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Other opportunities for a podiatrist (help needed)

Discussion in 'Employment in the United Kingdom' started by Jamie Crake, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. Jamie Crake

    Jamie Crake Welcome New Poster

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    Hello, my mother has been a podiatrist for several years now (I would like to say graduated in 2009 but I am unsure) after achieving a first at Mathew Bolton in Birmingham. She originally worked mon-fri starting early and finishing late for the NHS before she found a second job at a private practise working every other Saturday. She then made the decision to drop a Wednesday with the NHS and work every Wednesday with the same private practise. My mother however, suffers from chronic fatigue (an illness which I don't think gets the recognition it's deserves, I can see first hand what it does to her and she gets nothing in help for it) which she has done since her early 20s which means that she has found going to work a real struggle as it is very hard for her to work these long hour that the NHS demand as well as balancing the private work as well as her own private patients which she has accumulated over the years (not many but probably between 5-10 a week). As her illness had gotten worse she was forced to drop the Monday shift to allow her time to rest but has recently had to start working mondays again for another private company for financial reasons. A long story short she now works Mondays working for herself at a retirement home Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for the NHS and Wednesdays and every other Saturday for a private company. However this is really hard for her as I think it would be for anyone let alone with someone with her illness and she finds it very difficult to go into work most of the time which she does but sometimes she cannot physically get out of bed and has to have the day off. She has had numerous meetings with her bosses but they provide little support for her as her illness is still in the early stages and not much is known about it and not much can be done to help. She is now facing a very series meeting week with high up people where her future and the NHS is going to be determined (she isn't very optimistic). I was just wondering what can she do? What other fields of work are there for her with her qualification? I know she doesn't want something with long hours and I think it would be best if she could find a job where she can keep her job separate to her personal life as to not worry about her patients while at home. She is also involved with the diabetic clinic if that is of any help. Any help would really be appreciated as I know stressed she is at the minute, thank you.
    P.s she is really good with people as I know how much her patients hold in high regard. I think she goes above and beyond what is expected of her for example 2 days ago she went round to cook dinner for one of her patients who was unable to as her husband was taken to hospital.
  2. Claire72

    Claire72 Active Member

    Hi, I am sorry that you have not as yet had any replies. So, basically your mum has been working 6 days a week since 2009. As you say, this would seem too much for anyone let alone anyone with chronic fatigue. Hopefully your mum is getting help with her illness, may I suggest she takes a look at Dr Myhill who specialises in chronic fatigue. Give her a google.

    Something (other than her health) needs to give, and it seems the NHS one will be the first to go. No harm done there....it will give her time to reflect, re-group, etc. The NHS job was the only fixed income job, so now all her income generating is in her own hands. She could devote herself more to her own business. How about temp work? How about academic writing? She could do a post grad to be a teacher? She could get work in a supermarket/anywhere to supplement her income whilst she figures this out just to keep her finances in order.

    If she were my friend I would tell her that this NHS business is a blessing in disguise, and that all this hard work & navigating three + jobs has kept her from recovering from her illness. This transitional period might be worse than the end result. I would ask her if she could manage financially without the NHS job balancing her financial requirements with her mental & physical health needs.

    (I would also text her very night to make sure she wasn't cooking for, or worrying about patients.....as they sure as hell ain't worrying about her! Instead I would remind her of the essential & vital work she does, and of the caring child/ren she is raising....)

    Let us know how she gets on.
  3. fishpod

    fishpod Well-Known Member

    A very sad tale unfortunatly in this economy if you are not fit to work you will be poor best hope is nhs finish you on ill health. there are no other fields if you cant manage being a podiatrist which is not heavy or demanding your mom probably wont be able to do anything else untill her health improves best suggestion is do private pts limited nos 5 per day income 600 per week light duties 2 hrs per day.

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