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Part Time Position - Western Sydney.

Discussion in 'Employment in Australia' started by DKirkup, May 18, 2017.

  1. DKirkup

    DKirkup Welcome New Poster

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    Podiatrist needed, Western Sydney Podiatry – Penrith NSW
    ● Fantastic location
    ● Professional development opportunities
    ● Great team

    Whether you are looking for a change of lifestyle, a new adventure, this is a fantastic opportunity to advance your career, be generously rewarded, and make a real difference in primary health care! Western Sydney Podiatry is currently looking for a passionate and dedicated Podiatrist to join their growing and dynamic team, 1- 3 days a week, Monday, Thursday and/or Friday start date July 2017.

    This role will essentially involve assessment, treatment and interventions to obtain optimal health outcomes. Our environment is extremely fast paced, and we are continually taking on new ventures, to ensure we provide the best possible care for our patients. The position offers a varied caseload with a strong base of Sports and Occupational injuries, balanced with a mix of paediatrics, nail surgery, general and diabetic foot care. If you are looking for a position to utilise your skills in Biomechanics or High Risk Foot or are interested in further developing your skills in these areas this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

    The Role:
    ● Assessing & diagnosis of existing conditions
    ● Diabetic assessment and review
    ● Developing and implementing care plans
    ● Chronic disease and wound care management
    ● General foot care and nail surgery
    ● Biomechanical assessments and supply of Orthotics
    ● Falls prevention analysis
    ● Providing education sessions
    ● NO nursing home or home visit work

    The successful candidate will have:
    ● Bachelor of Podiatry
    ● New or recent graduate Podiatrists encouraged to apply
    ● Full Australian Podiatrist Registration with AHPRA
    ● Current Australian Federal Police Clearance
    ● Sound clinical skills and knowledge
    ● Ability to work autonomously
    ● Good documentation skills
    ● Excellent communications, time management
    ● Be confident in dealing with people
    ● Have a positive attitude and sense of humour
    ● Be able to work in a fast paced environment

    ● Mentoring from experienced Podiatrists
    ● Generous annual professional development allowance
    ● Full reception support
    ● Excellent employee working conditions
    ● Continuing professional education and training

    Please contact us on (02) 4722 3003 during office hours
  2. EllaP

    EllaP Member

    Just wondering if this position has been filled yet. I am currently in the UK and coming over to Australia on 3rd September on a permanent residency visa. I have over 3 years experience in the private sector and the NHS. If you are interested in more information i can email you over my resume.
  3. AKIRA

    AKIRA Member


    Is there an email address?

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