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Lower Extremity Review

Discussion in 'Journals Online' started by LER, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. LER

    LER Active Member

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    I am very excited to provide a new publication for podiatry and the lower extremity community. I encourage everyone to check your mailbox for the premiere issue of Lower Extremity Review and to check out the website: http://www.lowerextremityreview.com

    We had a very successful APMA meeting and I think you will all enjoy the magazine very much.


    Rich Dubin
  2. LER

    LER Active Member

    Second issue now hitting mailboxes and posted on-line at www.lowerextremityreview.com.

    In addition to our cover story on early intervention for knee OA, you’ll also find features on:

    >preventing amputation in patients with diabetes
    >optimal positioning for conservative treatment of Achilles rupture
    >choosing a foot scanner
    >how modeling studies can change your approach to plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, and PTTD

    Plus, news on:

    Improving outcomes after hallux valgus surgery
  3. LER

    LER Active Member

    I have been in the podiatric publishing arena for 20 years having held positions at Current Podiatry and Podiatry Today before launching BioMechanics magazine. I did not have equity and when it was sold, I maintained my publisher position. Then CMPMedica abruptly shut down BioMechanics in February and a void was immediately created. At that moment, I decided to pursue my life-long dream of owning my own publication. Hence, the launch of Lower Extremity Review.

    LER is a U.S. based free publication publication for APMA members and other specialties involved in lower extremity treatment. Our entire issue and more is posted on-line for your enjoyment. We do accept international subscriptions and the form is available on the website. www.lowerextremityreview.com

    Please visit the site and leave a comment. I would love what you have to say.


  4. LER

    LER Active Member

  5. LER

    LER Active Member

  6. LER

    LER Active Member

  7. LER

    LER Active Member

  8. LER

    LER Active Member

    Last edited: Sep 11, 2009
  9. LER

    LER Active Member

    LER Article: How cadavers could change your practice by Erin Ward, DPM

    What do studies of fresh-frozen limbs have to do with you and your patients? Work being done at Iowa State University has significant implications for the management of plantar fasciitis, metatarsal and tibial stress fractures, and PTTD. Check out a very interesting article in the most recent issue of Lower Extremity Review by Erin Ward, DPM.

  10. LER

    LER Active Member

  11. LER

    LER Active Member


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