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Looking for a full time enthusiastic Podiatrist on the Gold Coast

Discussion in 'Employment in Australia' started by Mattpodiatry, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. Mattpodiatry

    Mattpodiatry Welcome New Poster

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    Our clinic is looking for an enthusiastic Podiatrist to join our ever-growing team.
    Hip to Toe has been operating since 2011. We are well known for dealing with biomechanical issues of the foot and leg and people travel a great distance to see our structural podiatrist. We also provide exception routine podiatry care to our local community.
    The ideal candidate will be responsible for providing Routine Podiatry Care in terms of nails, calluses, corns, nail surgery, diabetic assessments and treatment.
    In addition to providing routine care the ideal candidate will have a keen interest in learning and new treatments for biomechanical problems of the foot and leg. Our senior podiatrist, Matt Maguire, will teach the principles and practices of MME (Mobilisation, Manipulation and Exercises). With this new skill set you will be able to treat a huge variety of biomechanical problems without relying on orthotics, painkillers or surgery. You will be able to work autonomously in the routine side of the clinic while learning this new skill set.
    Our clinic offers a great work-life balance in addition to a very competitive salary. We are looking for someone who is fun and friendly, who enjoys helping people and having a laugh, but is able to put their head down and get on with the work when it is busy.

    The successful candidate will:
    • Be competent and confident in their routine podiatry skills
    • Have a desire to learn and practice a new form of Podiatry
    • Have a strong work ethic and desire to help others
    • Be able to provide diagnosis and treatment plans
    • Current AHPRA registration, with no conditions
    • Current National Criminal Record Check and Working with Children Check
    • Excellent communication and people skills
    This is a fantastic opportunity for you to work autonomously and learn new podiatry skills. But also to work alongside reputable and experienced professionals administering MME treatment.
    This permanent position is full time with hours to suit your work/life balance.

    An extremely rewarding salary package is on offer for the right applicant:
    • Starting pay rate is $70,000 pa + Super
    • Pay rises to $75,000 pa + Super Upon successful completion of MME training (usually 3 months)
    • Future pay rises will see salary increase in excess of $100,000 pa
  2. Jonathan Carr

    Jonathan Carr Welcome New Poster

    Hi Matt,

    I am currently a UK qualified podiatrist seeking employment in Australia. The Gold Coast is a beautiful place which I visited back in 2010 a few times during my stay in Byron Bay. I'm coming to Australia in October for a month in an effort to seek employment and I was wondering when you were looking to fill the position and whether being a Pom would hold me back!


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