marketing course designed for Podiatry but I need help to finish it. I need the proof that any Podiatrist with the ability to tie his/her own shoelaces can with the right marketing build a practice and lifestyle that they actually want.

    So for your Help in finishing the course I will hand over the keys to the practice "Lock, Stock and all".

    Even better I will hand the keys over to you at the very beginning and you get to keep all the money.

    If you are interested go to

  2. phil

    phil Active Member

    what on earth are you talking about?

    please state in one sentence what you are trying to do, and you might get some response.
  3. PowerPodiatry

    PowerPodiatry Active Member

    Ok Phil
    Simply for you

    Go to the website and find out. If you couldn't be bothered then its best you don't go because it won't interest you.:deadhorse:
  4. Bumblebee

    Bumblebee Member

    WOW! what a fantastic opportunity for someone.........
    If is wasn't a first year student and in England I would bite your hand off.

    Good look in finding someone worthy.


  5. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    Things that seem too good to be true usually are.

    C'mon Colin - lets cut through all the BS and why don't you tell us what this is really all about, and what you stand to gain from it all?

  6. Sorry but I am already taking over a podiatry practice in Nigeria as we speak.

    I have sent him £2000 via western union, so he can send me a welcome pack.

    He hasn't replied to any of my emails since then. :(
  7. PowerPodiatry

    PowerPodiatry Active Member

    It is all above board.
    Three years ago I had open heart surgery and it has changed my long term view. I do plan to make money out of this but it will be from consultancy work and coaching.

    I already have joint ventures in other businesses and have a plan to start a new venture in the new year.

    If no-one puts their hand up for this opportunity then I plan to donate my whole inventory to a church organisation that provides podiatry services to my community. If I can't provide my patients with a suitable podiatrist I'll do the best I can before moving on.:santa:
  8. David Smith

    David Smith Well-Known Member

    Dear Taichifootdr

    My church has a community right near you and they would love to take the equipment of your hands. They have several podiatrists in their congregation and at times offer free podiatry to the homeless. The opportunity to set up an entire clinic, using your old unwanted equipment, within a church premises would be great. So if you get no takers for your auction please get back to me and I will make all the arrangements. We probably wouldn't need any course to attract customers as the poor and homeless are quite fond of free stuff and anyway God will bless this venture and you for your kind donation. Plus this would be good for you as it would free you up, clear your conscience and do good works in the name of Jesus Christ, which shows the greatest faith. You will be soooo saved.

    All the best, Faithfully yours Dave Smith :drinks

    BTW I tied both my shoelaces just this morning on my own and they haven't come undone yet.

    PODKMM Active Member

    Just ridiculous!
    Please don't insult the intelligence of your colleagues. I have a strong feeling that the person who takes over your practice may end up paying you to keep away, rather than for your so called valuable advice!
  10. PowerPodiatry

    PowerPodiatry Active Member

    It seems that Podiatry Arena has populated itself with bitter and twisted Podiatrists.

    I do feel sorry for the people that started this forum they must feel a little sad as I do when they look at the new crop of Podiatrists.

    Ok have fun and I will work with the people that are not so jaded with their lives that they are so blinded.

    No scam, no joke.

    For the Australians that may take me up on the offer ask around, I may be crazy but please don't imply that I am dishonest.

    For the rest of you, well maybe in your country all your colleges are dishonest, thieving liars or so it seems by your comments.

    Now if all you want to do is uncover me as a scam artist then all I can say is I'm not. So go read some other post and forget all about this one.

    I'm going to bed and will no doubt find this a total waste of time. The offer will lapse and I may be a little disappointed in the profession that I hold dear.

    I will refuse to be jaded because there is no benefit in that.:bash:
  11. Bumblebee

    Bumblebee Member

    it is such ashame that the first thing people think is SCAM! what a synical world we inhabit...! it's not like you have asked for any money or anything....! if I was four years further on in my training I would rip your arm off for the oppertunity you are offereing.

    Good look in finding the right person
  12. Aidan Hobbs

    Aidan Hobbs Active Member

    Hi Colin,

    I think you should re-structure the way you market this "AMAZING PODIATRY FISHING PACKAGE" to be less deceiving in its initial impression. Especially if you are asking people to "think in numbers above $20,000" for your marketing 'expertise'.

    This is from the Podiatrists Board of Queensland's policy on advertising:
  13. gwilson

    gwilson Member

    Let me get this straight - are you offering your practice for free, but your marketing advice has to be paid for? (I don't see any mention of $20000 that someone else brought up).

    If so, I'll give my car I'm selling FREE to anyone who pays me 2000 quid for advice on how to prevent it breaking down. (This is not guaranteed!).

    IF, on the other hand, you're genuinely giving away your practice, and advising for a nominal fee, or free, in order to establish your new venture, I apologise for my cynicism, and genuinely wish I lived in Australia. ................Am I being cynical or realistic???

