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I am an inventor and have a treatment for IPK

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by stringpickin, Oct 2, 2015.

  1. stringpickin

    stringpickin Member

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    Hello and good day.. Please, if I am out of line,, just let me know and i will turn around and won't come back..

    I wanted to sign up on this forum because last week I attempted to answer a question that was posted about "how to treat a specific patient and their IPK or Intractable Plantar Keratosis, as Doctor asked: How would you treat this keratosis on this mans foot?

    I had to join to answer.. My Answer: Use one of my Patent Pending Remotion Discs.

    It was received with such GREAT enthusiasm and interest that I felt it was important enough to take a chance and post it at other Podiatry websites. I have 2 Podiastrists from the other board that have samples of my new invention on the way. If you read below you will see what it is all about. And if you would like to see the thread that is LITERALLY on fire go here: https://www.podiatry.com/etalk/I-am-an-inventor-and-have-t19532.html#-1

    It could save a whole lot of questions and answers on this forum.. Anyway of course I hope that it becomes successful in a monetary way. But more importantly at this point I am trying to get this "new' concept of therapy out there for the people that suffer with it.. I am being told by a few Podiatrists that if this does in fact work as I have stated it may very well revolutionize some very common therapies in various areas of medicine.. thank you

    I have a Patent Pending Product that I am just now putting up to the public for sale.

    You can see my invention at; http://www.plantarkeratosiscalluseswartscorns.com/

    It is a BRAND NEW SITE and is under editing so please forgive the Non-Professional feel of it. The important part of the website is my therapy device. My invention is so helpful for those suffering this condition I just want to get it out there.. Granted I am looking for an investor or two to hop on and get this on every shelf of every drugstore in the world and do want to sell the product. That is why I have invested thousands of dollars in it and many many hours of testing methods of manufacture as well as the best products to be used to make it out of...

    But more importantly than that.. I "know" this device works. You can read my (almost finished introduction at the website URL I provided.) It was the MOTHER of necessity that brought this invention about. I developed an "IPK" callus and was nearly driven to madness being told I would have to live with it the rest of my life. Out of that a spark of intuition came to me.. I tried it and created a small miracle. A huge miracle to me..

    In the few test cases I have used the device on, including myself, after debriding the callus and putting my Pressure Remotion Disc over top of the callus and sinus tube(directly over the irriatation point)... We could all walk normally without any padding or pain relievers "instantly"..

    I personally am at a loss as to why or how this has not been invented as of yet, but two of the Podiatrists that I have visited with as they have signed Non-Disclosure statements before I was patent pending could not believe how simple the mechanics are. Even they could not believe that it had neither occurred to them or Dr. Scholl (joke) or to the podiatry family of experts of the simple mechanical aspect.

    My story.. After suffering with the IPK callus for over a year I began using my Remotion Disc for 3 months every day.. My IPK callus completely healed up and disapeared NEVER To return...

    And as I stated in the discourse at the website "even" if it does not cause a permanent healing of the IPK with all or some other patients the device lets these people live a normal life in between debridings. They will be able to walk pain free. It allows the patient to walk as near to normal as they did before the IPK condition. It could very well "stop" the further growth of the IPK and keep it utterly manageable.

    If this was some product that I was selling for some other company like Dr. Scholls or etc.. I would NEVER post here.. But because there is NO SUCH product that I know of on the market like my patent pending device that I felt it was important enough to post it so that if it could end up helping some IPK sufferers immediately than it was a worthwhile endeavor.

    You as podiatrists know how paintful and miserable it is for those who suffer with it. I believe in this invention as it personally changed my life. It is non-invasive, so easy to use, and provides notable benefits instantly..

    Like I say, if am plain guilty of spamming, please forgive me.. But as I stated someone asked what they would do for treatment for a patient suffering IPK, and I felt I have a therapy device in hand to answer that question.


    Barry Mack/Inventor of the Patent Pending Pressure Remotion Disc,, for IPK and other excrescences. The same mechanical design is also listed in my Patent for the treatment of Bedsores as another embodiment by means of a customizable Remotion Disc. Although I eventually intend on having and marketing a wide variety of pre-made Remotion Discs for various sores and conditions designed to fit the basic contours and miscellaneous shapes and areas of the human body.. Also my Patent Pending application includes the use of the design aspect of the Remotion Disc in Orhotics as well.

