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ponseti clubfoot conference 2012

Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by Greg Fyfe, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. Greg Fyfe

    Greg Fyfe Active Member

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    Australasian Conference to be held in Auckland

    Link to site


    REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW OPEN www.ponseti2012.com

    To attend the 4th Australasian Ponseti Club Foot Meeting.
    We are excited to announce the 2012 meeting will concentrate on the mid term to long term results of club foot management in Australasia and how to deal with recurrences. Having Associate Professor Matt Dobbs from St Louis University in United States will also allow us to have practical sessions on casting for congenital vertical talus which he has developed over the last ten years since he trained at the University of Iowa.

    The aim of the conference will be to stratify attendees in to three groups depending on their level of experience.

    There will be breakout sessions to allow the goals of every attendee to be achieved. Attendees just starting with the Ponseti Technique will have ample time in casting sessions to fully understand and perfect the skill before they leave.

    Other attendees will be able to develop their skills further and work one on one with instructors to make sure their technique is perfect. Attendees who have performed this technique for a number of years will be able to concentrate more on recognising and dealing with recurrences and being involved in round table discussions with other clinicians discussing different tips and techniques in the clinics throughout Australasia.

    The layout of the clinical education centre at Auckland Hospital is such that we have one central lecture hall where, as a group we can come together for instructional course lectures and then break into one of the five surrounding sessions catered to individualise the needs of each attendee.

    There are some important things to note, when registering for the conference, it is extremely important you advise your skill level, this allows us to allocate you to the appropriate group. As groups are pre-allocated, please ensure you list your hospital of origin so we can class you with your colleagues. The education program on Saturday afternoon will conclude at 3.00pm with afternoon tea. There will be an option to extend, should any delegates wish to have a final tutorial, or rather a masterclass with any of the speakers, you can nominate for this on the day.

    Socially, we have not forgotten to bring the best of what New Zealand has to offer. Friday night is a casual post conference stroll across to the Langham Hotel for a quick drink and catch up, delegates are then welcome to head to one of the many Auckland restaurants. Saturday night, we invite all attendees to register for the conference dinner. This has been sponsored in order to include as many attendees as possible, therefore please select the ticket on registration. Dinner is at ‘Number 5 Restaurant’ and will be a3 course meal with wines.

    Numbers are limited for the meeting, therefore, we encourage you to book early to avoid disappointment. Registrations will be taken in order of payment and receipt.

    We look forward to welcoming you there
    The 2012 Committee
    Haemish Crawford, Melanie Gilchrist, Katie White & Ruth Baxter

    Last edited: Sep 19, 2011

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