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Spilanthes (Paracress) & Nail Infections

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by Wizard, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. Wizard

    Wizard Welcome New Poster

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    Afternoon All!
    Just wondered, has anyone had any experience of using the homeopathic remedy - Spilanthes - to cure/control fungal nail infections? Many thanks for your replies. Ian :)
  2. DrPod

    DrPod Active Member

    A quick Google search turns up comments in it anti-fungal action. eg

    But, I have no idea why anyone would actually want to use it in the face of their being absolutly no evidence for its use or on its efficacy. In contrast, there is plenty of good data on the use of other drugs for its management. Why would you want to offer a patient a potentially less efficacious treatemnt? Thats unethical.
  3. Mel

    Mel Welcome New Poster

    Dear Wizard,

    Homeopathy is based on the idea of diluting a botanical or mineral substance to the point that none of the original substance is left in the solution. Homeopathy is based on the idea that water molecules have the ability to remember the particular substance that they had been diluted with. This has never been proven chemically, that molecules have a memory. Homeopathy has never been proved clinically.
  4. C Bain

    C Bain Active Member

    Homeopathy - Treatments true or false?

    Hi All,

    I would just love to be able to say that homeopathy is,

    1. Soundly based on scientific experimentation?

    2. Continuous results occurring through treatment where expressed consent has been given by a believer/non-believer and placebo taken into account works?

    3. Statistical results experimental and/or persistent healing of problems have/are taking place as Mel has just stated in his Post above! This is reference the inferred process of healing,

    1). Has a molecule of water in particular any ability to record something?

    2). If the molecule of water has recorded something, has it remembered it?

    3). If one and two above are in existence, is it able to apply it? Or can it be applied?

    It sounds like the Homeopath is considering the water molecule is for example similar or like a gene, (Is this possible?)?

    Should we not be waiting rather than using these treatments as Dr. Pod. implies in his Post above?



    PS. Is there by chance a Homeopath or Homeopathic Podiatrist able to explain or rebut some of my questions or doubts above. I would really like to be ,

    1. Shown?

    2. Convinced by?

    3. Helped to understand?

    the deeper beliefs or experimental outcomes of homeopathic treatments by one who knows preferably from the inside of the profession, (Any of these professions using Homeopathy)?

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