    Lets get these remotion discs on some patients feet so they can LOVE YOU,, and love my Remotion Disc..
  2. fishpod

    fishpod Well-Known Member

    plastic to redistribute pressure thermoplastic mouldable . wow what a miracle an entirley new concept why have none of us thought about it before. You are such a clever dude and only 25 bucks for 5 plastic washers and a roll of surgical tape . please i must get some immediatley. ps start looking at malibu mansions cos this idea is a winner bro. Remotion baby its where its at ye ha. i have invented a new emollient that could be sold along side this super invention its called remotion lotion only 49.99 for 10 ml it cant fail.
  3. Barry:

    Your device looks interesting. If you want to send some of your product my way, I will give them a try on my own patients and then write a review of them on this thread, if you like.

    Send samples to:

    Kevin Kirby, DPM
    107 Scripps Drive, Suite #200
    Sacramento, CA 95825 USA
  4. stringpickin

    stringpickin Member

    Hello Kevin.. Thank you.. I will send off a few to you asap.. Please give me a call when you receive them so I we can discuss methodology.. I thought some of the Podiatrists on another board understood how to use it.. But they thought incorrectly that the "point" went towards and inside the debrided core center.. It is exactly opposite of that.. I will PM you.. thank you.. Barry
  5. stringpickin

    stringpickin Member

    So it would be impossible to take this any other way other than you are deriding my invention and eluding it to profiteering and snake oil?

    I am making the RD's by hand right now.. The roll of tape costs me nearly 4 dollars per roll... shipping is 3 dollars, and the time to make and package five discs is at least a half hour plus costs of a couple of dollars... So I am making a whopping $16 before taxes and other business expenses to provide them with something that I know for IPK conditions at minimum will most likely change their life...Once these are made by a large manufacturing system I am sure the prices will drop to a few bucks for a package at your local rite aid or walgreens..

    You charge for your services do you not? I bet your hourly rate is about triple of mine...

    Well you Sir or Mam are in the minority.. I have had over 600 views on the other forum and 200 views on this forum and you are the FIRST to even hint at what you have said.
    So I will let that stand..
  6. Yeah, send me some samples as well please, Barry. I'll be happy to test these here in the UK for you.

    Simon K. Spooner PhD
    Peninsula Podiatry
    1A Edgcumbe Park Road
    Devon, UK
    PL3 4NL

    BTW, what do you pick the strings of...?
  7. efuller

    efuller MVP

  8. Don't have the patience anymore for the type of dialogue occurring on podiatry.com. I say give Barry's device a try and see how it works, including good points and bad points...then let the patient/podiatrist decide if it is then worth trying. It looks like an interesting and unique mechanical design to me and certainly seems like it could work for some individuals, but probably not for all.
  9. stringpickin

    stringpickin Member

    Hi Kevin.. thank you.. I have had zero problems over at present/podiatry so far. Almost 700 views over their and nothing but friendly skies.. But I do understand, stuff can and does happen on these net forums no matter where you are..

    I will be sending you out some samples asap..

    Thanks again.

  10. stringpickin

    stringpickin Member

    Hey there Simon.. I talked with my attorney today. My patent application indeed protects at this time in the UK and other various countries.. So I will be sending you a few samples.. I only ask that no matter who you discuss it with and show them to, that they understand they are patent pending and protected. It is a fairly wide scope, foot problems, bedsores, any injuries pressure related or where pressure reduced by the method of my invention, etc.. etc..

    As far as the strings I pick.. I am a life long guitarist.. Flatpicker and fingerpicker of mainly 6 string steel guitars. I do play classical as well but had to sell my classical a few years back because of monetary issues. I hope to have one again someday. I have always done mostly of my original music, song writing and love to sing. Opened for a few big name country stars in the U.S. in my younger years,, but never went on the road because I ended up being a single father raising kids alone.. A huge blessing so no dismay.. I am gearing up to posting some of my songs on youtube in the near future....

    Do you play?

  11. stringpickin

    stringpickin Member

    Hey and Good day!!

    Just wondering if anyone has received their samples yet??

    thank you

  12. stringpickin

    stringpickin Member

    Hey and Good day!!

