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5th Metatarsal (Jones Fracture) burning pain at night

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by AngieKB, Mar 24, 2018.

  1. AngieKB

    AngieKB Welcome New Poster

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    I fractured my 5th metatarsal bone (Jones Fracture) almost two weeks ago. Doc put me in an air cast. I’ve been using a knee crutch (iwalk 2.0) so being good about not putting weight on it, although doc said I could heel walk, but to not do it very much. At night I take the aircast off and have my foot stabilized by a strong ace bandage wrap. I sleep on my back with my foot elevated. My hubby told me that he notices that I don’t move much at night. About three nights ago I started waking up to burning pain. It’s now happened three nights in a row. Biofreeze helps tremendously and for two nights doing a nice rub down of biofreeze and then re-wrapping has sufficed. I was amazed how well the biofreeze worked immediately at taking the pain away. Last night I was not so lucky. After 3 applications of biofreeze there was no taking the edge off. Has anyone experienced the burning pain at night? I don’t have it during the day, so I’m wondering what’s going on at night and what I can do differently to elliviate the pain. Thanks in advance for the advice. I don’t normally post on forums looking for help for anything. So that should tell you how painful this is.
  2. JcFoot

    JcFoot Welcome New Poster

    hello i just got cleared to walk after fracturing my fifth metatarsal back on 02/07/18. i was also in an air cast boot, nwb for those 8 weeks. i used a knee scooter to get around in the house and crutches outside. at night i slept with the boot on (elevated) and only removed when showering or resting at home. i did experience pain at night but more like cramping and spasms in the foot. my foot was always warm and uncomfortable.i lost so much sleep but managed to get thru my days. i used bio freeze once but for me it seemed to irritate my foot, so i wiped it off. i did use Arnica gel on the bruising and fractured area.
    one thing my doctor had me check for was to make sure i didn’t have something called Complex regional pain syndrome (crps) which can be brought on by injury. my foot was discolored/warm temperature than that of my good foot. it was a symptom of CRPS he wanted to have cleared. i went to a specialist and he did a bunch of odd tests on the foot and concluded i didn’t have it. maybe ask your doctor about that? my only advice would be to baby that fracture and don’t put any weight on it or heel walk until you’re truly able to. i’m now in my 10th week of recovery, walking with a slight limp but doing PT to strengthen the foot again.i hope your recovery is faster! :)

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