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Subluxation: The curse of Chiropractic

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by admin, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

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    This is an interesting insight into this issue affecting the chiropractic profession from the latest Dynamic Chiropractic:

    Subluxation Issues: The "Curse of Chiropractic" According to R.W. Stephenson
    Full article
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2006
  2. Admin2

    Admin2 Administrator Staff Member

  3. kevin miller

    kevin miller Active Member


    As a Chiropractic researcher, I am glad that you have brought these idiots to everyone’s attention. You are absolutely right...there is no currently published material that supports chiro. Oh, they will point to numerous articles that "support" them, but they have no reference, save BJ and DD palmer, whose work has more holes than Swiss cheese. Are you aware that when the AMA was formed, none of the medical professions were very well supported? Out of medicine, dentistry, anything....they were the only ones who refused to join. They would have been forced to do research and their claims...that kept them out of jail, by the way, would have been proven wrong. I have not submitted my work for review yet, but I will be an outcast in the profession by about 1/3 and a hero to the rest. I can show that chiro has some very positive uses and is a valuable profession, but not because of what BJ taught. I will also poke holes in many of the "techniques" taught by chiro. The dirty secret is a student just graduating will be lucky to make 40 grand/yr, working for an older physician until he/she learns enough to take care of a patient - if he/she lucks up and doesn't hook up with a quack. Those guys making LOTS of money are the ones teaching the techniques. Just like BJ before them, a little snake oil sells when a fellow has to make a living for his family. The research to support and disprove parts of chiro is already out there, done by "pure" scientist if any of them bothered to look. They would rather do "research" using forms lie the psychologists. "Do you have a happy face or a sad face by the way you felt before adjustment. What kind of face do you have after adjustment - happy or sad?" And then publish their results as real science. It is shameful, but there are those of us who are working hard to give chiro some dignity.

    One last thing to let you know what kind of folks you are dealing with..... There is a very good program that has about 20 modules. It is a neurological certificate, and when complete, the chiro is much better than the average MD in neurology...maybe not as good as a neurologist. Anyway, I personally was told by Rondenberg that "anyone (teacher) taking that course should be fired and run off the campus." They don't care about the truth, just more legal power - just read his magazine. You will find it with more of a slant that TV news.

    Any chiro out there who wants to challenge me on this, bring it on. If you believe that crap, you will be pitifully easy to beat in debate, and you are out of your league with the people on this site. They will take you apart and laugh at where the pieces fall.
  4. NewsBot

    NewsBot The Admin that posts the news.

    The latest Dynamic Chiropractic has a follow up to the above article:
    A Cure for the Curse of Chiropractic
    Full article

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