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Resurecting a very old thread!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Simon Ross, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. Simon Ross

    Simon Ross Active Member

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    September 2004 by Mark Russell, who I do have a lot of time for as he has got guts!

    Jacqui and Tony,

    Your sentiments are understandable; the HPC has allowed parity without
    ensuring competency and at the same time the independent ‘schools’ are
    preparing to change the terminology of their correspondence courses so
    their ‘graduates will use the terms, Foot Care Practitioners, Podologists,
    Podiatric Specialists, Chiropodial Practitioners ….ad nauseum. What could
    have been an opportunity to close the profession has degenerated into a
    farce; diluting the professional base whilst leaving the back door wide
    open to all.

    You are quite right to be ****** off; just think how some of this year’s
    graduates feel after completing 3-4 years study and incurring all the debt
    along the way, only to find they needn’t have bothered. I am given to
    understand that there is a twenty-one year-old beautician who has been
    accepted onto the register by dint of having a portion of her income
    derived from offering pedicures over the last three years. That’s got to be
    the way to go in future – even Mike Batt’s crowd couldn’t compete with that
    route for cost effectiveness!

    What is more surprising is that the Premier Professional Body AKA the SCP
    are also welcoming the unregistered with open arms. Even though their
    Articles of Association specify that applicants from routes other than
    accredited courses must first sit an exam set/approved by Council, non-
    registered have been joining the Society in droves (well one or two anyway)
    and been offered full membership with no differentiation between themselves
    and existing members. In essence the SCP are endorsing the HPC’s mess! Now
    if that’s raised the BP a little sit down, take some deep breaths and
    prepare for this one…….

    Not only are the SCP holding the doors wide open….so are some podiatry
    managers in the National Health. I have it on good authority that two
    members of SCP’s council (who, strangely enough, happen to be NHS podiatry
    managers) are openly advocating employment of the non-registered alongside
    the degree/diploma practitioner. Makes you wonder why you spent the last 20
    years telling patients to ensure ‘their chiropodist was state registered’
    doesn’t it? Getting angry now? Face flushed with rage? Well then, just stop
    for a moment and consider our colleagues in orthopaedics who this week
    declared ‘open warfare’ on podiatry because of the territorial encroachment
    by podiatric surgeons who undertake distance learning and weekend courses
    and qualify as ‘consultant surgeons’ in a fraction of the time that it
    takes through the medical route. How could we possibly criticise the HPC
    when we would be seen to be taking a duplicitous stance vis-à-vis our own
    [sic] activities? Consider also that the Council of the SCP is made up
    predominately with Podiatric Surgeons and NHS managers and you might just,
    through that boiling rage, begin to understand why we are in the mess we

    Jacqui – if you ever have a patient who said he was guidance and careers
    master at Beath High School during the years 1973-1979 – stick an E11 in as
    far as it goes please.

    Yours despondently

    Mark Russell

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