    By the way, I will stand by the car offer, and as an honest person I must admit it's only worth about 1000 quid (sorry, this computer seems to be having problems recognising pound signs!)
  14. Aidan Hobbs

    Aidan Hobbs Active Member

    If you go to the website and enter your details you will get an automated email which cryptically provides a few more details about the offer. An initial fee of $20,000 being one of those details.
  15. gwilson

    gwilson Member

    Well, I've had a look, and what it actually says is 'if you can think in numbers over $20000'.
    I can think in as big a number as you like, it still doesn't explain what he's after. I suspect what he's after is someone's money. But then I'm cynical...............
  16. boredone

    boredone Member

    Full marks for trying !
  17. Colin:

    What you are doing is nothing more than deceptive advertising. Why don't you just say that you are selling your practice for at least $20,000 and cut the rest of the bull****. No ethical podiatrist would be selling his practice the way you are attempting to.
  18. I´ve tried to stop myself from writing this for the last 3 hours but can´t.......

    Do you get a free set of steak knives as well ?
  19. Jonathan

    Jonathan Active Member

  20. Aidan Hobbs

    Aidan Hobbs Active Member

    For added irony the maximum penalty for breaching division 3 - Obligations of advertisers of the Podiatrists Registration Act (2001) is 200 penalty units. At $100 per penalty unit, that works out to be $20,000
  21. PMSL!!!!!!!!!
  22. PowerPodiatry

    PowerPodiatry Active Member

    Ok people we are starting to head in the right direction.

    The concept of ethical advertising.

    Now from my experience most of you are taking advise from the local media consultant (they washed cars for a living last week) and come up with an advertisment something like this.

    Header: Absolutely Ridiculous Podiatry Practice (they got you to use A)

    Then a slogan: We are the best at treating Ridiculous Feet (better than the guy up the road)

    We have a bigger ad than them now so we fill it up with the things we treat.

    Old People Young People Ingrown Toenails Heel Pain

    At the bottom you may add that we accept MONEY (Hicaps logo , credit card etc)

    Nearly forgot : We are here and phone no. (recent full page add for Osteopath didn't have this useful bit of info)

    No where did your consultant which you are paying tell you how to insert a way for you to track your return on investment.

    You are living in the world of hope.

    I hope that advert brings in more money than it cost.

    You will never know .

    To clear up for the people that are bringing out the big stick to shut me up with threats of fines. It seems I will be donating my Practice to Bluecare because no one needs a coaching program.

    Not deceptive just disappointed with Pompous.
  23. Aidan Hobbs

    Aidan Hobbs Active Member

    ...I just don't even know where to begin trying to respond to that! :bash:
  24. Aidan Hobbs

    Aidan Hobbs Active Member

    [Edit:] much wiser words below, I'm leaving this one alone now.
  25. Colin:

    My friendly suggestion for you is to go stop this nonsense now before you dig a bigger hole for yourself than you already have. If you want to donate your practice, then do so without all the fanfare and self-promotion. If you want to sell the practice, then just place an ad somewhere without all the deceptive marketing hype. However, if you want to be lumped in with the likes of Drs. Rothbart, Glaser and Shavelson, then continue as you are. You are insulting us with your drivel.
  26. Deborah Ferguson

    Deborah Ferguson Active Member

    Hi All
    Not very comfortable with the whole idea. Seems a bit unprofessional. Must be a catch somewhere.
  27. PowerPodiatry

    PowerPodiatry Active Member

    It took for ever to get the steak knife attack.

    But lets think about it ,you most likely haven't used your Marketing muscles before because well "I'm a Podiatrist you know" so warm up before you do.

    Now why do they offer those steak Knives and why do they double up if you respond within a given time. They also drive you to a website or phone no.

    They do it because it works.
    How do they know because they track it all. they can tell you the cost of conversion down to a cent. They also test different variations and stick with the ones that outperform the others. They change when it doesn't work.

    Now your closed mind may be saying "I can't do that decause I'm a Podiatrist"

    Instead it should be saying "How could I use that approach and still respect myself in the morning".

    Now Kevin you use THE BEST marketing approach of all and have developed it over the years.

    You hold yourself up to be an EXPERT and no offence intended because this is money in your pocket. It is something everybody can aspire to. In the beginning no one handed you the crown and said now you are an EXPERT go forth and prosper.

    You worked damned hard for that crown but sorry you are not special because any podiatrist is capable. Don't you agree?

    Now back to the very badly designed website www.site.taichifootdr.com there is probably only one thing right about that site (I worked very hard).

    It is to do with creating a list of prospects but alas it is useless if the rest just created derision and contempt. The list building is the sign in form. You have all filled them in with eager anticipation and then waited for the prize. Stuff you purchased from AMAZON or any other site free ebook etc. Or given your details over the phone when booking accomadation for your next holiday. You are all on a list somewhere. You are happy to be on that list if it adds value to your life. You cross yourself off if you think it is a scam or they are trying to ripe you off.

    Now you all have a list of people that like and respect and even place a high value on your words.

    Do you use this list or do you place these people in the "you're not special to me" basket. Do you say "I'll talk to you only when you talk to me first and give me money".

