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Lions vs Wallabies 2013

Discussion in 'Break Room' started by Simon Spooner, Jun 30, 2013.

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    Just thought I'd share a couple of the funnies that have appeared on my facebook feed regarding the Lions vs Wallabies test matches.

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  2. markjohconley

    markjohconley Well-Known Member

    Mr North lucky to come out of that with the nasty head dive into the turf, dangerous game; used to nurse some poor buggers who 'broke their necks' playing rugby, only second to diving accidents in spinal injuries ... can't believe the Wallabies weren't flogged with O'Connor at 10, both times.
  3. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    Seriously, who advised the Wallabies on studs given the ground conditions?

  4. You know what it means when its Lions vs wallabies...

    I'm probably going to get sacked from my job at the zoo!
  5. markjohconley

    markjohconley Well-Known Member

    Warburton a BIG loss this weekend; was MOtM surely
  6. Deka08

    Deka08 Active Member

    Warburton is a loss as a leader. His performance was huge on the weekend. Tipuric and Obrien are better 7's around the park though so they haven't lost anything in who they pick to replace. If they want to win they need to pick Tuilangi and run him and north at the 12 channel all night.
  7. Agreed i'd start Croft at 6 and Tipuric at 7. The trouble now is if they pick BOD over Tuilangi for BOD's captaincy experience.
  8. werg

    werg Member

    Hello All,
    I'd make a change at full back.Yes I know Halfpenny is a great kicker and is superb in defence,but he has offered absolutely nothing in attack.Give Hogg or Kearney a go to see what they can do.After all it's not as if Sexton or Farrell are crap kickers.Also,when did hookers stop being able to throw a ball?I would have thought one of the main reasons Ross Ford is not on tour is because he can't throw for toffee.At the moment I can't see any number 2 who is any better.I would stick in Richie gray as a very large target,and also 'cos Wnyn Jones can't last 40 minutes let alone 80.Needs to be an attack minded team who can score tries and not just hope to get kickable penalties.At the moment the Lions remind me of my own team Scotland......lots of effort,but very little penetration(I'm sure there's a joke in there,but I can't quite get it!),


    And Mike Phillips has to come back.Big game player for the biggest game of all!
  9. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    Agreed. I'd play Hogg at full back to come into the line as and when, Gray up front, Croft at 6 and as Deka says, link North and Tuilangi in the 3/4 line.

    It's not just Scotland Ian, England (with notable exceptions) have all too often played for penalty kicks and paid the price with the opposition making a simple breakthrough. When will they learn that in order to beat the southern hemisphere countries, you have to play to win ie. converted tries (makes for a more attractive game too)!

    All the best

    Bill Liggins

    PS it was the Wallabies poor choice of studs that lost them the first game, not that the Lions were the best team.
  10. I'd go with Gray but not Hogg, I'd have Farrell at 10. But if you not going to play BOD, who's you're skipper?

    On reflection I'd go Roberts 12, BOD 13 with Tuilangi on the bench.
  11. I was thinking about the evolution of rugby players and their positions... In the old days props were big and round, hookers we smaller and rounder, scrum half's were the little fella's etc.

    Now in the modern game, Lock's are giants- 6' 8" say. So why do 2nd row players in the "engine room" need to be tall? What is the biomechanical advantage of this height to the scrummage? Sure with height comes weight and height at a line out is an advantage, but what about at the scrummage? Or is it just about their height at the line-out?
  12. Deka08

    Deka08 Active Member

    Please, it wasn't stud choice that cost them. Those pair of idiots missed 3 make able shots before the final slip, which from the half Beale would have been very lucky to make anyway. Not sure why your worried about your hooker throwing straight, Australia hasn't had a hooker who can throw consistent since...ummm when did Australia become a country again? We get by. I think your centres need to change to include tuilagi. He has ruined Australia's midfield before. BOD has only made tackles so far, and given away a couple of (iffy) penalties, not much in attack. Surely in those 4 nations someone has similar experience to at least Warburton for captain.

    Simon, second rowers were tall from back in the day when you couldn't lift in a line out so you had to have a string bean to target. I believe the height is mainly for line out still. As for the scrum, as long as you get your second row collar bone into the front rowers ischial tub and keep your back straight, you should be able to eat a meal off the back of a good scrum like its a table. To think about it mechanically, do the long legs also serve to act as a better prop/stay in order to support the little fat guys in front.
    Should not have got me started about rugby god dang it. Or any sport for that matter.
    Derek Condon
  13. markjohconley

    markjohconley Well-Known Member

    ..and not give the ball back to the wallabies 63% possession ..
  14. Deka08

    Deka08 Active Member

    459 metres wallabies ran with ball vs 140 metres lions ran! Warburton should have applied the blowtorch in the first 5 minutes when they were camped in wallabies territory. Horwill did what was needed, Sam let us off early.
  15. So the Coach of Wales, Warren Gatland has picked ten Welsh players in his starting 15 in his role as coach for the Lions...
  16. This was Hitler's reaction to team selection:
  17. Deka08

    Deka08 Active Member

    The problem herr hitler is that although he made 23 tackles, he made sweet F.A carries and metres. The fuhrer makes a good point though, 10 guys who have never beaten the wallabies. Dilemmas. At least he is picking from a winning team! Deans continues to choose people who either haven't played recently or are on losing teams. George smith, however, is a solid selection.
  18. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    The way I see it either the Lions will beat Australia, or Wales will lose to them ;)

    Couldn't believe the squad as it was announced. Surprised Gatland didn't give Neil Jenkins the nod at fullback...
  19. Yep. Like i said, Gatland picked the right team. :morning: Anyway at least we beat the Australians. It seems their sporting prowess has taken a nose dive of late. Interesting piece in the paper last week by Sir Clive Woodward suggesting Australia was putting too much faith in sports science at the expense of good coaching.
  20. :morning::empathy::empathy::empathy::drinks
  21. blinda

    blinda MVP

    Was going to write a witty post on shove ha'penny, then realised how rude it sounded/reads urban dic...... Anyways, good game, good game.
  22. markjohconley

    markjohconley Well-Known Member

    Positives; Robbie Deans has been moved on! jesse mogg looks likely, him on one wing and Folau on the other; now all we have to do is fill in the remaining 13 and we are SET!

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