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MSK Podiatrist - training post

Discussion in 'Employment in the United Kingdom' started by Benn Boshell89, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. Benn Boshell89

    Benn Boshell89 Welcome New Poster

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    MSK Podiatrist - training post

    Clinic: Hatt Health & Movement Clinic

    Location: Devizes, Marlborough & Frome

    Salary: £23,000 - £31,000 (FTE) plus external training budget

    Hours: Full time


    Do you love working with people and want to work in a dynamic, fun and forward thinking company?
    Following another strong year of growth we are looking for a positive and passionate Podiatrist to join our existing clinical team. We are excited to find a like minded team member that can help develop our current and extensive Podiatry service further and someone that we can invest in by offering excellent training and support and an exciting career pathway in return for your commitment, enthusiasm and skill set.
    Our biggest passion as a company is to inspire and motivate people to prioritise their body's health, helping them to keep active and moving throughout their lives so if you can feel passionate about this too, come and join us!

    About the role

    You will be an integral part of the team, offering the very highest level of service to our patients. You will enjoy a varied and challenging role that will be based over our 3 clinic sites. Your caseload will initially involve general podiatry care with a progressive training programme in bio-mechanics/MSK and gradual transition to a full time MSK podiatry caseload.
    About you – we are looking for someone who:-
    · HCPC registered Podiatrist
    · Is committed to developing their career and continue their learning
    · Has a keen interest in biomechanics
    · Is a strong team player with a positive and enthusiastic nature
    · Is passionate about providing an holistic approach to patient care
    · Is prepared to commit to a company which has a strong passion to deliver service excellence in healthcare
    · Has a sense of humour and a fun outlook and keen to make the most of our very
    active social calendar
    · Is open, coachable and driven

    The benefits
    · Excellent training and development programme in house including general and MSK podiatry
    · Generous external training budget
    · Unlimited career progression opportunities and a structured career pathway
    · Investment in you and your specific development
    · Being part of a company with a strong purpose and set of core values
    · Friendly fun and professional team
    · Modern and professional work space
    · Full access to the company gym
    · Generous discounts on all products and services
    · Active social calendar including skiing, weekends in wales and family summer BBQ
    · Excellent remuneration
    · Pension
    · Generous holiday entitlement

    How to apply

    Please send your CV, covering letter and an optional 3 minute video detailing why this is the perfect role for you. The deadline for applications is 14th August.

    We very much look forward to your application.

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