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are stanley screw boxes good domicillary bags

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by fishpod, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. fishpod

    fishpod Well-Known Member

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    just been to a local shop and in walks a lady white coat carrying a screw box with clear lid i can clearly see no 11 blades feet paraphinalia.she has come to do the owners feet. .
    Im not sure this creates a very professional image for her other colleagues would buying a suitable bag etc be beyond her means:bash: perhaps podiatry schools and othet foot fetling trainers recommend that their graduates should get mistaken for sparkies and plumbers.
  2. dazzalyn1

    dazzalyn1 Member

    Doesn't sound a bad idea to me Fishpod. See at a glance what's in there, easy to clean and probably a darn sight cheaper than a dom bag for those starting out. Would also leave more money to invest in items that might benefit the patient's treatment.
  3. karentg

    karentg Welcome New Poster

    I use a Mothercare baby box, lightweight easy clean with good storage
  4. Mike Plank

    Mike Plank Active Member

    I too have used Mothercare baby box in the past. Little tray area folds out when open. Took the baby stickers off first though!;) Still have it 20+ years later but not doing so many Doms now.
  5. fishpod

    fishpod Well-Known Member

    not really easy to clean about 20 fixed 2 by 2 inch compartments lots of corners. Definitely much cheaper based on that theory why not put it all in a used carrier bag ive seen that to . yes they could invest in sterilised instruments that might help the patients treatment.
  6. Ros the Pod

    Ros the Pod Active Member

    Do you mean a Stanley work station? That is the best thing ever. I have spent over £2000 on different bags over the years but the Stanley work station which costs £30 is the best "bag" I have ever invested in. Easy clean plastic, on wheels so easily transportable, handle folds down so fits easily in boot of car. What is there not to like? As it was originally meant for plumbers etc, very strong construction. Would definitely recommend. Would just mention my Stanley work station and a ruck holds the lot including foot stool.
  7. Mike Plank

    Mike Plank Active Member

    Just googled Stanley workstation and there appear to be several versions. The attached pictures give one version which I feel would make a great DOM workstation and would not be unprofessional IMHO. Just wipe out the trays with surface spray. Whats not to like?

    Attached Files:

  8. sandra.jones

    sandra.jones Member

    Ros, how difficult was it for you to get the sticker off the front? I've tried several different products, acetone, cillit bang etc with no luck. look forward to hearing how you did it. thanks
  9. Ros the Pod

    Ros the Pod Active Member

    Hi Sandra, had my Stanley work station for years so can't actually remember how I got the label off. However, I would suggest if it is a sticky label, use white spirit to get it off, if it is not sticky, I would suggest lightly sanding it off with sandpaper. If using white spirit, lie the case face up and let the white spirit soak into the label for a few minutes, then scrape it off. Hope this helps.

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