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Advice, opportunity in Podiatry

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Cool Runnings, Aug 22, 2020.

  1. Cool Runnings

    Cool Runnings Member

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    After 3 yrs of studying a podiatry degree I failed my final clinical exam twice and basically got booted out the door along with 7 other students that suffered the same fate, was a hard pill to swallow but it happened .

    I done a few extra modules and accumulated enough credits to obtain a general degree in healthcare. Due to having a degree I applied for a few post grads courses in a different fields unfortunately I was rejected. Via UCAS clearance I got offered a place back onto a Podiatry programme however due to changing Universities I will now need to redo some 3rd yr modules and I will also have to complete 4th yr . So basically I have 2 yrs of University left before I could register as a podiatrist and its also a expensive venture as I have no funding left.

    I currently work in Nursing as a B3 assistant on the NHS staff bank, I earn good money as I literally have my pick of shifts and in my case work unsociable hrs (unsociable hrs pay is good on the NHS). despite the money being decent working constant unsociable hrs can be a bit of a headache and the job itself is can be very demoralising . I'm also a talented artist and have been building business painting and decorating houses which I enjoy and seem to be good at. Basically despite my NHS job not being that amazing, financially I'm doing ok and have a side gig I enjoy and could possibly turn into a career .

    I guess I'm looking for advice from podiatrists or FHP with regards to opportunities, I know a lot of older pods have been in the game for a long time and have had great success in private practice or successful NHS careers however I'm not interested in what the industry was like 30yr ago I'm speaking about opportunities for newly qualified podiatrist .

    would you recommend your own family members to come into podiatry in todays market ?
    Is there a guarantee of a NHS job, even on a staff bank if I was willing to relocate ?
    how hard is a private practice to get going with all the FHP around now ?
    pods or FHPs new start ups , how are you finding it getting punters in the door

    when I do the math, if your changing £25 for callus reduction pathological nails etc then it would seem like there is a scope to earn a right good living, as you have a full work day and these treatments only take 20-30 mins. When u add in MSK assessments , rehab orthotics , Nail surgery which are more expensive again it would appear it could be a very lucrative interesting career. Is my thinking wrong on this and typically one or two private practices hit stardom whilst the rest struggle to exist. I also wouldn't want to be a FHP (no offense ) so does this mean apart from graduating Uni and obtaining the podiatry title , I actually dont want to do the job as from what I gather FHPs can basically do everything a qualified podiatrist does apart from poms and nail surgery.

    ps just to add I heard from a credible source that 10 4th yr podiatry students at the Uni I will possibly be attending failed assessments 1st sitting , who knows how many have now been sent to the cull, this is also a worry.


  2. mimipod

    mimipod Member

    There can be no guarantees.
    Don't listen to gossip.
    As the population is getting older, the market for podiatry will confine to grow.
  3. DaVinci

    DaVinci Well-Known Member

    Its not that simple when you add in all the overheads required to run a business.

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