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Moving to Winnipeg in july 2011 and looking for a podiatry position

Discussion in 'Employment in Canada' started by Caroline.w, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Caroline.w

    Caroline.w Welcome New Poster

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    My name is Caroline and I am in my final year at Huddersfield University in England. I have applied for my work permit to enable me to work in Canada and am hoping to have that very soon. I also have my application form for my Manitoba registration filled out and ready to post when I qualify in June. I will be moving to Winnipeg in July/August 2011 and will be available to work straight away.

    I am very hard working, trustworthy and work well with people.

    I will be willing to travel out to Winnipeg during my Easter break as I will be in Toronto visiting family at that time. I will be happy to send you my CV/resume don't hesitate to ask.

    Thank you for looking at my post.
  2. footspecialist

    footspecialist Welcome New Poster

    Hi Caroline, have you found a position yet in Winnipeg?
  3. bonniepenguin

    bonniepenguin Welcome New Poster

    Does it mean UK registered Podiatrist can also work in Canada?

    I am UK registered Podiatrist. As I am also interested to work as Podiatrist in Canada, should I do another registeration there?
    What qualification and entry requirment needed if working as Canada Podiatrist?
  4. simonf

    simonf Active Member

    There are a few threads about UK pods in Canada, but basically if you have a UK degree or equivalent, you should be able to work as a Podiatrist in Manitoba and Saskatchewan and Ontario (as a Chiropodist). these provinces each have their own regulatory body. You could contact the regulatory body for the province you wish to obtain current entry requirements, your credentials will be assessed, you may need to sit an entrance exam
  5. bonniepenguin

    bonniepenguin Welcome New Poster


    does the medicak law in Canada similar as USA?
  6. simonf

    simonf Active Member


    With the greatest of respect, I'm not quite sure what you are driving at, Buddy.

    As you may or perhaps don't know, regulation of podiatrists and many other areas of professional work in Canada is undertaken by each province, not as a country as a whole. Because of this there is some variation from province to province as to the credentialing process.

    So if someone wishes to find out whether or not they can practice in a given jurisdiction, the best method may be to ask the organisation looking after that particular area.

    Not sure where the negativity is in that, its just fact....:drinks
  7. Caroline.w

    Caroline.w Welcome New Poster


    I actually moved to Toronto and have a job working as a chiropodist for a Family health team.

    Thanks everybody

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