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Journal of Foot and Ankle Research

Discussion in 'Journals Online' started by JFAR, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. JFAR

    JFAR Active Member

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    Journal of Foot and Ankle Research (JFAR) has been launched at www.jfootankleres.com.

    This journal , the official journal of the Australasian Podiatry Council and the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists (UK), encompasses all aspects of policy, organisation, delivery and clinical practice related to the assessment, diagnosis, prevention and management of foot and ankle disorders.

    The journal encourages submission from all health professionals who manage lower limb conditions, including podiatrists, nurses, physical therapists and physiotherapists, orthopaedists, manual therapist and general medical practitioners, as well as health researchers concerned with foot and ankle care.

    All articles published in JFAR are accessible free of charge, and will be included in PubMed and archived in PubMed Central.

    The launch issue contains the following papers:

    Note that because JFAR is continuously published, there is no volume/issue cycle. To receive email notification of the latest papers published in the journal, go to:


    Kind regards,

    The JFAR Editorial team
  2. I registered with this today and was absolutely astounded that under "job type" there was no option for "podiatrist". :sinking:

    Oh well, never mind.
  3. JFAR

    JFAR Active Member


    The sign-up page is the same for all journals under the BioMed Central banner, so because we are the first foot-specific BioMed Central journal, there isn't an option to select podiatrist. This is being rectified.

    Kind regards,
  4. Admin2

    Admin2 Administrator Staff Member

    Journal of Foot and Ankle Research
    August 2008

    Predictors of podiatry utilisation in Australia: the North West Adelaide Health Study
    Hylton B Menz, Tiffany K Gill, Anne W Taylor, Catherine L Hill

    Plantar calcaneal spurs in older people: longitudinal traction or vertical compression?
    Hylton B Menz, Gerard V Zammit, Karl B Landorf, Shannon E Munteanu
  5. Admin2

    Admin2 Administrator Staff Member

    Journal of Foot and Ankle Research
    September 2008

    Ultrasound evaluation of the abductor hallucis muscle: Reliability study
    Alyse FM Cameron, Keith Rome, Wayne A Hing

    Acral lentiginous melanoma of the foot and ankle: A case series and review of the literature
    Ivan R Bristow, Katharine Acland

    Foot and ankle surgery in Australia: a descriptive analysis of the Medicare Benefits Schedule database, 1997–2006
    Hylton B Menz, Mark F Gilheany, Karl B Landorf

    Threshold for detection of diabetic peripheral sensory neuropathy using a range of research grade monofilaments in persons with Type 2 diabetes mellitus
    Mary P Thomson, Julia Potter, Paul M Finch, Richard B Paisey
  6. Admin2

    Admin2 Administrator Staff Member

    Journal of Foot and Ankle Research
    November 2008

    Effect of foot orthoses on lower extremity kinetics during running: a systematic literature review.
    Andrew McMillan, Craig Payne
  7. JFAR

    JFAR Active Member

  8. JFAR

    JFAR Active Member

    Publish your case reports with Cases Journal

    Dear colleagues,

    Journal of Foot and Ankle Research does not publish case reports. Instead, we recommend that authors submit them to Cases Journal, an open access journal that only publishes case reports.

    The editor of Cases Journal is Dr Richard Smith, formerly the editor of the BMJ. The aim of the journal is to establish a searchable database of thousands of case reports from all fields of health care.

    In a recent editorial, Dr Smith states that:

    "Cases Journal aims to celebrate the extraordinary in the ordinary. When we look closely every case is special and different just as every person is special and every face is different...our challenge, which I relish, is to change a medical mindset that says that writing and publishing are for “pointy heads” not for ordinary practitioners" (more...)​

    All foot and ankle case reports will be linked to the JFAR website.

    Kind regards,

    The JFAR editorial team
  9. Paul Bowles

    Paul Bowles Well-Known Member

    Just a reminder you still must register with PORTAL (you can register FREE as a NON MEMBER) to "buy" this lecture - no fee's will be charged. CPE points are only attributable to NSW Podiatrists for this one.

    Enjoy it is a great lecture....and if you are coming to the GOLD COAST Podiatry COnference be sure to check out the Great Debate on the Friday afternoon where there will be more JFAR and evidenced based goodness!

  10. Heather J Bassett

    Heather J Bassett Well-Known Member

    Hi having been at the conference and learnt about the beginings of JFAR Iwould like to congratulate those involved on their inventive idea and dedication to the world of feet.

    Well Done
  11. JFAR

    JFAR Active Member

    Cases now available on JFAR blog

    Dear colleagues,

    Journal of Foot and Ankle Research (JFAR) does not publish case reports. Instead, we encourage authors to submit them to Cases Journal or the Journal of Medical Case Reports.

    However, to assist our readership, we have recently added a blog feature to the JFAR website, where we will link all relevant open access case reports. You can find the "Latest case reports" link under the "Latest news" link on the right hand side of the main webpage (www.jfootankleres.com).

    We have just uploaded 30 cases to the blog, which you can view at:


    Each blog entry links to the full text PDF of the paper.

    Kind regards,

    The JFAR editorial team
  12. JFAR

    JFAR Active Member

    More case reports added to the JFAR blog

    Dear colleagues,

    Three open access case reports have been added to the JFAR blog, taking the total to 43:


    [​IMG]Plexiform schwannoma of the posterior tibial nerve

    [​IMG]Late presentation of cutaneous larva migrans

    [​IMG]SAPHO syndrome presenting as pustular lesions on the foot

    Full-text PDFs can be obtained by following the links provided to the Cases Journal or Journal of Medical Care Reports websites.

    Kind regards,

    The JFAR editorial team
  13. NewsBot

    NewsBot The Admin that posts the news.

    Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, one year on.
    Potter MJ, Menz HB, Borthwick AM, Landorf KB.
    J Foot Ankle Res. 2009 Nov 11;2(1):31

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