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Forefoot varus?

Discussion in 'Biomechanics, Sports and Foot orthoses' started by TheGJ, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. TheGJ

    TheGJ Welcome New Poster

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    I'm an osteo, still figuring out the feet in all their detail - and I have a foot problem!
    After reading Craig Payne's fascinating blog the difference between forefoot varus and forefoot supination, I'm both enlightened and confused!
    Starting to wonder if I can possibly be in the minority of forefoot varus (ie osseous not soft tissue) sufferers. Unlikely? I hope so.
    But I have left forfoot supination and stiffness that only started to bother me a couple of years ago when I edged towards more barefoot style footware in order to (oh, the irony) increase my foot flexibility. I now have foot (superior & inferior prox 1st met tenderness), knee and hip pain. I feel that I AM able to pronate but that this may be increasing hip internal rotation? My quads and gluts and tib A feel tight and fatigued on the left, with some delicious trigger points that I dry needle to ease the tension.
    I have not, for many years (prob longer but I was not body aware) been unable to fully Dflex my L ankle. No stretching of soleus etc makes a difference and it feels bony (anterior restriction).
    I'm thinking of wedging my forefoot medially with pronation exercises to see if that allows pronation w/o too much hip internal rotation.
    But I'm flailing really.
    So... Any ideas as to what I can do to try and get more clarity on the issue?
    Or... any good MSK podiatrists in Plymouth you can recommend?
    Thank you!
  2. Plymouth (England) = Simon Spooner

    Details via Google assume they are correct
  3. TheGJ

    TheGJ Welcome New Poster

    Thanks Mike!
    I'm booked.
    Great to have that recommendation as hadn't been able to discern who the specialists were from my web searches.
    Feeling less inclined to chop my left leg off now!
  4. You are very fortunate that you just happen to be in the neighborhood of one of the finest biomechanical minds in the UK, Dr. Simon Spooner. I'm certain Dr. Spooner can sort out your problem for you and will be able to teach you quite a bit about foot and lower extremity function if you are so interested.

    Good luck!:drinks
  5. drhunt1

    drhunt1 Well-Known Member

    Would love to read the final results of your visit(s) to Mr. Spooner.
  6. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    This is the post:
    The effect of forefoot varus on the hip and knee and the effect of the hip and knee on forefoot supinatus ?

    Other Podiatry Arena threads on forefoot varus:
  7. Petcu Daniel

    Petcu Daniel Active Member

    Strange !
    I know Dr. Spooner from 2881.8 km and you don't know him from neighborhood ?
  8. TheGJ

    TheGJ Welcome New Poster

    Indeed Daniel.
    Searching podiatrists doesn't necessarily guide me to him and it doesn't seem he has a website. As is often the case in this world, word of mouth works best, hence the request.
    Very pleased he is in the neighbourhood as I'd like someone to refer patients to as well.

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