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Podiatrist vacancy in Weybridge, Surrey.

Discussion in 'Employment in the United Kingdom' started by thefootcarecentre, Jan 11, 2017.


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    The Footcare Centre is looking for YOU to join our team

    If you're the Podiatrist we are looking for to join our growing international
    team of podiatrists, to be based at our Weybridge clinic...You'll be...Friendly,
    charming, enthusiastic and professional... You'd have high standards and be
    described as courteous, mature and an involved team player.

    You will have the desire to offer complete foot-health solutions to your
    patients,with skills to develop thorough treatment plans, provide comprehensive
    advice,offer MSK assessment and treatment, perform nail surgery and prescribe
    quality orthoses or AFO's whilst utilising your skills in offering ESWT and Laser

    You will be an energetic member of our fun team, driven by your desire to help
    your patients to the max using your communications skills and acumen in private
    practice to ensure your success!

    You are well presented, trustworthy, punctual and love delivering quality!

    If you are eager to take this opportunity to learn, grow and be challenged we
    have a position in our practice in Weybridge, Surrey – If you are ready to
    rise to the challenge, email jayne@thefootcarecentre.co.uk for further details.

    The Footcare Centre has clinics in Weybridge, Surrey, UK and Niagara Falls,
    Ontario, Canada.

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