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MEGAComfort Smart Insole

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by NewsBot, Jan 9, 2018.

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    Press Release:
    MEGAComfort Showcases Energysole, the Most Accurate, Doctor-Designed Smart Insole, at the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show
    For use at work and for leisure, Energysole leverages MEGAComfort’s patented dual-layer memory foam that blends comfort with sensor technology to proactively reduce pain and fatigue

    January 08, 2018 10:00 ET

    LAS VEGAS, Jan. 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), MEGAComfort, a leading Occupational Health and Wellness company focused on work-life wellness solutions, today announces a new generation of Energysole®. Designed to support users 24/7, both in the workplace and their everyday lives, Energysole is a comfortable, smart insole that uses ImpactSense Technology to provide highly accurate data, such as a pronation and supination analysis, a proprietary movement score and more, directly from the soles of users’ feet.

    Energysole is clinically proven and field tested to reduce pain and fatigue. Not only does it provide superior comfort, but its state-of-the-art, patented sensor technology also educates users on how to live a healthier lifestyle with more energy, focus and motivation. Energysole tracks, measures and analyzes activity up to 50 times per second, making it more accurate than comparable wearables and insoles on the market. Unlike most wearables, which need daily charging, Energysole features a replaceable, long-life battery that provides at least three months of continual wear.

    Powered by MEGAComfort’s ImpactSense Technology, Energysole’s sensors generate step-by-step performance data and transmit full 3-dimensional activity of the user’s foot directly to the new Energysole smartphone app. Based on this information, users get an analysis on whether they pronate or supinate when walking. The app simultaneously provides users with a proprietary movement score, as well as step count, calories burned, activity time, distance travelled and more. Along with its smart sensor technology, Energysole utilizes MEGAComfort’s patented 100 percent, dual-layer memory foam technology, which has positioned MEGAComfort as the leading provider of personal anti-fatigue insoles. The insoles are clinically designed to reduce pain and fatigue, while providing maximum shock absorption and comfort.

    In addition to leisure or sport activity use, Energysole was developed as a wearable for the workplace. Workers who walk or stand for long periods of time during their workday, without proper foot support and shock absorption, are susceptible to pain and harmful musculoskeletal disorders that can have lasting effects on the body. With a holistic vision of wellness in the workplace, MEGAComfort’s mission and product line is founded on the knowledge that individual wellness encompasses every aspect of our daily lives including work, personal life and fitness. Energysole is the key to unlocking potential for both consumers and companies looking to promote and lead healthier lives.

    “As a practicing Podiatrist with more than 20 years in the field, I know that feet are the foundation of the body, carrying the burden of weight while supporting the knees, back and hips. If feet are not properly cared for, the result is damage to the body that escalates over time,” said Dr. Kevan Orvitz, founder and CEO of MEGAComfort. “When employees are suffering, they aren’t the only ones who are impacted – it affects their employers and families, too. They become less energetic and productive, morale decreases and pain may also lead to lost time injuries. What’s great about Energysole is that it provides the necessary foot support, shock absorption and data to prevent fatigue and injury. It also reduces risk of slips and falls, making the workplace safer and lowering expenses related to workers’ compensation claims.”

    Clubs, teams, friends or family can motivate each other by sharing their activity results and making performance comparisons through Energysole’s app, and companies through a secure corporate web portal. It provides the perfect opportunity for employers to set performance targets and incorporate health and wellness initiatives and reward programs, which improves employee wellness while boosting employee morale and the company image.

    Another technology-driven initiative to increase health, wellness and employee productivity MEGAComfort is showcasing at CES is the MEGASteps Footwear and Insole Advisor. Installed at any facility, the Advisor scans an employee’s feet and recommends the correct insole and footwear based on size, foot type and workplace.

    Energysole will be available for purchase through select online consumer and industrial retailers beginning Q2 2018. For more information on Energysole or MEGASteps Footwear and Insole Advisor, stop by booth #45140 at CES on January 9-12, 2018, in Las Vegas, or visit http://energysole.com/.

    About MEGAComfort
    MEGAComfort is an innovative work-life wellness solutions company. They provide clinically proven and field-tested footwear accessories including patented ergonomic anti-fatigue insoles and orthotics to proactively combat pain and fatigue, while concurrently increasing wearer comfort and productivity. For more information on MEGAComfort, visit http://www.megacomfort.com.
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