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Have you considered the Clinical Biomechanics Boot Camp Online, for taking it to the next level? See here for more.
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Advertising on Podiatry Arena
Podiatry Arena is the most visited podiatry site on the web

  • Podiatry Arena was launched in August 2004
  • It is the most active and respected global Podiatry forum on the web
  • 120 000 unique visitors a month (1.2 million hits a month)
  • Each visitor AVERAGES just over 6 minutes on the site, looking at just under 5 pages on that visitTrends in traffic have been upwards and marketing efforts continue to promote the site
  • Podiatry Arena is widely used by students, clinicians and academics
Where do you currently spend your advertising budget?
  • Print media: Are you just focusing on this one medium? Or should you spread it around?
  • Other websites: How many visitors does the site actually get?
  • Do not be fooled by claims of hits (which a not an actual measure of visitors)
  • Do they charge a fixed rate or can they charge per impression? (ie only when someone actually views your advertisement?)
  • Can they restrict your advertisement to your geographic area of interest and only charge for views in that area? (what a waste of money if they can not!)
Why Podiatry Arena
  • Delivers the visitors to see your message
The most visited Podiatry site*
Banners rotate (regular visitors do not become blind to the one advertisement)
Banners can be stand alone or link to a website
Geotargeting (you choose which country or countries that visitors are from will see your advertisement)
Highly respected and regarded online forum
* Based on a combination of data from Alex, Quantcast and Compete
Advertising Slots
On the right side of each page of Podiatry Arena (except the home page) are several slots for 120x240 banners.
Advertising banners randomly rotate through the four slots; how often a particular banners appears will depend on the number of banners in the inventory
Target the global market or country specific markets
Your advertisements will only be seen by those in the country you specify
What other Podiatry site can offer that?
Much more cost effective use of your online advertising spend.
$7 per 1000 impressions (views) for the slots on the right side column
Minimum order is 50 000 impressions ($350)
We can not predict with any accuracy how long it will take to display 50 000 impressions, as traffic to the site is steadily increasing over time. It is also dependent on the number of advertisements we have in the inventory to display
Currently its estimated that there will be a total of around 40 000 impressions a month to be shared among all advertisers.
Monthly reports will be provided for each order
Rates are in US dollars
To Order
Please use the PayPal Button here.

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