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Health Care Homes

Discussion in 'Australia' started by trevor, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. trevor

    trevor Active Member

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    November 2016
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    More information, more often

    In response to requests for more information, the Health Care Homes e-newsletter will now come to you every fortnight.
    Health Care Homes live webinar

    Thank you to everyone who watched, joined in the conversation or attended the first Health Care Homes webinar on 17 November. It was quite a turnout, with over 600 viewers tuning in online. Thank you to all those organisations who helped spread the word.
    Questions came flooding in and the response was very positive. An updated FAQs based on participant questions will be available shortly.
    The webinar is now available on the Health Care Homes webinar page.
    Caption: From left, Janet Quigley, Dr Tony Hobbs and Renaye Lucchese in discussion at the Health Care Homes webinar.
    The next webinar in the Health Care Homes series is planned for the beginning of 2017. Details will be available soon.
    New fact sheet on stage one modelling

    A Health Care Homes stage one modelling fact sheet is now available at health.gov.au/healthcarehomes
    The fact sheet provides more information around patient enrolment and includes the assumptions which underpin the payment model.
    The key points are:
    • GP-patient ratio in a Health Care Home. Around 70 patients to each full time GP, based on a practice of five full time equivalent GPs, are expected to be enrolled.
    • Based on modelling, an operational Health Care Home, is expected to receive an additional 10 per cent in funding, above current MBS expenditure, for clinical services for enrolled patients.
    • Actual funding increases will depend on the size and model of the participating practices, plus the demographic of patients accessing services in that local area.
    My Health Record and e-PIP

    All participating services in stage one Health Care Homes will be required to register and connect to the My Health Record system, and contribute up to date clinically relevant information to their patients’ My Health Records. All enrolled patients will have a My Health Record. If they do not have one, the Health Care Home must assist the patient with enrolment.
    Because of this requirement, to be eligible for stage one, practices or ACCHS need to be participating in, or prepared to participate in, the Practice Incentives Program (PIP) eHealth Incentive. For those not currently participating in ePIP, you must be registered with DHS by 30 June 2017.
    More information about the eligibility requirements can be found here.
    Once the eligibility criteria for participation are met, your organisation will need to complete the registration process through the Department of Human Services’ Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) system.
    AGPAL to deliver education and training

    Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL) has been awarded the tender to develop the Health Care Home education and training resources. They will be working with University of New England Partnership and Client-Focussed Evaluations Program.
    AGPAL will conduct training-of-trainers for PHN staff. PHN staff will then support Health Care Homes to train their clinical, management and administrative staff.
    The resource content development working group and an advisory group of peak organisations will support the development and delivery of these resources.
    Key dates

    Health Care Homes will provide patients with a home base – a general practice or ACCHS – through which their chronic and complex conditions are managed.
    • 15 December 2016: Applications close. Go to the Tenders and Grants page to apply.
    • Early 2017 — Health Care Home practices/ACCHS notified of their selection for stage one
    • March 2017 — first tranche of enrolled patients identified
    • April 2017 — training for the selected practices begins
    • June 2017 — Health Care Homes register with Department of Human Services; and begin patient enrolment
    • July 2017 — Health Care Homes services start

    E-newsletters will be published regularly. Click here for more on Health Care Homes.
    Australia Government Department of Health
    This email was sent to you because you are subscribed to receiving the monthly newsletter from Health Care Homes.

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