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North NSW

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Forbsy, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Forbsy

    Forbsy Member

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    Hi Everyone

    I would just like to say that I've been reading information from this website for quite some time and it has helped me enormously during my studies! I'm a mature student and managed to achieve high results recently thanks to the info people contribute on this site. Again many thanks.

    I am in my last few months before I qualify and was wondering if anyone had any hints or tips on getting my qualifications verified.

    Can I put together the paperwork and submit without my actual qualification?

    I am presuming I will have to sit the examination day as I won't have 12 months experience!

    Can I submit this paperwork before I have step one completed and verified - due to the timeline of needing to submit 2 months prior to June, or do I have to wait to apply for step 2 once I have step one all done and dusted!

    I am an Australian citizen so I don't need to apply for a visa (yay) but want to move out asap!

    Any comments gratefully received :)

    Lisa (oh and I'm looking to move to North NSW if anyone knows of work where they would appreciate a very hard working, conscientious, methodical and patient proactive person who adores the elderly - then I'm their man!) :) :)
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2012
  2. Forbsy

    Forbsy Member

    Hi All

    I've managed to find all the necessary information, after a few hours of reading through each of the pdf documents! They even give you a detailed example of the OSCE questions - I love Australia :)

    The info is there if we delve deep enough!

    Would still appreciate any info on any work in the North NSW area :)
  3. podesh

    podesh Active Member


    Where did you study?? Have you looked at the Australian Podiatry Council Website as that has lots of info. If coming from the UK and from one of the recognised schools, you won't have to sit an exam. There is loads of info on this website, have a good search and you'll find all you need.

  4. Forbsy

    Forbsy Member

    Hi Esher

    I will be qualifying from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh this June!

    Thankfully I am already and Australian citizen, so I only need to have my qualification verified.

    I have read through what seems a multitude of documents, but I can't find anywhere that I would not have to sit the examination. The only recognised education sites I can find are all in Australia.

    If anyone can shed more light on this area - this would help me out a lot. Would it be worth me sending an email to ANZPAC?

    Getting very excited at the thought of going back :)
  5. dsfeet

    dsfeet Active Member

    hi Forsby
    hope you find your transiction to Aussie land. There are a few pods looking for someone on the midnorth coast,( similiar area to Esher) i could be also be looking for a Pod in the next few months. If this area suits you i can give you my email to get in touch. We have a active rural group here that does lots of CE and their first aid requirements locally, and it is a beautiful part of the coast.
  6. Forbsy

    Forbsy Member

    Hi Debbie

    Thanks for the positive information! I will be moving out in July this year, so it might be a little bit too late for you, but I am very interested so would appreciate any contact. My email address is lisajforbes@gmail.com

    I am in the process of putting together my application for the 1st stage of the verification part of my qualification and I'm still not sure if I have to do the 2nd part and sit the examination, as I won't have 12 months experience. Esher has indicated that I might not have to sit the 2nd part, and I'm trying not to get too excited about it, as this means I will be able to work even sooner!

    Appreciate both of you responding to my posting :)
  7. SiobhanM832

    SiobhanM832 Member

    Hi forsby,

    I've just been through the whole process myself. You should only have to complete step 1 of the ANZPAC skills assessment as you are a new graduate. The 12 months Professional practice means 'any role in which the podiatrist uses their podiatric knowledge and skills. It includes clinical podiatry, clinical education and placement, administration, study, teaching or research in the field of podiatry.' And it is only if you don't meet this criteria that you have to sit the exam :)

  8. Forbsy

    Forbsy Member

    Hi Siobhan

    Thank is fantastic news for me, so I'm hoping that I have enough of what they are after!

    Still got one semester to finish, so I will keep my head down with study for now and not get too excited about Australia.

    Everyone has been fantastic :)


  9. John Danof

    John Danof Welcome New Poster

    Many thanks to everyone who has helped those on in this forum, dare I say it is the one of the best resources for students and practicing podiatrists alike. I have my final 3rd year OSCE at Newcastle university. Where are the pdf resources that you are referring to ? your help would be greatly appreciated

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