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Journal of Foot and Ankle Research

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by JFAR, May 14, 2008.

  1. JFAR

    JFAR Active Member

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    Dear all,

    The Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, the new open access journal published by BioMed Central on behalf of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and the Australasian Podiatry Council, is now accepting submissions.

    If you have a paper you would like to submit for consideration, please go to:


    ...and follow the instructions for authors.

    Kind regards,

    A/Prof Hylton B. Menz
    (on behalf of the JFAR editorial team)
  2. Admin2

    Admin2 Administrator Staff Member

  3. NewsBot

    NewsBot The Admin that posts the news.

    BioMed Central has launched the following new open access journal:
  4. JFAR

    JFAR Active Member

    Dear colleagues,

    It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research (JFAR) is now up and running at www.jfootankleres.com. JFAR is an open access journal, which means that all papers can be downloaded full text, free of charge, with no registration barriers.

    Please note that the five papers on the site are published as provisional PDFs - fully formatted versions will follow shortly. Also note that because JFAR is continuously published (rather than the traditional volume and issue cycle of print journals), papers are published on-line as soon as they are accepted. We currently have several papers in the system which will appear on the site in the coming months.

    All articles published in JFAR will be included in PubMed and archived in PubMed Central. The first articles will appear on PubMed in around 2 months (unfortunately, there is an initial set up period for new journals). Once the journal is set-up, however, articles should appear in PubMed three working days after publication.

    I hope you enjoy the journal. If you have any questions regarding how the journal/website functions, please contact me.

    Kind regards,

    Hylton B. Menz
    (on behalf of the JFAR editorial team)
  5. LuckyLisfranc

    LuckyLisfranc Well-Known Member


    I note the following from the Journal's webpage:

    If you are a podiatry academic or PhD student it would appear your article will not be probably up for this fee, as your institution will likely be a member.

    Is this fee applicable to podiatrists who are members of the organisations who support the journal, but do not have formal university affiliations?

    It would be a great disincentive for many clinicians to submit case studies etc from private practice with a fee of that size...

    Can you elaborate as the "more information" link is broken?

  6. JFAR

    JFAR Active Member


    All open access journals charge a fee per paper - referred to as an article processing charge (APC) - which is necessary to fund the journal as there are no subscription charges for people accessing the papers.

    However, for JFAR, all authors who have a current membership with the Australasian Podiatry Council or Society of Chiropodists or Podiatrists (UK) will have their APC covered by their society membership. This is explained in the editorial.

    Non-members will need to have their APC covered either by their institution or their research funding body.

    Kind regards,


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