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Plinth 2000 CDT chair and matching operator's chair for sale

Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by David Ilian, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. David Ilian

    David Ilian Member

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    Plinth 2000 CDT chair and matching operator's chair

    I think these couches are the best in the business, with lifetime frame guarantees. I have two, and need to sell one.

    • Electric height, back rest & Trendelenburg adjustment
    • Optional extras included are foot switch, breathing hole with plug, paper roll holder and electric back rest.
    • Both near new condition
    • Royal blue (new cover kits are sold should you want to change colour)
    • Lifetime frame guarantee, the newer one’s other components are still covered by the warranty, with around a year to run.

    New from Opritech cost $7413+GST
    2009 Model $3695 + GST (or close offer)
    2012 Model (used for 2 months only) $5895 + GST (or close offer)

    Can advise on shipping etc if required

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