    Just wondering if anyone has received their samples yet??

    thank you

  13. Yes, Barry, I got them yesterday. Three little plastic discs with dimples in the middle came in an envelope with no other instructions. Here's what they look like. Now what do I do with them.:wacko:
  14. stringpickin

    stringpickin Member


    Attached Files:

  15. stringpickin

    stringpickin Member

    Also Kevin... They are marked Large and Small. The L has a larger periphery where the cone meets the disc and S respectively is a smaller periphery. Depending on the size of the IPK callus one could choose to use the L or S. If the patients callus before debriding was 1.5 cm, I would choose the Large. If the callus was 1cm before debriding I would choose the Small. This is just hypothesis and is not borne out by studies. Time and case studies will determine if it makes any difference. Logically I would posit that there is a location and a relationship between the periphery of the void where it connects to the bottom aspect of the disc that would favor the best support for the inflamed flesh and tissue and the keratoma. Trials and experience may or may not show it makes a difference or it doesn't... In the case of IPK it may just be as simple as keeping the pressure off of the explicit irritation point. It may be that the impact that pressure has on the adjacent structures may not affect the irritation point decidedly. But it does seem to make sense to me that the larger the periphery of the void of the disc point would move force lines further from the irritation point and "if" connected adjoining tissues are involved it would thereby isolate the generalized area from exacerbation. This is my lamen brain thinking...



  16. drhunt1

    drhunt1 Well-Known Member

    Two problems I "see"with your product. The first is the premise that the callous is formed as the bodies' method to protect the underlying bone:

    "The body tries to protect either the bone spur or misaligned metatarsal bone from further damage by building a callus in an attempt to protect that "irritation point" from pressure which would cause further damage to the bone. You know what that means...". No...the callous is formed as a way to protect the skin from the chronic irritation of the underlying bone. Depending on how long this process has been in place, it can literally take years to resolve...because "skin has memory". Offloading techniques are quite successful, but the patient has to be instructed on the extended timeline involved.

    The second problem I have, is the use of tape on the skin. Any adherent has the capacity to induce an allergic response, eventually, after repeated absorption/exposure through the bodies' largest organ. This is how many patients develop allergies to any tape, to the point that they can no longer use even simple Band-aids. Combine the tape inside a sock and shoe, where increased perspiration occurs, and this potential problem becomes a higher risk.

    Try combining your offloading disk onto a flat shoe insert, with the disk placed by the practioner, and maybe you'll have an answer. Frankly, I prefer offloading methods utilizing a New Balance insole available for $40-50, with modifications performed by myself.
  17. stringpickin

    stringpickin Member

    And yes, my Patent application does indeed include imbedding a RD into the shoe insert/orthotics in one or more places in the orthotics including different profiles and designs based on the condition being treated.

    About the insoles though. Unless new balance has gotten something over the most expensive over the counter insoles I have tried for treating IPK,, they are useless for treating IPK.. They may be nice for a more comfortable walk while wearing the disc to treat the IPK, but that's about it.. I have used expensive and various brands of insoles for years because I am a cabinetmaker by trade and spend 9 to 12 hours a day on my feet in work boots.. So I am somewhat an expert on those. I was wearing expensive insoles days after my IPK started developing and nothing stopped it from getting worse and worse except for the inventing of my remotion disc.

    Your input is well taken.. Just have to disagree on a few things..

    Thank you..

  18. stringpickin

    stringpickin Member

    If any Physicians or Physicicans Assistants would like a few samples to try on a few patients please PM me.. thank you...

    The approach of my invention and its' architecture is applicable in the treatment of various disorders or conditions. To keep the concept and the significance of the method explicitly clear "IPK" is the express condition that acutely spotlights the simple yet profoundly effective design of the Pressure Remotion Disc. The last paragraph at my website discusses the various possible uses for this same archictecture in other specially designed Remotion Discs and associated therapies.

    Since the posting of this Forum topic I have numerous tests underway with new subjects with excellent results starting to trickle in.

  19. stringpickin

    stringpickin Member

    Hello and good day..

