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Foot scan and shoe making in diabetic foot ulcers

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by mortezataghavi, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. mortezataghavi

    mortezataghavi Welcome New Poster

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    I want to know about making shoes for diabetics.we want to scan (mat-scanning) diabetic foots in our center, but there is no special shoe factory in our city.how I can use scan data ( about high pressure points in foot) for shoe making?
    thank you.
  2. mortezataghavi

    mortezataghavi Welcome New Poster

    data of foot scan for making shoes
  3. mortezataghavi

    mortezataghavi Welcome New Poster

    how I can make shoes for diabetic patients by using mat - scan data?
  4. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    If you are talking about plantar pressure data from the met scan, then its not possible to make shoe from it. That data only gives a map of plantar presures and not the 3-d shape of the foot (though the pressure data can be presented in 3-d, its not the shape of the foot).
  5. mortezataghavi

    mortezataghavi Welcome New Poster

    as you know mat scan shows high pressure areas of foot.CAN I MAKE SHOE DUE TO THESE DATA?for example by making the floor of shoes higher in sites of maximum pressure? by this way weight of body trasfers to lower pressure points.
    thank you
  6. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    No. The sites of maximum pressure do not necessarily have anything to do with the shape of the foot in those areas.
  7. Larein

    Larein Active Member

    Dear Sir
    I read your thread by chance and I thought to just remind you some details.As I know measurement of foot pressure distribution (FPD) is clinically useful because it can identify anatomical foot deformities, guide the diagnosis and treatment of gait disorders and falls, as well lead to strategies for preventing pressure ulcers in diabetes.It could be measured during walking on the treadmill at individual normal walking speed.During walking, the subject should be followed by the investigator for safety and timing purposes.Pressure values under the heel and midfoot are predominantly affected by weight bearing at the heel strike and midstance, whereas pressures in the anterior regions are determined to a greater extent by flexibility, muscle strength, and muscle recruitment .If you really plan to make shoes in your country why don`t you try the easiest way such as pressure plate or treadmill instead of matscan that cann`t be so useful?
    (as I see you posted your questions in 2006,I am really eager to know that you`ve done it or changed your idea?)
  8. Boots n all

    Boots n all Well-Known Member

    Where are you, which country? do you have local Pedorthists?

    l have been making shoes for about 30 years and never used this Data system to make a shoe but hey l do not know everything.

    l do make shoes for diabetics, with internal help from TCO's and modifications to soles to help off load areas, why are you not working with what you already have?
  9. Larein

    Larein Active Member

    I read your note.I did not want to do such a thing I just give some ideas to the beginner of this thread.I myself is not a manufacturer.Thank you for your response.
  10. Larein

    Larein Active Member

    Dear beginner of this thread
    I think it would be your kindness to tell us about having done your plans or not in making shoes.As you see there is a little challenge or maybe a misinterpretation of the ideas that I gave you. Hope to hear from you soon.
  11. zhangqianpatty

    zhangqianpatty Welcome New Poster


    I read your requirement and our company has a real measurement in-shoe pressure tool could be very useful for you to scan the lower limbs conditions, plantar pressure and activity check. If you are really interested in our product walkinsense, just email me and I can provide more information to you. (zhangqianpatty@gmail.com) Thank you.
  12. Prof

    Prof Welcome New Poster

    [Check4SPAM] RE: URL Attempt

    [URL Attempt] User received an error - No action required!

    Diabetic Patients
    Have you ever tried using a pesonalized LAST for your diabetic patient.
    Once your patient has his own pair of lasts you can take the last to a shoe manufacturer
    and advise them on materials to use and with your data.
    I also find it helpful and successful in further treatment of Diabetic Patients is to send them to an alternative therapy centre . bemerhealthcentre.co.uk


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