    You winge and whine when these people stop talking to you and start talking to the new fellow up the road.

    They are like all people they crave kind and frequent contact above what they PAY for.

    Do you give these people kind and frequent contact, they pay your mortgage you know.

    These people on your list are your patients and you neglect them unless you want money from them (you missed your appointment ,Luv).

    Just tell me to P ss Off and I will. I'll take the site down and I'll close the very real offer of giving you my practice.

    Have a good day one and all.:sinking:
  28. PODKMM

    PODKMM Active Member

    Thankyou for providing my morning entertainment!
  29. PODKMM

    PODKMM Active Member

    I've also learnt a new acronym PMSL......... Love it!!!!
  30. mgates01

    mgates01 Active Member

    What exactly is a "Master of Podiatry" is that one of the Power Rangers?:confused:
  31. PowerPodiatry

    PowerPodiatry Active Member

    Ok now for a bit of lite afternoon entertainment since I have just set up my new iMac. Goes to show just what a radical I am.

    Since all Marketing is vial and disgusting and definitely beneath us because it is not professional let's talk about something Kevin bought up.

    Self Promotion:

    The road to becoming an Expert is choca block full of self promotion. You start out writing a few articles maybe for your professional magazine. If you find a flare for it you may even start a Newsletter and get your adoring fans to subscribe (later you can compile these and flog them off a second time).
    Now your expert status has grown you will be invited to be a keynote speaker and all along this is driving money to your business (I thought 3 hrs before using the money word). Why because everybody loves to be associated with an Expert, they want to buy his products (Orthotics, newsletters, books and speaking engagements).

    The smart Expert will even trade off testimonials (am I going too far). Things like thanks for the information that you provide I wouldn't be the Podiatrist I am without you.

    The Expert if he doesn't watch it can be caught up in his own Self Promotion and even uses force to keep the unruly rabble in line.

    If I stretch my memory one said expert made a posting in the past something like this:

    "I'm going to take my bat and ball and leave" or maybe it was "the Expert has left the building".

    All joking aside Kevin I know you have a big rock solid chin and can take a punch and have gained no financial benefit from being an Expert and would like to tell the good folk it is a cross you bear so don't bother becoming an expert because it will bring you to wrack and ruin. Just nod if you don't want to reply.

    For all the rest of you a very good professional marketing (it makes me feel dirty writing the M word) tactic is to become an expert in whatever niche you are passionate about.

    Gee I do love my new iMac. I wonder if Apple will let me put an affiliate link in this post.
  32. PowerPodiatry

    PowerPodiatry Active Member

    Ask the Power Rangers at the University because that is what they called it. You remember where Uni is don't you since finishing your undergraduate degree.:boxing:
  33. Sammo

    Sammo Active Member

  34. Aidan Hobbs

    Aidan Hobbs Active Member

    Lets welcome the latest member to the Podiatry-Arena 'think tank'...:D
  35. Sammo

    Sammo Active Member

    I don't think any body doubts that some level of marketing is essential to remaining afloat in these challenging times.. and I am sure that we can all learn new tricks to help us with our business. It just seems that people have taken exception to the way in which you are trying to enlighten us.

    I am married to a very smart lady with a degree from a top UK business school who currently works in marketing. When she speaks marketing it makes sense and I listen.. when you speak I can't help but feel ever so slightly confused about what it is you are trying to tell/show/sell us.

    What is it you are actually trying to achieve here?
  36. PowerPodiatry

    PowerPodiatry Active Member

    Sam ask your wife the question "What is more important for the small to medium sized business, Branding or list building"?

    Then ask her "What has the greatest ROI"?

    Probably I could have done this in a different way but it is called testing. Now I know that this doesn't go down well with Podiatrists. Now I go and test a different method changing one thing at a time.

    While your at it ask her if you are using direct response marketing methods to promote your practice and if she says no. Ask why not.
  37. Sammo

    Sammo Active Member


    I don't think I really feel the need to quiz my wife on the in's and out's of marketing.

    Good luck with your testing and may you find a more accomodating cohort!


  38. gwilson

    gwilson Member

    I'm not going to pay someone who can't even market his business without attempting to deceive people to advise me on marketing:confused:

    One more thing......

    P*ss off.
  39. dgroberts

    dgroberts Active Member

    Nuff said.
  40. PowerPodiatry

    PowerPodiatry Active Member

    Just a few more P*ss off's and your job is done.

    I had hoped to find some Podiatrists that may wish to think a little and I offered myself up for ridicule. As I expected I got mostly ridicule as you defended your belief structures. No real active debate on why this is bad marketing.

    Go back to sleep it will be OK in the morning because everybody says So.

    The Banks will not fail or the Government take control of the Health system and dictate to you. No your properties will not depreciate in value because you know property values always go up. The rules can not change because you know they are the rules.

    In the Great depression the one's that survived were the one's that could market their services and make a profit. See you on the other side of the next Great Depression.

    Just a few more P*ss offs and I can stop wasting my time.
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