    Just wanted to give an update.. I have been quite busy with my mainstay business which is casework and cabinetry and have been quite busy in the final stages of some office infill and have been out in the field the last week or so. But,,There is some very good and promising news starting to trickle in.. It will take a bit of time as anything new is going to take some real time to prove it's worthiness or not.. however.. I am very thankful to have so many excellent Podiatrists testing out the RD.. there is approximately 10 Podiatrists now testing them. The results will continue to come in more and more.. So far it has actually taught a few things to me about design issues for IPK on the 1st and 5th metatarsal. I have gotten the same feedback from 3 different Podiatrists already.. So it will be very important in coming up with all of the means in which the RD can be applied to get the most and best results for the various situations.. So a sample set in the future will include a few rediused models. Some thinner more flexible RD's and some with smaller diameters.. I am also working on a custom RD specifically for PF which I am excited about..

    All the best..

  20. Hello Barry

    Nice to see there is still some appetite for inventing things - always good fun - and I'm delighted your little cone device worked well for you. I thinkI read that you resorted to using this when three podiatrists told you the IPK you presented with was refractory and you would always have it. Just for future reference, if any other podiatrist was to say this to you....find someone else!

    Corns, callouses, keratosis, skin lesions - call them what you like - will always resolve once the mechanism that is causing the injury is removed or modified to the point where is ceases to be pathological. The reason why foot lesions are more difficult and take longer to resolve is simply because we walk on them every day reinforcing the adverse forces and stress, thus maintaining the skin's propensity to protect itself and the structures beneath. Remove these forces and the IPK will always disappear within a few weeks. An important part of the podiatrists' remit would be to accurately assess and diagnose what mechanisms are causing these forces in the first place and why they manifest in skin callouses in particular areas. Your little discs may indeed remove some of the local tissue stress which will offer some palliative relief in the short term, but they will not address the primary aetiology and are thus very limited in their use for the profession.

    The photograph below show the fingers of my left hand and you will note the callous at the apices. The peak forces that produce these skin changes will be substantially more than those for plantar IPK formation and maintenance. I have played steel-string acoustic guitar for at least two hours each day for over 45 years - yet, on the few occasions I have put the instrument down for a few months, the callouses disappear completely within five weeks. If skin does prove to have a memory, then I'm afraid my own has fairly profound dementia!

    If your podiatrist is unable to clear your IPKs - or explain why he/she is unable to do so - ask them, why not?

    Good luck with the inventions!

    Mark Russell

    Attached Files:

  21. Barry

    Here is an interesting little experiment you might want to try. See if you can find a podiatrist who is willing to test your product and has a suitable patient with bilateral IPK of similar characteristics. Ask them to treat one foot using your disk and the the other foot using a simple insole from the material I've linked below. Replace the insole every three weeks regardless of the deformation - cut it from the template in the shoe. Ask the podiatrist to write a review at the end of six months and have the patient make a statement indicating which Rx they found better. Look forward to hearing from you next year.

  22. stringpickin

    stringpickin Member

    Hey and Good Day Mark.. I am also a guitarist, going on 40 years of playing. So I have some perty good calluses too.

    As far as the Docs that told me I would always have it... I explained it fairly well in my discourse on my website... They said possibly surgery could resolve it, but could cause the IPK to shift to another area adjacent to mine.. Was told orthotics that positioned my foot properly may do it.. (caused more calluses in other areas of my feet). Or stay off my foot for a few months and because my IPK was started from a 3 day stint of repetitive movement that I will never do again it would likely go away.. IN my past few months I have talked to many people that have never been able to get rid of their IPK.. I don't know all of their intricate stories but many were similar to mine.. The 3 Podiatrists I saw were and are all very well known in my area and have been around for years.. So I don't think that they are quacks.. But in all fairness I did not try surgery.. I did not try custom made orthotics at $300 plus minimum.. But I did try every other thing they had me try for a year.. padding, over the counter "expensive orthotics".. about 70 bucks for those.. One doc cut a hole in my shoe insert and put some dispersion padding in there.. that didn't work.. They x-rayed my foot.. No bone spur exposed... If you will note and read my page at my website I cleary state it may not cure your IPK completely as it did mine because mine came on from an unusual stint of something I never do.. So,, I appreciate the input and even corrections, but please read my story and you will see I discussed I believe every point you brought up.. I am open to learning and discovery.. But I know what it did for me, what 3 podiatrists could not do for me, and the test results starting to come in since I went public are very promising.. thank you.. and keep on playing those strings... Barry
  23. stringpickin

    stringpickin Member

    Hey again.. I have a couple of Podiatrists that are working with me extensively with variations of treatment.. This may very well become a feasible test..

