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Rothbarts therapy cost

Discussion in 'Biomechanics, Sports and Foot orthoses' started by Robertisaacs, Feb 14, 2012.


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    Had a look at Our friend Brians website today, for reasons I shan't go into.

    I knew he did "distance consultations" where he looks carefully at photos of you standing still and sends you the insoles.

    What i didn't realise was how much this service cost. *

    Are you ready for this?




    I've been wanting to use this gif for ages.


    Makes P&B look like the cut price budget version! And at least they actually SAW you, rather than picking a PCI off a shelf and humming and hawing over which of the 3 wedges to stick to it.

    Just thought I'd share.

    * Plus however mush to sort out the SHL arising from the saggital plane blockade of course ;)
  2. It was a close tun thing between the OMG cat and the overly dramatic chipmunk BTW.

  3. Admin2

    Admin2 Administrator Staff Member

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  4. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    This reminds me of the case of a chiropractor in the USA who took photos of his patients backs and then would psychically manipulate them via the photo in their absence and bill it to the insurance company ... he ended up in jail for fraud.
  5. Obviously not fully trained in the Jedi arts. What's more frightening is that people were happy to part with their money for such a service :morning:
  6. David Wedemeyer

    David Wedemeyer Well-Known Member

    Seriously Craig (insert pic of face in hands hiding shame here)?

    There's a guy across the street who has in the past treated people by manipulating a teddy bear in his lap while they're on the phone. :eek: I'm with Simon on this, God help the person buying into these practices!
  7. SarahR

    SarahR Active Member

    Omg I have a Rothbarts foot! Fortunately it is responding nicely to SALRE based orthotics I had made by my lab, so I won't have to spend $20k euros on his therapy.

    I would however like to send him my patient who was "crippled" by her Dr. scholls custom fit orthotic insoles, she got them after trying powersteps for 5 days. Have a crack at her, Dr./;-). Everyone else in town has also failed miserably on her therapy. Maybe he can even fix her sore toenails over the interweb.
  8. HansMassage

    HansMassage Active Member

    Obviously more profitable in euros than it was here in $. Learned to think more about feet and posture from his influence. Parted ways with the interference of ego, profiteering, divorce and unscrupulous associates. Still use the handy measuring tool though.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2012
  9. BEN-HUR

    BEN-HUR Well-Known Member

    Wow, I just can't believe it - seriously... that is: 20,000.00 EUR = 24,389.33 AUD !!

    How can that price be justified - I'll admit I'm not aware of his personal assessment procedures, but still.

    I was looking into PCI's a while ago because an osteopath working in the same building I was decided to dispense them. Hence I did some investigation & about 4 years ago (where amongst other things) there was a web site that stated a 5min. assessment was all that was needed to get your own PCI's over the net. Later the osteopath's colleague invited me to do a PCI training course... for a few hundred dollars. I declined, an email exchange ensued... where I was eventually given a pair of PCI's... a rubber insole with either a 3.5, 6 or 9mm 1st ray bar (wedge) raise (extended distally to edge of insole) - in my case a 3.5mm bar raise.

    They don't even have to stick it on Rob; it comes in either 3.5, 6 or 9mm (1st ray bar) varieties. And people question the cost of FFO's :confused:


    :D The thought of being manipulated voodoo style via a teddy bear does make me laugh :D :D I can just picture it - guy at the phone prodding, probing & twisting his teddy :D. It's virtually a Monty Python sketch in itself.
  10. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    I've only just seen this thread. This is unbelievable.

    'Therapy' being a rather grandiose term for the PCI's which we all know very well cost next to nothing to produce.

    And for this he charges up to 20,000 Euros??? (£16,500 / US$26,000)

    I would propose we play a little 'secret shopper', but this greedy so and so charges 100 Euros (£83 / US$130 / AUS$122) just for the phone consult!

    Clearly unethical, and terrifying that this is allowed to happen.
  11. I really, Really hope you're joking!!!!

    It would appear that the concept of "rothbarts foot" and PCIs in general are creeping back into the public conciousness. Alarming...
  12. Not really one for a title

    but are you not normally Dr or Professor not both at the same time ?
  13. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    Hi Mike

    Depends where in the world you are. In the UK, 'doctor' is the highest level of academic qualification which can be awarded by a university. To have the title 'professor' indicates that you 'hold a seat' in a given subject at a university. In other words, you are the top dog. Naturally, you don't lose the title once you leave, so if you were to have the title for eg. 'Professor of Obstetrics at the University of Birmingham Medical School' then you most certainly would not use 'Dr'. However, I understand that elsewhere in Europe, and possibly other parts of the world, 'professor' can simply mean 'teacher'.

    As has been discussed elsewhere in these pages, many'Doctors' of medicine in the UK hold degrees in medicine and surgery but not doctorates (although some do). Thus they have the courtesy title 'Dr' whilst surgeons revert to the old title 'Mr'. I have a teaching qualification and am a Podiatric Surgeon. Does that mean I could be a courtesy Dr/Professor/Mr? Will it get me 'bumped up' to first class on flights? Will it allow me to charge 20k euro for a pair of orthoses? Will my professional body ethical committee be interested? Will the hospitals where I enjoy privileges accept this?

    These things are imponderables, but one thing I do know. I have never knowingly 'ripped anybody off' and I can look myself in the eye in the mirror every morning, as, I suspect, is the case with the vast majority of practitioners on these pages.


  14. David Wedemeyer

    David Wedemeyer Well-Known Member

    In all fairness he uses an impact adjusting instrument so no teddy bears are harmed Matthew. God forbid he should have to break a sweat working the phone lines;)
  15. TedJed

    TedJed Active Member

    Ok, now I'm offended Simon.
    I can categorically declare that Rothbart has NOT received a Jedi certificate from me! Must be some other type of artistry...?

    Tedi Jedi
  16. davidh

    davidh Podiatry Arena Veteran

    Isn't that a lemur:confused::D.

  17. Quite right.

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