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Working in Canada; Study in Australia

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Red7ca, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Red7ca

    Red7ca Welcome New Poster

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    Hi I am looking for information with regards to working in Canada after studying Podiatry in Australia. I am a Canadian Citizen living in Australia and thinking about attending school here for Podiatry. I am so confused with all the different postings and organizations. I am looking for information to decide if attending an international school at $11,000 a semester will end up being worth the time and money. I plan on returning to Canada and am from NWT. Any information on contacts would be appreciated. This would be a career change for me from Biomedical Equipment Tech. I want to move forward and think it is hard to do in the career I am in at the moment. That being said I don't want to attend school if I am just going to end up in the exact same position as I am in now...Hope that makes sense...lol again any suggestions would be appreciated. With this degree where else other then Canada and US am I restricted from working in?
  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator


    With an Australian, UK, New Zealand or South African university podiatry degree, you can only work in Ontario.

    See some of the threads here for more
    Working overseas
  3. Re: Working in Canada Study in Australia

    Woke early this morning not from canada and you indicate you have read other posts on the subject, So I went off to google and found the following web pages of Canadian Podiatry associations which you can look up and shoot off an email to get the info you require.




    Hope that Helps
  4. simonf

    simonf Active Member

    and probably manitoba, and maybe even sask' and nova scotia

    but you need to ask the question locally. A quick google reveals no pods in NWT currently so it is possible that there is no local regulation that determines what kind of education you need. You should check any legislation that may be in place
  5. Graham

    Graham RIP


    An Australian Podiatry would be recognised in All provinces and territories Other than Alberta and British Columbia. Having worked with Health Canada in the NWT there is definitely a need for a "foot Specialist" in that area. You would likely need to set up a private office. First Nations and Inuit Health does cover foot orthoses and in some cases basic footcare for those with diabetes.

    Taking the US DPM will give you more options. I would not recommend taking the Ontario Chiropody Program at present. It currently does not have a recognised accreditation from a proven Podiatry accreditation body and is developing in relative isolation from Podiatry throughout the world.

    There is a DPM program run in Quebec in conjunction with the New York School of podiatry.

    Hope this helps

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