    thanks again

  24. stringpickin

    stringpickin Member

    UPDATE... Been out of town visiting family for a couple weeks. Hope all is well for all... Reviews are starting to come in. Very positive results from various situations... As they come in those that have agreed to post a review on my website will do so... The page for reviews should be up in a week or so... Just wanted to update... Would love to hear back from any of the Podiatrists that have received samples and have not reported back as of yet... all the best to you and yours... Barry
    P.S. Also.. out of necessity there is already another “standard model” that will be offered at my website soon. I can fill orders for them if I am contacted personally for them. But it will be a few days before the website has photos and is set up for sales.
    There are now available (arched) Remotion Discs... i.e... For issues on the edge of the foot where the base of the foot radiuses up to the side of the foot. The arched models work on the same exact principal but have a generic arch shape formed in the discs. They fit very nicely and if they don’t they can be adjusted quite easily by using a good hair dryer or putting in an oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes or so. Uses gloves and protect the foot with a thin piece of cloth and you can hold the disc to the exact area while it is cooling and have a custom fit Remotion Disc for these locations...
  25. stringpickin

    stringpickin Member

    Here are a few of the latest reviews/testimonials.. It really does work.. and my customers are so happy.. makes me feel good for them.

    Hello Barry. Your invention came for me at a most appropriate time. I had the most hurtful pain on the bottom of my foot and was limping around all summer with no solution despite recommendations by the "e;experts."e; I purchased your offer and followed your instruction and "e;voila"e; no more irritation or discomfort. Thank you again. Rich W.

    I am in the process of using the remotion discs, one on each foot for one small and one large callus. After approximately two weeks of use, the smaller callus on the right foot has all but disappeared. The immediate effect after putting the disc on was almost a complete reduction of pain on the right foot. The left foot with the larger callus has a reduction from a pain level of 10, to a reduced level between 4.5 - 5. After an additional week, the pain on the left foot was almost completely gone. Although I have not used the discs long enough to effect a reduction in the size of the callus, I am more than happy to give this product a FIVE STAR rating just on the reduction in pain itself. I will make further comment after I have used the disc for the length of time required to reduce the callus size. Gene Oliver, Phoenix, Arizona Age 87

    They are a God-send. I wore them for 5 or so days before going and getting a callus shaver to make the area as flat as can be. On my left foot, the site was small, and as of today, almost totally healed. Because it was off-set from the center of my forefoot, I used the smaller flexible size. On my right foot, I had never shaved the callus or messed with it because it was so painful at the center. Wearing a thick sock, I was able to walk normally with the large hard disc most of the time. I probably could have even a bit of a wider nipple because of the tender area around the "core". However, I did bite the bullet and shave what I think is a callus with a keratosis center down pretty flat. Wow did that help!! I'd been waiting for an opening at the podiatrist, which I got today. He thinks it's a plantar's wart (does not present typically to me!) and shaved it down a little further and then put an acid on it. So now I'm bandaged and hobbling. Can't wait to get this bandage off and the disc back on. I almost cancelled my appointment because I felt the disc would have allowed it to heal on its own. (Too much detail?) I loooooove the discs. I even stopped taking them off at night so I could just get out of bed and into the shower without pain before I cleaned it post-shower to reapply. Thank you thank you thank you! Amanda N.
  26. Dieter Fellner

    Dieter Fellner Well-Known Member

    Today I sent an order for a patient, whom I want to make gift of the wonder plastic discs.

    He's such a nice guy with 20+ year history of extremely painful IPK's affecting both feet. He had prior surgery (elsewhere) to no avail. In addition has been tried on the usual gamut of treatment options, all to no avail. I even tried him on Cantharidin, on a wing & prayer. So, I figured: why not put the widgets to the test! I plan to document his experience with the "Callus Killer Discs". It's been a few years and it took quite some time to again find this thread.
  27. Frederick

    Frederick Welcome New Poster

    Hello Barry, are these still available to purchase? I tried to send an email to your info email on your website, but got the error that the address does not exist. I stumbled on this thread while looking for solutions to IPK, I'd love to purchase some to try.
  28. Dieter Fellner

    Dieter Fellner Well-Known Member

    I have been trying to reach Barry for several months. There has been no response. I assume he is no longer in business, but hope he's in good health.

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