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New Profile Posts

  1. eklinger
    Certified Pedothist
  2. DancingPodAusUSA
    Australian Podiatrist relocating to the States!
  3. Steph22
    Steph22 joselesanroman
    Hello Jose,

    I would be very interested in reading the book:
    Van Langelaan EJ: A kinematical analysis of the tarsal joints: An x-ray photogrammetric study

    Uploaded by Kevin Kirby.
    In the forum "Biomechanics sports and foot orthoses", I saw that you have ask for the password to access the website of Kevin Kirby.
    Would you mind send me the password.
    Best regards
  4. Dimple Care
    Dimple Care Maryuwa
    Hi Maryuwa,
    Please can you send your cv to jgoater@dimplecare.com.
  5. Stanley
    Stanley drhunt1
    Since then I have gone in a new direction in which orthoses are a part of the therapy in which I eliminate the equinus and the pelvic imbalances. If you are interested, I can send you a power point of what I do. It is not finished, but there is enough information in it to get you to understand it.
    1. drhunt1 likes this.
  6. Stanley
    Stanley drhunt1
    I agree with you on the varus extension under the metatarsals (and in your usage beyond) for low back pain (iliosacral in origin). I did that for 30 years as I was a student of Dick Schuster.
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  7. Connie D
  8. PodPatrol
  9. prosharp
    Don't forget to Follow Us on Our Social Media Accounts
  10. David Zuckerman DPM
    David Zuckerman DPM
    Does any one know the UK -- European pricing for the Upgraded Clearanail Pro . The old version I believe $3000 . Please Advice
  11. lbevis
  12. Mohamed Saad
    Mohamed Saad
    I am a graduate student
  13. Mohamed Saad
  14. Corey Feaster
    Corey Feaster
    Glad to be a part of podiatryarena.com
  15. vuye
    vuye Landiwem
    I've just noticed you posted a job on the forum in 2014. I've just relocated to SA and looking for a job. Would you be able to tell me where jobs are advertised or do you know of any at the moment?
    Thank you kindly
    1. my FootDr podiatry
      my FootDr podiatry
      Hi there, we are always looking for good clinicians. If you are passionate about creating excellent outcomes for your patients and a keen to utilize worlds best practice technology, please send your resume and a brief cover letter to hr@myfootdr.com.au
      Jun 26, 2017
  16. Rahim Uddin
    Rahim Uddin
    Looking for Podiatry work in the UK or Ireland? Get in touch!
  17. Kate Ganley
    Kate Ganley
    NHS Podiatrist researching opportunities to work overseas particularly within Europe, struggling finding any info. Any advice appreciated.
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    2. sararazi
      Hi, me too. I'm interested in working in Paris, not sure how to go about it. Have you managed to find any more information?
      Jul 24, 2017
  18. Snezzy33
    Hi my name is Rebecca from Canberra Australia. I am a practice manager of a busy sports podiatry practice looking for a new Podiatrist.
  19. cmfong
    Hi, I'm Kelvin, born from the United States. I'm a weight loss consultant and a senior nutritionist. Nice to meet you guys.
  20. megic poll
  21. Veronica Wright
    Veronica Wright
    We all should have a hope.
  22. logangal
    Live your life in such a way that you can go to bed each night, fall asleep with a clear conscience, and face yourself in a mirror each day
  23. Mhairi Curle
    Mhairi Curle
    Seeking work in Glasgow/Scotland
  24. Mhairi Curle
    Mhairi Curle
    Seeking work in Scotland/Glasgow
  25. Ian Reilly (2)
    Ian Reilly (2)
    My first Pod Arena log on died - this is me v2!
  26. Dimple Care
    Dimple Care podofpenzance
    How long do you have remaining on your 457?
    please contact jgoater@dimplecare.com along with your cv?
    warm regards,
    The problem is not the problem; The problem is your attitude about the problem. - Captain Jack Sparrow
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  28. Evelyn Mollet
    Evelyn Mollet Evelyn Travis
    Hi Evelyn,
    Thank you for RSVPing to our Workshop. Please call us on 0415 912 704 so that we can organise your registration. We look forward to meeting you at the workshop.

    Kind Regards

    BFF Nail Bracing
  29. Diane K
    Diane K
    My status is a lot of pain plus I am falling forward because of the consequences of flat feet. They have been flat since 1995.
  30. gingerphysio
  31. Enzokuhle
    Hey, I need assistance with Btech taxation topics that will have an impact on the SA taxation system and all its challenges. Thank you
  32. Orthofootwear
    Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.
  33. JaneyT
    working for the weekend
  34. Gaynor
  35. Gaynor
  36. erinweco
  37. ashlemon
  38. gary.mcgill85
    gary.mcgill85 beckringrose
    Hi there,

    I am keen to have a conversation with you about the idea of moving out to Oz to work. I hope you do not mind me contacting you via this website but your name just popped up while I was having a search. I am also a fellow QMU'er!!

    Kind regards,

  39. Petcu Daniel
    Petcu Daniel Dananberg
    Dear Mr. Dananberg,

    Knowing your research regarding functional hallux limitus I would like to ask your opinion about the usefulness of the sensor pressure system from http://www.medicapteurs.fr/fr/produits/7/Winshoe . Unfortunatelly I can't attach an image of that system but it is similar with the Electrodynogram system
    Thank you very much,
    Daniel Petcu
  40. Adam Mcilwaine
    Adam Mcilwaine Brajaboy
    Hi there,

    Saw your post re Delcam Iqube, I have one surplus, It''s the Iqube not the Mini, I'm Uk based. 07809712821

    Give me a text