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Foot posture index

Discussion in 'Biomechanics, Sports and Foot orthoses' started by rabzash, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. rabzash

    rabzash Member

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    just wondering whether anyone knows about how valid the foot posture index is to use and maybe the pro's and con's of it?

    any help would be appreciated :)
  2. Griff

    Griff Moderator

  3. Griff

    Griff Moderator

  4. B. Englund

    B. Englund Active Member

    FPI-6 is a very good educational tool to visualize what is going on in a pronated vs a supinated foot. Meanwhile intra-rater agreement (same rater) is high the inter-rater agreement (between-raters) is questionable.

    See .e.g.

    (Cornwall, M. W. , McPoil, T. G., Lebec, M., Vicanzio, B. & Wilson, J. (2008). Reliability of the modified Foot posture index. Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association 98(1), 7-13.)

    As Ian said id quick and good to give an overall picture of foot posture. Be carefull to use it between clinicians though.

    Just my thoughts

  5. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    Sorry Rabzash - Bjorn is right. When I referred to it's reliability I should have specified that I was referring to intra-observer reliability. I have actually just finished collecting data for a small research project myself and it certaily seems to suggest that inter-observer reliability of FPI-6 was not great.

    PM me if you want a copy of the JAPMA paper above and I'll email it to you.

  6. Admin2

    Admin2 Administrator Staff Member

  7. Sally Smillie

    Sally Smillie Active Member

    Ferrari and Morrison just published a paper recently on the inter-rater reliability of two clinicians of 30 children.

    That is just one of many publications on the reliability of the FPI. use Medline or CINAHL and do a search and you'll find what you're after
  8. rabzash

    rabzash Member

    thanks sally!
  9. rabzash

    rabzash Member

    Hi i was just wondering whether anyone knows any information about

  10. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    This should answer that - but don't forget about subject specificity/individual variations

    Attached Files:

  11. Sally Smillie

    Sally Smillie Active Member

    FPI never claimed to be anything other than a measure/quantifier of posture. In stance.

    We skate onto thin ice when we try to attribute more to a tool than it is capable of delivering. I am a fan of the FPI, but I have respect for it's limitations. It's good at what it is, but it's better to stick to it's strengths and use it for what it is.

    However, I too dream of a measure that will give us objectively what we want. But this is barking up the wrong tree I think. One day.....

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