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The complete MASS theory?

Discussion in 'Biomechanics, Sports and Foot orthoses' started by Simon Spooner, Dec 14, 2010.


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    All, While I understand the concepts of MASS in relation to casting technique and orthosis fabrication and can see it's fundamental flaws, it seems unclear (to me at least) how any of this relates to the aetiology of foot and lower limb pathologies. How is pathology supposed to arise within the MASS paradigm? That is, how does MASS theory explain the aetiology of specific foot disorders? Starter for 10, chronic lateral ankle instability and peroneal tendonitis?
  2. That's an easy one, Simon. The answer is that MASS isn't a theory at all. MASS is simply a supinated casting position that 1) an orthotic lab owner created for marketing purposes, 2) that this lab owner would like to see being elevated to the level of theory to help him make more money at his orthotic lab , but 3) has little chance of ever being a theory since creating a supinated foam box casting method doesn't explain any biomechanical observations on the human foot and lower extremity.
  3. EdGlaser

    EdGlaser Active Member

    The diagnoses are discussed in my videos from the Barry University Podiatry College on Sole Supports TV on youtube.


    Not sure which section the diagnoses begin and end but it is in there.


    PS: Kevin.....grow up. These continuous personal attacks just make you look bad. You must really think you are God and know my motivation better than me. "to help him make more money at his orthotic lab". Who are you?....Oh, I forgot...God.

    I love when you lie about things you know nothing of, Allow me to repeat my motivation:

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  4. Timm

    Timm Active Member

    Where do you get your information from? All these claims you make about "over-pronation" causing these conditions is simply not true. Craig in his recent Bootcamps reviewed the research which shows that foot pronation at best is only weakly related to injuries, if at all.

    Most relevant to the discussion here, the link for the video you posted makes no mention of peroneal tendinitis or chronic lateral ankle instability. This has been asked of you numerous times but can you please explain these conditions using MASS theory. I would appreciate if you didn't again dodge this question by posting a link to one of your videos. Just pretend Dr Kirby isn't watching this if that helps.

    On a side note, STJ axis location and rotational equilibrium can help explain peroneal tendinitis and chronic lateral ankle instability nicely but let's not get into that debate again.

    I look forward to your response Dr Glaser re how MASS theory explains specific pathology.
  5. If pronation is the cause of all evil then a mega supinator is a great idea for everyone!

    Would that it were so simple.
  6. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    Wasn't he one of the Transformers??
  7. Indeed. Decepticon I believe. ;) Along with Optimus Posture.
  8. Has anyone looked at the tags for this thread?

    Seems like all of these tags coexist together in any thread that Ed participates in.:rolleyes:
  9. Graham

    Graham RIP

    seems like the beginning of a MASS extinction! Perhaps!
  10. EdGlaser

    EdGlaser Active Member

    Congratulations, You have finally figured out what makes a biomechanical theory correct; it is the tags that You or Simon type in.

    Thank you for that. NOW we know how to evaluate a theory.

    You are so wise.

  11. Sorry to burst your bubble, Ed. I have never added a tag to a thread here on Podiatry Arena. It must have been one of your other many fans here on Podiatry Arena.:rolleyes:
  12. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    the tags have been edited.

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