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Have you considered the Clinical Biomechanics Boot Camp Online, for taking it to the next level? See here for more.
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Singapore - Clinical Biomechanics Bootcamp; 1 & 2 August 2010

Discussion in 'Conferences' started by Craig Payne, May 4, 2010.

  1. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    Attached is the flyer for this one.

    For the undecided here is some of the feedback posted in other threads:

    "Seriously, I had so many "but of course!" moments whilst attending the boot camp, I too would be "surprised if you don't learn anything new that can't be applied clinically." This is, of course, due to Craigs willingness to openly question his own, and others, past and current ideas. The general consensus was that the excitement of developing new thoughts and applying them in practice is quite contagious!" Belinda

    "I had high expectations from the man himself and he certainly did not dissappoint! A very enjoyable and informative two days!" Robert

    "Great 2 days thanks Craig for giving me SUCH a headache" Derek

    "a great 2 days, in which you leave knowing less than when you arrived. . . but in a good way" Ian

    "...and worth every minute. I have just been editing the Sydney event for PORTAL and Craig I think I am learning more from watching it over and over...it never gets old. I can honestly say BootCamp is simply one of those events where I walk away everytime and use it in clinic the next day! The more I watch, the more I learn and apply....should be compulsory viewing for any health professional working with the lower extremity." Paul

    "Not only did I reaffirm previous knowledge and learn some new things but I also developed greater pride in Podiatry as a profession" Danii

    "Many Thanks Craig Fantastic Seminar...how do you remember all that stuff...right now where did I put that flow chart" Anon

    "certainly a thought provoking two days" Nikki

    " the content of Craigs presentations was amazing and thought provoking and I now have a new enthusiasm for bmx" Wendy

    One of the things which was so refreshing and original about this course is Craig's attitude to the science. Here is a Podiatrist who in spite of his obviously VAST knowledge (and experiance) is very clearly still challenging his own thinking and developing his own ideas. Somebody who is quite comfortable to say "I used to think that, I don't any more!" Robert

    "I must say, I have been to several Boot Camps as a registrant, I was there when this was filmed and I was there when it was edited - I would say next to Craig I have seen more of Boot Camp than anyone else....and it never gets old.
    No matter how many times I go or watch it I learn something every single time.
    I can't say this about many educational events around the world!
    Congrats Craig..... " Paul

    "This was the first lecture of biomechancis that I ENJOYED!!!! Some of the stuff I must admit flew over my head but the rest was fairly easy to grasp!!
    It must be noted that most it made a lot more sense and I finally understand WHY and HOW important it is to get an orthotic device right and I know which BUTTONS to push or PALPATE!!!!
    Really sad that not all the students could be there, this is a lesson well missed!!
    My mind has most cerntainly changed concerning biomechanics, from being scared to I CAN TEST IT AND ITS FUN!!!!!" Erin

    "The South African Podiatry Association has just enjoyed one of Craig Payne's Biomechanics Boot Camps! Formin the major part of ou Biennial Congress, we had2 days of mind-bending information and interaction. Including that ever elusive component of much of what we do - EVIDENCE.
    As an older practitioner, I found it really challenging, but to my surprise, this morning, I was down on my knees checking Supination Resistance; STJ transverse position; testing the Windlass mechanism; calculating the Foot Posture Index etc. etc. driving my new biomechanics GTi.
    But you know what? It works! I think Craig has possibly found a treatment for the intellectual constipation that we often suffer from in private practice.
    To be able to look with a different thought paradigm is really stimulating. I understand that the students are a bit phased, but then that should be what the modern student experiences occasionally.
    There is no doubt that whatever your level of podiatric biomechanical expertise the Boot Camp is a must do." Andrew

    "I thoroughly enjoyed it- it's great to go back to basics, do some revision and incorporate some of the more recent theories into practice!" Brad

    “My head was practically exploding ("in a good way!") on the drive home” Via email

    "Life changing" (I forgot who said that to me!)

    "... many thanks for an excellent weekend – but not for the few restless nights when I could do nothing other than dream of bloody feet, knees, turning moment diagrams etc etc!! DL, via email

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  3. zhangyu

    zhangyu Welcome New Poster

    Dear Sir
    I just purchase your course on the internet, but I cannot find the entrance. I will appreciate your kindness sincerely.

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