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Chris Lawrie - Co-owner of FIT360 & FITFOOT360 a new custom orthotic insole CADCAM product

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Chrislawrie00, Jun 29, 2017.


Does anyone need help replacing OrthoMODEL?

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  1. Chrislawrie00

    Chrislawrie00 Welcome New Poster

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    Dear All
    Firstly, hello again to those I worked with when I managed OrthoMODEL & OrthoMILL at Delcam and developed the iQube scanners. Unfortunately Autodesk decided to discontinue their Footwear division 16 months ago. I left Autodesk at the end of last year and started a company with Jason Hogan - the original author of OrthoMODEL back in 2008.
    We developed a new custom orthotic insole CAD product called FITFOOT360 which accepts all types of scan data and can export to STL or directly to OrthoMILL (*.ort).

    You can find videos of FITFOOT360 on You Tube

    My apologies for the apparent sales pitch, but as I am not allowed to know where all the stranded OrthoMODEL customers are, I thought this would be the best way to link up quickly.

    Many customers are experiencing issues or are concerned about the future of their manufacturing facilities and you have my word that this will be the only 'salesy' email from me on this forum.

    I hope this message finds all my friends and colleagues happy, busy and well.

    Chris Lawrie
    FIT360 Ltd
  2. footdoctor

    footdoctor Active Member

    Hi Chris. I am an orthomodel user and would be interested in a demo of your product. Can you P.M me please?


    Scott Shand
    Epione Orthotics (uk)

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