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New Members interest in Biomechancis - where to start

Discussion in 'Biomechanics, Sports and Foot orthoses' started by mike weber, Jul 6, 2011.

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    Kevin posed this question -
    We have a Rate this thread button as Simon stated , but maybe a little help from the old hands might help - Maybe Craig can make this a sticky ?

    So July 2011 - believe it or not I´m 2 years old poster so newish - Where did I start.

    Thought experiments

    Posters to read - now the problem is that these people have many posts - but you will learn.

    If you scroll down there is a button with Find all Posts or find all thread started by ...

    Simon Spooner - profile

    Kevin Kirby - profile

    Craig Payne - Profile

    Eric Fuller- profile

    There are others - but without offending anyone ( maybe others will add posters they recommend ) I believe these 4 are the Top Biomechancis posters who I read and sometimes read again to further understand what they have written.

    Best threads - is a difficult one for me as my thought process has changed and does change daily.

    Threads marked with STJ axis

    Midtarsal joint threads

    plus this great thread - Midfoot position, ROM and stiffness

    Windlass mechanism threads

    Threads market with Stiffness

    There is a start and lots of reading, but what would I recommend the most is getting involved in a discussion or starting a thread - if you unsure then say so in your 1st post people will help.

    Good luck hope it helps maybe other old heads will add to your reading list - important posts or threads, other posters to follow etc
  2. Thanks, Mike. I think this is a fair start regarding biomechanics. Maybe we could have someone else suggest reading for other subjects, as Blinda suggested.:drinks
  3. Griff

    Griff Moderator

  4. Thank you, Mike. Caveat: I write a lot here, some of what I write is brilliant, genius moments even (IMO); a lot of what I write is crap when I'm bored, a lot of this crap is about the music I like, my taste in music might not be the same as yours; boy bands I ain't. Yet, every now and again... I'll learn ya.

    My advice? Catch the pearls that fall from Kevin's lips. I'm where I am today because of his support and wisdom. My Mrs noted how the first person I looked to after my second lecture at Biomechanics Summer School was Kevin The nod of approval followed later by the quiet word regarding the things to improve on means the world to me, I wouldn't expect anything less from this brilliant man whom I have been so fortunate to be mentored by. When you think you know, challenge him.... you'll find that it's the best way to find out how well you "know". These days I enjoy the arguments I think I can actually win with him, sometimes I actually leave the debate thinking I have. Sometimes... ;-)
  5. Simon:

    Thanks for these kind words. You are one of the stars that shine brighter every year for the future of podiatric biomechanics. Seeing you lecture at Biomechanics Summer School was one of the great pleasures I had at the conference. You are an extremely talented lecturer and I believe you, along with a few others, will be instrumental in leading us all into a better future for the profession.:drinks
  6. Yeah, well... I have a good teacher.... There is a good reason he is the MVP> To anyone that wants to know: read, think, question, test/ employ clinically... read, think, question, test/ employ...ad infinitum. Kevin and I have played this game together for well over ten years now.

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