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Some Podiatry Arena Statistics

Discussion in 'Podiatry Arena Help, Suggestions and Comments' started by admin, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

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    Members: 13,997
    Threads: 11,696
    Posts: 75,174

    Most Viewed Threads:
    Laser treatment for nail fungus 61,892
    Trench foot in an older person foll... 41,108
    This day in ..... 34,908
    Mosaic verrucae-help with treatment 30,850
    Shuropody 27,936
    Barefoot Running Debate 27,108

    Most Replied Threads:
    This day in ..... 823
    Weird News from MSNBC 636
    Barefoot Running Debate 499
    Dr Podiatrist? 432
    Mosaic verrucae-help with treatment 405
    Your favourate 5 rock songs. 390
    Tips on using Outlook from Microsof... 284
    Jokes 235
    Does the Stance Leg Push or Does th... 214
    Parish & Bell clinic gone under... 212
    Leg Stiffness 211

    Currently Online:
    16 members and 149 guests

    Most ever online: 749 (4th May, 2010)

    First Ever Thread:
    Podiatrists as 'doctors' row 20th August 2004

    Since the Beginning:
    Average posts per day 35.02 (this was 23.52 in June 2008)
    Average threads per day 5.27 (this was 3.3 in June 2008)
    Average replies per thread 6.65

    The Top Posters (the obsessive compulsives):
    NewsBot 4,509
    Kevin Kirby 3,703
    Simon Spooner 3,138
    Craig Payne 2,431
    Admin 2,228
    Robertisaacs 2,087
    Admin2 1,903
    m weber 1,444
    twirly 1,164
    drsarbes 983
    David Smith 947
    Mark Russell 940
    efuller 909
    Ian 908
    toeslayer 750
    DTT 723
    LuckyLisfranc 707
    hj--ray 703
    javier 660
    davidh 642
    markjohconley 632
    Cameron 585
    Mart 559
    DaVinci 471
    Atlas 451
    pgcarter 444
    Stanley 399
    C Bain 391
    drsha 383

    Facebook 294
    Twitter 320
    Youtube 46

    In June 2010:
    Number of visits to the Table of Contents page: 2094
    Page Views for the month: 1,690,292 (1.6 million!!!!!)
    Average Sessions Per Day: 6,939
    Average Pageviews Per Session: 8.12
    Average Length of Session: 6.26 minutes
    Number of new members in June: 375 (in June 2007, it was 104)

    309 visitors in June were using an iPad (1622 were using iPhones)

    76% of visitors came via search engines; 70% of them were from Google.

    Alexa Ranking:
    145 675th most visited site on the web (the most visited Podiatry site by a big
    margin) ... even though the Alexa ranking are not the most accurate stats.

    Number of Wesites with Links to Podiatry Arena:
    38180 (if you have a website, please link to us!)

    Web Browsers Used by Podiatry Arena visitors:
    Internet Explorer 58.06%
    Firefox 22.55%
    Safari 10.99%
    Chrome 6.77%

    1.2% of visitors still use dial up internet connections

    The Ten Most Common Keywords used in the Search Engines to Find Podiatry Arena in June were:
    podiatry arena
    circulation booster
    circulation booster v3 reviews
    circulation booster review
    podiatry jobs
    barefoot running
    laser treatment for toenail fungus
    nail tuff
    sinus tarsi syndrome
    nail fungus laser treatment

    The Most Visited Pages in June Were:

    The Apture Toolbar (at top of page when you scroll down):
    31 pages were shared in June: 9% to Twitter; 29% to Facebook and the rest via email (please share more of Podiatry Arena with your connections!)
  2. DaVinci

    DaVinci Well-Known Member

    Paynie ... some very impressive numbers there. A job well done!
  3. Admin2

    Admin2 Administrator Staff Member

  4. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Just made it to 300! :santa2:
  5. Row's caused 194
    Relationships emperiled 34
    Hours spent on Pod arena which should have been spent sleeping, working or bein sociable with 3 dimensional people, 7,395,410
  6. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    I was excited with those figures ... BUT, just got August's --- 2.2 million pages views for the month! 7540 sessions per day! 9.74 page views per session! Average length of session = 11.29 minutes

    2.2 million!
  7. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    In October, there were an average of 83 posts a day !!!!

    16 visitors came to Podiatry Arena, via their PlayStation3 in October

    There were 2335 visits from iPhones and 991 from iPads and 251 from iPods .... only 4 from a Nokia
  8. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    I missed this one ... we surpassed the 100 000 posts during May!

    For 2011, we averaging 430 new members a month!

    Mobile devices are picking up. This is how many visits we got in may from:
    iPhone 5,203
    iPad 3,316
    Android 2,156
    iPod 514
    BlackBerry 403

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